Mac OS X Lion New Features

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More and more Mac users are pay close attention to Mac OS X Lion new features in the train of the launch of the new operation system for Mac. This article will show you the Mac operation system new features.


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Mac OS X Lion New Features

Written in the beginning. The author of this article always accepts new things much slower than others. So when lots of Mac users are very familiar using their MacBook, I had never tried it yet. But this article is just written after a few days of trial on the MacBook Pro which with the latest generation of Mac OS X Lion system pre-installed. The latest generation of Apple's computer operating system can bring users a overwhelming experience than any other version before. This system is completely different from any other system used in an ordinary notebook. Users can clearly feel the touch pad operation for various applications, the touch pad is really convenient than the mouse.

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Mac OS X Lion New Features - Multi-touch Pad

The most refreshing feeling this new generation of Mac OS X Lion gives users is its multi-touch touchpad which can bring all users with touch operating experience. MacBook Pro's touchpad area is very large, which will not bring you with the binding sense of limited touch size that happened in most laptops. However, the large size is not the critical point, the new experience brought by multi-touch is the key among all the Mac operation system new features.

Mac OS X Lion New Features - LaunchPad

We can say that Apple's iOS has taken the main position in mobile phone and table PC area. However, the Mac OS didn't take such great portion in the industry of general computer. So it becomes a well reason to let the iOS help the Mac OS. Many users are already really familiar with Apple iOS system, but not familiar with the Mac OS X. LaunchPad is such an assistant to iOS users to quickly fit on with the new Mac OS X Lion.

Mac OS X Lion New Features - Full-screen Applications

Perhaps the full-screen applications is not newness for most people since that all kinds of games are running basically in full-screen display. But Mac OS, who always take the windows large enough to control, the full-screen operation on many applications provides the users with great convenient.

Mac OS X Lion New Features - Automatically Saving Function

The new Mac OS X Lion also features in the spontaneously saving functions for a variety of software. The system will save the contents you are editing for every 5 minutes, so you don't need to annoy that you've forgotten to save the file you were editing when your computer crashes unexpectedly or when your computer encounters a sudden power outage. You will find the system has already saved it for you when you re-open the computer.

Written in the lastOf course, the Mac OS X Lion new features are far more than the above four function. Besides these four features, there are still many other interesting new features which are waiting for Mac fans to explore. If you've never used a Mac before, it does not matter, the powerful multi-point touchpad operation feature will help you completely forget the operating habit of using laptop with a mouse connected.