Making Our Neighborhood Healthier One STEP at a time STEPS Covert, Ovid, Lodi, Romulus.

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  • Making Our Neighborhood Healthier One STEP at a time STEPS Covert, Ovid, Lodi, Romulus
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  • What is STEPS? Community Health Initiative Neighborhood (Towns of Covert, Lodi, Ovid and Romulus) Health Improvement Project, based on the social determinants of health Funded by the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, sponsored by S2AY Rural Health Network Resident-Driven, Asset-Based Community Development.
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  • Greater Rochester Health Foundation The mission of the Health Foundation is to improve the health status of residents of the Greater Rochester community, including people whose unique health care needs have not been met because of race, ethnicity, or income. Neighborhood Health Status Improvement Grants: Since 2008, Greater Rochester Health Foundation has supported asset-based, grassroots efforts to improve the physical, social, and economic environments of neighborhoods in the Greater Rochester area and surrounding counties.
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  • S2AY RURAL HEALTH NETWORK The Network's mission is to integrate, promote and expand appropriate components of the Public Health delivery system to improve health outcomes for all residents of the Network region. Counties of Steuben, Schuyler, Allegany, Yates, Ontario, Wayne, Seneca, Livingston, Chemung. Already funded by the GRHF for Our Town Rocks in the Dundee area of Yates County.
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  • Social Determinants of Health Contends that health status of residents will, in fact,improve if the social and economic aspects of the neighborhood improve. These determinants include economy, education levels/income, cultural life, transportation, environment and housing. These factors significantly impact the ability to engage in a healthy lifestyle.
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  • Asset-Based Community Development STEPS uses an ABCD approach to improving Neighborhood health, identifying and building on the assets of the community. These include human, physical, and organizational assets.
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  • The Neighborhood Southern 4 Towns in Seneca County: The northernmost reaches of the neighborhood are approximately 60 minutes from Ithacas and the southernmost approximately 35 minutes.
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  • Neighborhood information Population: approximately 10,000 Population centers Villages of Ovid, Interlaken, Lodi Hamlets of Romulus, Willard Employment: Agriculture Tourism 2 prisons Willard Drug Treatment Five Points Max Security 2 School Districts Small Businesses
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  • Phase I of STEPS Project: Assessment Mapping the strengths and concerns of the community in six categories: Individual; Associations; Institutions; Physical environment; Local Economy; Local culture Information gathered through: Survey responses Community conversations Focus groups Community events, Graffiti walls Assessment Conducted: 2014
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  • Phase 2: Building on Assets & Planning for Phase 3 2015 Building community partnerships Long-term planning for the next 3 years 3 focus areas: Improving Education and Economic Opportunities Improving the Physical Environment Personal Wellness
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  • Resident Health Promotion Projects Creative Small-scale RESIDENT-DRIVEN Bring people together Recognize and acknowledge residents as critical contributors to the health and well-being of the neighborhood
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  • Some Past and Current Health Promotion Projects Covert Trail Lodi Garden Ovid 5K at the Strawberry Festival Cemetery Health & History Walk Hoops for Youth Romulus Community Garden Aspects of the Stage Youth Theatre Camp Scholarships Romulus Reading Room Lodi Flagpole Project
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  • Hoops for Youth
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  • Lodi Flagpole Project BeforeAfter
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  • Utilizing Cornell/Extension Resources Design Connect Ovid Revisioning Lodi Planning CALS/CARDI Intern Alisha Heximer
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  • Contact Information: Visit our website to learn more! Like us on Facebook! NY STEPS Project Contact us: (607) 403-0069
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  • Structure Held by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County Initial Collaborators - Clyde SPAN, Savannah Chamber of Commerce, Clyde-Savannah Central School Municipalities Village of Clyde, Towns of Savannah and Galen Wayne County Public Health, Western Erie Canal Alliance
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  • Asset Mapping ABCD Training Community Meetings Survey School, Senior Nutrition Program, Industry Asset Lists Physical, Economic, Institutions and Organizations
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  • Planning Phase Focus Areas Economic Health, Physical and Social Health, and Healthy Spaces Strategies Eco-tourism Activities Complete and Connect Erie Canal Trail from Galen through Savannah Tasks- Create a Closing the Gaps Committee
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  • Resident Health Promotion Projects Bright Red Bookshelf and Babies Belong at the Library West Shore Trail -2 Community Orchard Community Garden Community Band Art Festival Healthy Snacks at Relay for Life P.O.P Club at Community Market Beautification of Historical Society
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