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Magnolia Times (January 2010)

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Magnolia Science Academy 4 Monthly Newsletter

Text of Magnolia Times (January 2010)

  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 through FEBRUARY 5 - 1st Semester

    Final Exams, Minimum Day Dismissal at 12:20pm

    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 - End of 1st Semester, First Semesters Report

    Cards will be mailed home today. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8 - NO SCHOOL Pupil Free Day

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9 - Second Semester Starts WENDESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 - Culver City Police Scout Presentation

    at 1:30pm

    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14 - Valentines Day

    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15 - NO SCHOOL in observance of

    Presidents Day

    TUESDAY, FEBUARY 16 though FEBUARY 19 - MAP Testing

    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 - School Open House 10am to 2pm

    New Contact Numbers Tel: (310) 473 2464

    Fax: (310) 473-2416


    Magnolia Times

    Magnolia Science Academy 4

    College Night: Feb 18, 2010 3:30pm5:00pm * All 8th grade students and their parents are invited.

    ATTENDANCE AND TARDY POLICY REMINDER Please make sure to get your child to school on time so that their grades are not lowered be-cause of excessive tardies and absences. Be-ing to school consistently and on time is the best gift you can provide your child as they go through school. Habits learned at this level will determine their future ability to hold a job or complete college. Show your child you care by helping them get to school on time and sup-porting the school attendance and tardy policy.

    New School

    Phone Number

    (310) 473 2464

    (310) 473-2416 fax


  • Last week we had such a fun day at school.

    Students and even some teachers dressed

    up as their favorite Super Hero. It was a fun

    day to dress up and be a little silly. Some

    people even made their own costumes and

    created their own Super Heroes.

    Student Government-Planed a SUPER day!!!

    Wonder what they are planning next.?

    Super Hero Day


    Good looking crime fighters!

    Where did

    Luigi Go?

    Mr. Mustafa is



  • We Love Our Country

    Essay Contest

    All Magnolia Science Academy 4 students are invited to participate in an essay competi-

    tion with the theme We Love Our County. The papers will be judged by a committee of teachers. All participants will receive a free dress day. The prizes for the top three

    essays are as follows:

    At our school:

    First Place: $50 in gift cards

    Second Place: $30 in gift cards

    Third Place: $25 in gift cards

    Due date for the papers is February 10th, 2010. The winners for all the schools will be

    announced and rewarded after Presidents Day, February 15th, 2010. Essays may not be more than 750 words typed, 11 pt font, 1.5 line spacing. Student name

    and grade level must be clearly displayed on the entry.

    Good Luck,





    FEB. 10

    MSA 4

    Magnolia Science Academy 4


  • Science Club Activities


    The trip was very fun. The

    rides were awesome. We tried

    The Simpsons and Mummy Rides.

    We took The Studio Tour which

    was amazing. We saw how they

    make movies. I would like to

    spend time over there again.

    (Tucker Frazier, 6A)

    It was so fun. We first

    watched Shrek 4-D and it was

    so much better than 3-D.

    Later we took The Studio Tour

    and saw the sets of movies. I

    liked the Mummy Ride because

    it was so exciting. We also

    saw the Water World show.

    There were jet skis and big

    explosions and it was like a

    real 3-D movie. The Simpsons

    Ride was awesome too. So, we

    had lots of fun. I love Uni-

    versal Studios.

    (Francis Russo, 6A)

    We enjoyed Universal Studios


  • Overall, it was

    a trip worth taking

    and going on again.

    Students received a

    free parking pass for

    a future trip with their

    families. They also

    took with them an

    opportunity to see

    some of the finest art

    that California has to


    . On Fri-day, January 22nd, MSA-4 had a field trip to the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles. Even though it was a

    rainy day it did not slow down the stu-dents from getting an opportunity to see what the Getty Cen-ter had to offer.

    Due to the rain students had to start their trip eating their lunches on the buses. Once they finished they made their way to the tram that took them to the museum. The stu-

    dents enjoyed the scenic views while they ascended uphill.

    Once the stu-dents excited the tram, students were broken up into groups with different chaper-ones and their tour began. Each group went a separate route and all had a different experience at the Getty. Mr. Plonkas group traveled at a high pace trying to see all four wings and even took time to en-joy the scenic views and landscaping of the Getty. The stu-dents definitely slept well that night.

    Getty Center Field Trip

    Saul Reyes poses for the camera.

    Enjoying the art!

    Students showing their creative side.

    MSA-4 Field Trip

    January 22nd, 2010