Magazine Front Cover Analysis and Inspirational Ideas

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Magazine Front Cover Analysis and Inspiration Ideas

Text of Magazine Front Cover Analysis and Inspirational Ideas

Magazine Front Cover Analysis

Magazine Front Cover AnalysisI will be looking at a range of magazine covers from the horror genre as well as fashion, music and film in general to allow me to compare the differences and similarities between the conventions of the different genres in order to inspire me with ideas and designs to use within my own front cover design for a magazine of the horror genre.BILLBOARD Music MagazineThe main image is conventionally positioned central of the page and is of Beyonce; a well established female artist within the music industry and therefore an iconic model for the audience to recognise. The cinematography has created a medium close-up so that we can see enough of her feminine physique to connect to the male audience responding to the Laura Mulvey theory and also that we can see what she wears to appeal to girls with a fashion audience therefore allowing the magazine to target a wider market. However, the image size allows her face to be the main focus with the use of direct address to communicate with the viewer and covering the masthead to make her even more predominant on the cover. The lighting used in the image has been positioned in front of the model to create a shine across her body and face and a slight halo effect around her denoting her power and potential as a role model. The colour white that she wears reflects purity and in this image importance relating to the article that she has been titled woman of the year by the magazine. Her stance and posture also signifies this as she stands tall and proud with her hands on her hips as well as slightly looking down as though the camera has been positioned beneath her eyeline.

BILLBOARD Music MagazineThe model wears a white dress to fit within the colour scheme of a teal blue and white with hints of yellow and red. Her white dress is very eye catching appearing the brightest colour on the page and linking straight to the masthead. The main cover story with the artists name covers the main image in a conventional way , and the colour of the typography has a fading affect that allows the blue shades to cover over the white background and the white to cover over the blue background. The text around the model has been evenly positioned on the page into three columns following the rule of thirds design concept making it recognisably clear for the viewer to pick up the artists that they are interested in. On the right hand side a pug has been used to promote a particular article and has been placed next to the main image and photoshoped behind the image drawing it into the centre to make it more eye catching to the viewer. The background of the image uses a darker tone of the teal colour used for the text to maintain a minimal colour scheme and has a gradient effect creating dark to lighter shades across the page. The typography used for all the text on the page is in a basic style that is simple and clear to read.

ELLE Music Magazine

The background of this magazine front cover is very plain and simple so that the main focus is on the model who is, similarly to Billboard magazine positioned central of the page. She wears red a colour that indicates love and passion and along with her body language gives a very sexy and seductive appeal to connect to the audience which mainly consists of women who in response to the Laura Mulvey theory feel in ore of how pretty the model is and aspire to be like her. The main cover story covers a section of the model and uses the phrase hello sexy to attract the ready by using a word that ultimately describes the image and saying hello to communicate directly with the audience as well as the direct address. The majority of the typography is in a black font that contrasts with the white background and the red dress to create a classy style that represents the style of the magazine, however the gold masthead adds another colour blending with the models hair so that all the colours tie in together; it also emphasises the classy style of the magazine as gold is recognised as a wealthy tone. The models head covers the centre of the top of the page and so the second letter of the masthead has been moved closer to the first letter and the third letter has been moved closer to the last letter to allow room. ELLE Music Magazine

This is unconventional for new magazines as it is their priority to get their brand recognised however with Elle being the biggest worldwide fashion magazine they are a well established brand already and therefore their masthead is instantly recognisable just by the typography and simplistic classy style of the magazine even though it is not entirely visible . The chosen font styles used for the typography on the page is, very similarly to the music magazine cover very plain and simple so that it is clear and easy to read. This also emphasises the fact that the main image is the major focus as there is no fancy text to draw the attention away. However, instead of using various font styles the company have chosen to vary the sizes of the typography in order to catch the viewers attention and to show the importance of different piecces of information on the cover. Therefore the smaller text is likely to be the less interesting articles within the magazine or the stories which target a smaller market, and the larger fonts are of the interesting stories that will be grabbing the readers attention. It is known that numbers such as the 650 will be written large on covers as immediately audiences are interested in figures as they usually relate to the audience being given something or rewarded in a way that may not even be that important but the size of the font makes it appear as though it is.

PARACINEMA Film MagazineImmediately this magazine front cover is noticeably different to the music and fashion magazines by the darkness of the background and the disturbing background image which is instantly recognised to fit the genre of horror. The typography of the masthead is in a rough style that influences the idea that it is related to horror and something scary as well as the unusual choice of colour being yellow which contrasts to the black background and is therefore eye catching to the reader. Usually if mastheads are positioned in the centre of the top of the magazine front cover they are stretched and enlarged to fit perfectly in the gap across the top however in this case there is room either side of the masthead suggesting to the audience that it has not been produced by a big and successful publishing house or that it is aimed at a specific niche as it is unique and stands out amongst most other magazine covers. The style of typography used for the other text on the page is very basic and simple showing similarities with the music and fashion magazine cover I previously analysed, it seems unusual that the different genres have similar conventions however all audiences share similarities that they want something that is easy and clear to read regardless of what genre they are interested in. Each element on the page has been positioned about 1.5cm inwards from the edge which again is an unusual style that this cover has adopted.

PARACINEMA Film MagazineEach element on the page has been positioned about 1.5cm inwards from the edge which again is an unusual style that this style has adopted. Another similarity that the three magazines share is the rule of thirds and how everything on the page can be divided into three columns. This cover slightly breaks the rules however the text has been equally positioned around the main focus of the background image so that the face of the character is entirely visible. Although, the main image uses a fictional character or has been adapted to look like it, it still follows the same style as the other main images used on the fashion and music magazine, using direct address to communicate with the reader. However, I think it most important for this genre of magazine to have a main image that uses direct address because the purpose of horror is to frighten the reader and therefore by looking at them directly the magazine has more chance of doing so. With an immediate reaction to this cover it looks like a male magazine or one which is targeting males as there are no feminine colours used and males are stereotypically the tough ones who dont get scared and therefore it seems contradictive that what appears to be the main cover story states the womens issue although this in itself can be eye catching to the audience and be used to attract the female market.

EMPIRE Film MagazineSimilar to the fashion magazine the main image covers the masthead slightly but in the same way as ELLE, EMPIRE is also a well established magazine within the film industry and therefore to its target market its brand name can still be recognised without being exactly visible. The typography used for the masthead is very bold and bright with the use of red which stands out in front of the background clearly. This main image doesnt use any direct mode of address but appears to look away from the camera however the gun he holds does point to the direction of the camera suggesting a way of communication to the audience. Also, the sub-image in the top right corner of the page uses direct address which in addition is also working to communicate with the reader. Each of the sub-images in the white strip in the right column show very action packed situations therefore suggesting the genre of action movies to the audience along with the use of a gun in the main image. The mise-en-scene in the images on the cover each link together well with all the characters wearing dark costumes and having action related props such as swords and the gun.

EMPIRE Film MagazineThe expressions on each of their faces within the sub images are very serious enhancing the genre of action. The chosen colour scheme of the layout