First Level Affect Normal Fires 01 Alarm 02-03 Armor 04 Audible Glamer 05-06 Blackmane's Burst Throw 07 Book's Massage 08 Book's Preserve Self 09 Burning Hands 10-11 Change Self 12-13 Charm Person 14-15 Chill Touch 16-17 Color Spray 18-19 Comprehend Language 20-21 Copy 22 Dancing Lights 23 Detect Illusion 24-25 Detect Invisibility 26-27 Detect Magic 28-29 Detect Undead 30-31 Enlarge 32-33 Second Level Alter Self 01-02 Bind 03-04 Blindness 05-06 Blur 07-08 Book's Constitution 09 Continual Light 10-12 Darkness, 15' Radius 13-14 Deafness 15-16 Deeppockets 17 Detect Evil 18-19 Detect Invisibility 20-21 Destroy Gunpowder 22-23 Dictation 24 Dimensional Pocket 25 ESP 26-27 Flaming Sphere 28-29 Fog Cloud 30-31 Third Level Blink 01-02 Breath of Death 03-04 Clairaudience 05-06 Clairvoyance 07-09 Cloudburst 10-11 Copy Tome 12 Dark Vision 13-14 Delude 15-16 Dictation II 17 Dispel Magic 18-20 Energy Ball 21-24 Energy Bolt 25-27 Explosive Runes 28-29 Feign Death 30-31 -- 01 - 40 Erase 34 Feather Fall 35-36 Find Familiar 37 Firewater 38 Freezing Fan 39-40 Friends 41-42 Gaze Reflection 43-44 Grease 45-46 Hold Portal 47-48 Hypnotism 49-50 Identify 51-52 Jump 53-54 Light 55-56 Magic Missile 57-58 Melt 59-60 Medley 61-62 Mending 63-64 Message 65-66 Mount 67-68 Muscle Cramp 69 -- 41 - 60 Fools' Gold 32-33 Forget 34-35 Glitterdust 36-37 Heroic Ability 38-41 Hypnotic Pattern 42-43 Improved Phantasmal Force 44-45 Invisibility 46-48 Irritation 49-50 Knock 51-53 Leomund's Trap 54 Levitate 55-57 Locate Object 58-59 Magic Mouth 60-62 Melf's Acid Arrow 63 Mirror Image 64-65 Misdirection 66 Preserve 67-69 -- 61 - 70 Flame Arrow 32-33 Fly 34-35 Gust of Wind 36-37 Haste 38-40 Hold Person 41-43 Hold Undead 44-45 Illusionary Script 46-47 Improved Magic Missile 48-49 Invisibility 10' Radius 50-52 Item 53-55 Leomund's Tiny Hut 56-57 Melf's Minute Meteors 58-59 Monster Summoning I 60-62 Nondetection 63-65 Nystul's Magical Aura 70 Phantasmal Force 71-72 Precipitation 73 Protection From Evil 74-75 Push 76-77 Read Magic 78-79 Run 80-81 Shield 82-83 Shocking Grasp 84-85 Sleep 86-87 Spider Climb 88 Spook 89 Suszan's Sunscreen 90 Suszan's Umbrella 91 Taunt 92 Tenser's Floating Disc 93 Unseen Servant 94-95 Ventriloquism 96 Wall of Fog 97-98 Wizard Mark 99-00 Pyrotechnics 70-71 Ray of Enfeeblement 72-73 Rope Trick 74-75 Scare 76-77 Shatter 78-79 Spectral Hand 80-81 Stinking Cloud 82-83 Summon Swarm 84-85 Tasha's Uncontrollable 86 Hideous Laughter Verify Tome I 87 Vocalize 88-90 Web 91-92 Whip 93-94 Whispering Wind 95-96 Wizard Lock 97-98 Zephyr 99-00 Phantom Armor 66-67 Phantom Steed 68-70 Protection From Evil 10' Radius 71-75 Protection From Normal Missiles 76-77 Secret Page 78-79 Seeming 80-81 Sepia Snake Sigil 82-83 Slow 84-86 Spectral Force 87-88 Suggestion 89-91 Vampiric Touch 92-93 Water Breathing 94-96 Wind Wall 97-98 Wraithform 99-00 a Magician Spells

Magician Spells Magician Spells by Level First Levelphoenixinn.iwarp.com/fantasy/fantpdf/Mana_list.pdfMagician Spells by Level First Level Affect Normal Fires 01 ... Magician Spells

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  • Magic ian Spells by Level

    First LevelAffect Normal Fires 01Alarm 02-03Armor 04Audible Glamer 05-06Blackmane's Burst Throw 07Book's Massage 08Book's Preserve Self 09Burning Hands 10-11Change Self 12-13Charm Person 14-15Chill Touch 16-17Color Spray 18-19Comprehend Language 20-21Copy 22Dancing Lights 23Detect Illusion 24-25Detect Invisibility 26-27Detect Magic 28-29Detect Undead 30-31Enlarge 32-33

    Second LevelAlter Self 01-02Bind 03-04Blindness 05-06Blur 07-08Book's Constitution 09Continual Light 10-12Darkness, 15' Radius 13-14Deafness 15-16Deeppockets 17Detect Evil 18-19Detect Invisibility 20-21Destroy Gunpowder 22-23Dictation 24Dimensional Pocket 25ESP 26-27Flaming Sphere 28-29Fog Cloud 30-31

    Third LevelBlink 01-02Breath of Death 03-04Clairaudience 05-06Clairvoyance 07-09Cloudburst 10-11Copy Tome 12Dark Vision 13-14Delude 15-16Dictation II 17Dispel Magic 18-20Energy Ball 21-24Energy Bolt 25-27Explosive Runes 28-29Feign Death 30-31

    -- 01 - 40Erase 34Feather Fall 35-36Find Familiar 37Firewater 38Freezing Fan 39-40Friends 41-42Gaze Reflection 43-44Grease 45-46Hold Portal 47-48Hypnotism 49-50Identify 51-52Jump 53-54Light 55-56Magic Missile 57-58Melt 59-60Medley 61-62Mending 63-64Message 65-66Mount 67-68Muscle Cramp 69

    -- 41 - 60Fools' Gold 32-33Forget 34-35Glitterdust 36-37Heroic Ability 38-41Hypnotic Pattern 42-43Improved Phantasmal Force 44-45Invisibility 46-48Irritation 49-50Knock 51-53Leomund's Trap 54Levitate 55-57Locate Object 58-59Magic Mouth 60-62Melf's Acid Arrow 63Mirror Image 64-65Misdirection 66Preserve 67-69

    -- 61 - 70Flame Arrow 32-33Fly 34-35Gust of Wind 36-37Haste 38-40Hold Person 41-43Hold Undead 44-45Illusionary Script 46-47Improved Magic Missile 48-49Invisibility 10' Radius 50-52Item 53-55Leomund's Tiny Hut 56-57Melf's Minute Meteors 58-59Monster Summoning I 60-62Nondetection 63-65

    Nystul's Magical Aura 70Phantasmal Force 71-72Precipitation 73Protection From Evil 74-75Push 76-77Read Magic 78-79Run 80-81Shield 82-83Shocking Grasp 84-85Sleep 86-87Spider Climb 88Spook 89Suszan's Sunscreen 90Suszan's Umbrella 91Taunt 92Tenser's Floating Disc 93Unseen Servant 94-95Ventriloquism 96Wall of Fog 97-98Wizard Mark 99-00

    Pyrotechnics 70-71Ray of Enfeeblement 72-73Rope Trick 74-75Scare 76-77Shatter 78-79Spectral Hand 80-81Stinking Cloud 82-83Summon Swarm 84-85Tasha's Uncontrollable 86 Hideous Laughter Verify Tome I 87Vocalize 88-90Web 91-92Whip 93-94Whispering Wind 95-96Wizard Lock 97-98Zephyr 99-00

    Phantom Armor 66-67Phantom Steed 68-70Protection From Evil 10' Radius 71-75Protection From Normal Missiles 76-77Secret Page 78-79Seeming 80-81Sepia Snake Sigil 82-83Slow 84-86Spectral Force 87-88Suggestion 89-91Vampiric Touch 92-93Water Breathing 94-96Wind Wall 97-98Wraithform 99-00


    Magician Spells

  • Magic ian Spells by Level

    Fourth LevelCharm Monster 01-02Confusion 03-04Contagion 05-06Detect Scrying 07-08Dig 09-10Dimension Door 11-12Distance Distortion 13Emotion 14-15Enchanted Weapon 16-17Energy Blast 18Enervation 19-20Evard's Black Tentacles 21Extension I 22-24Fear 25-26Fire Aura 27-28Fire Charm 29-31

    Fifth LevelAdvanced Illusion 01-02Airy Water 03-04Animal Growth 05-07Animate Dead 08-09Avoidance 10-11Bigby's Interposing Hand 12-14Cloudkill 15-17Conjure Elemental 18-21Contact Other Plane 22-24Deceiver's Cup 25Demishadow Monsters 26-27Dismissal 28-30Dolor 31-32Domination 33-35

    Sixth LevelAntimagic Shell 10-03Bigby's Forceful Hand 04Chain Energy 05-07Conjure Animals 08-10Contingency 11-13Control Weather 14-16Curse of Lycanthropy 17Death Fog 18-19Death Messenger 20Death Spell 21-22Disintegrate 23-24Enchant an Item 25-28Ensnarement 29-31Extension III 32-33Eyebite 34-35

    -- 71 - 78Fire Purge 32Fire Trap 33-34Flame Shield 35-36Fumble 37-38Hallucinatory Terrain 39-41Ice Storm 42-44Illusionary Wall 45-46Improved Invisibility 47-48Leomund's Secure Shelter 49-50Magic Mirror 51-52Massmorph 53-55Minor Creation 56-57Minor Globe of Invulnerability 58-60Monster Summoning II 61-63Otiluke's Resilient Sphere 64-65

    -- 79 - 87Dream 36-37Extension II 38-39Fabricate 40-42False Vision 43-44Feeblemind 45-47Hold Monster 48-50Item Flesh 51Leomund's Belaborment 52-53Leomund's Secret Chest 54-55Magic Jar 56-58Major Creation 59-60Monster Summoning III 61-64Mordenkainen's Hound 65-66Passwall 67-69

    -- 88 - 91Geas 36-38Glassee 39-41Globe of Invulnerability 42-44Guards and Wards 45-47Inscribe 48-49Invisible Stalker 50-51Legend 52-54Lower Water 55-56Manipulative Telekineses 57Mass Suggestion 58-59Mirage Arcana 60-61Mislead 62-63Monster Summoning IV 64-66Move Earth 67-68Otiluke's Freezing Sphere 69

    Phantasmal Killer 66-67Plant Growth 68-70Polymorph Other 71-73Polymorph Self 74-75Rainbow Pattern 78-79Remove Curse 80-82Shadow Monsters 83-84Shout 85-86Solid Fog 87-88Spectral Force 89-90Stoneskin 91-93Vacancy 94Wall of Fire 95-96Wall of Ice 97-98Wizard Eye 99-00

    Rheostat 70-71Shadow Door 73-74Spin 75-76Stone Shape 77-78Summon Shadow 79-80Telekinesis 81-83Teleport 84-86Transmute Rock to Mud 87-89Traitor's Toast 90Variable Energy Ball 90-92Wall of Force 93-95Wall of Iron 96-98Wall of Stone 99-00

    Part Water 70-71Permanent Illusion 72-73Programmed Illusion 74-75Project Image 76-77Reincarnation 78Repulsion 79-80Sex Swap 81-82Shades 83-84Spell Turning 85-86Spiritwrack 87-88Stone to Flesh 89-92Tenser's Transformation 93Transmute Water to Dust 94-95True Seeing 96-98Veil 99-00


  • Magic ian Spells by Level

    Seventh LevelBanishment 01-04Bigby's Grasping Hand 05-07Charm Plants 08-10Control Undead 11-13Delayed Blast Energy Ball 14-17Drawmij's Instant Summons 18-21Duo-Dimension 22-24Finger of Death 25-27Forcecage 28-3119

    Eighth LevelAntipathy-Sympathy 01-05Bigby's Clenched Fist 06-09Binding 10-13Clone 14-17Demand 18-21Glassteel 22-25Incendiary Cloud 26-27Mass Charm 28-31

    Ninth LevelAstral Spell 01-05Bigby's Crushing Hand 06-10Crystalbrittle 11-15Coronary 16-20Energy Drain 21-25Foresight 26-30Gate 31-35

    -- 92 -- 95Limited Wish 32-35Mass Invisibility 36-39Monster Summoning V 40-43 Mordenkainen's Mansion 44-47Mordenkainen's Sword 48-50Negate Magic 51-54Phase Door 55-58Power Word, Stun 59-61Prismatic Spray 62-64

    -- 96 -- 98Maze 32-35Mind Blank 36-39Monster Summoning VI 40-43Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere 44-47Otto's Irresistible Dance 48-51Permanency 52-56Polymorph Any Object 57-61Power Word, Blind 62-65

    -- 99 -- 100Imprisonment 36-40Mass Teleport 41-45Meteor Swarm 46-50Monster Summoning VII 51-55Mordenkainen's Disjunction 56-60Power Word, Kill 61-65Prismatic Sphere 66-70

    Reverse Gravity 65-67Sequester 68-71Shadow Walk 72-75Simulacrum 76-81Spell Shield I 82-86Statue 87-89Teleport Without Error 90-92Vanish 93-96Weird 97-00

    Prismatic Wall 67-70Screen 71-74Serten's Spell Immunity 75-78Sink 79-82Spell Shield II 83-87Symbol 88-92Trap the Soul 93-96Volley 97-00

    Shape Change 71-75Spell Shield III 76-80Succor 81-85Temporal Stasis 86-90Time Stop 91-95Wish 96-00


  • Magic ian Spells by Level