Managing data risks in the cloud

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Managing data risks in the cloud. Frank Jennings. Key questions. Concerns over cloud computing. Data security 82%. Data privacy 69%. Data sovereignty/ jurisdiction 33%. Source: Cloud Industry Forum UK Cloud adoption and trends for 2013. Benefits of controlling data. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Managing data risks in the cloud & mobile space

Managing data risks in the cloudFrank JenningsA Top 100 Law Firmwww.dmhstallard.comwww.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLPKey questionswww.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLP2Concerns over cloud computing

Data privacy 69%Source: Cloud Industry Forum UK Cloud adoption and trends for 2013Data security 82%Data sovereignty/ jurisdiction 33%www.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLP33Benefits of controlling data2012 - Apple IDs2011 - Sony PSN2012 - Blizzard data2009 - F35 JSF2012 - NHS 325k2009 - HSBC 3mwww.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLPWhere is the data going?

www.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLPWho has the data?Cloud providerCustomerwww.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLPWho can access it?

CustomerCloud providerGovernmentsThird party IT consultantsMobile networksCloud channel resellerwww.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLP7How can you restrict access?Levels of access for different dataManage data proactivelyPayment / security measuresKeep key data in hybrid cloud?www.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLPWhat should you put in place?www.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLPFor more info, see our report

www.dmhstallard.comDMH Stallard LLPQuestions?Frank Jennings, Partner, DMH Stallard LLP

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