Lucas Yap (31) And Jonas Yap(32) Lord Of the flies Chapter 12 Cries of the hunters

Lucas Yap (31) And Jonas Yap(32)

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Lucas Yap (31) ‏ And Jonas Yap(32) ‏. Lord Of the flies Chapter 12. Cries of the hunters. Contents Page. Timeline Chapter Analysis Setting Characterization Symbolism Themes. Timeline. Time line. He makes a trip to Castle Rock as “no fire; no smoke; no rescue”. Claims the stick - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lucas Yap (31)And

Jonas Yap(32)

Lord Of the fliesChapter 12

Cries of the hunters

Contents Page

• Timeline• Chapter Analysis• Setting• Characterization• Symbolism• Themes


Time line

The chapter starts with focusing on Ralph, showing his injuries and the state that he was in after being attacked by the savages.

He makes a trip to Castle Rock as “no fire; no smoke; no rescue”

Hears the savages doing their tribal rituals with the chant “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill the blood!

Claims the stickwhich the Lord of theFlies were on and usesit as a weapon.

Time line

He sneaks to castle rock and meets Sam and Eric, who refuses to join Ralph but gave him a piece of meat and told him about Jack’s plans the next morning

Ralph falls asleep in the thicket and hears one of the twins getting tortured the next morning.

Boys tried to fight through the thicket for Ralph but it was to no avail.


With exhaustion, Ralph collapsed on the beach, to see a navy officer

Jack tries to smoke Ralphout of the thicket by settingthe jungle on fire.

Ralph abandons the thicket andlooks for a place to hide with pursuersnot far behind.


The savages are jerked back into reality and realises their faults and started to cry out of sorrow and remorse.

End of LOTF

Chapter Analysis

Chapter 12: Cries of the Hunters

• Chaos reigns on the island: Loss of sense

“They had smoked him out and set the island on fire” --pg 242

“The fire must be almost at the fruit trees– what would they eat to-morrow?” page 243

• Quote I – Savages running wild, doing everything as they wish, destroying the forest with fire just to kill Ralph

• Quote 2 – Boys had not acted rationally, even to the extent of endangering their own lives.

Chapter 12: Cries of the Hunters

• Realization of logical thinking’s importance in civilization

“There was no Piggy to talk sense. There was no solemn assembly for debate nor dignity of the conch” --pg 241


With Piggy gone, there was nobody to give sensible comments and in fact, without the presence of reason and logic, civilization was unable to prevail over savagery.

As a Result… Ralph was unable to

prevent Samneric to go over to Jack, leaving him all alone

Savages running wild, savagery reigns over the island



• “The sunlight was slanting now into the palms by the wrecked shelter” pg 227

• “slanting sticks of sunlight were lost among the branches

• Sunlight showed how sunlight (symbol of hope) were lost as Ralph advances towards Jack’s end of the island.

• Creates a mood whereby there’s a change in mood from a place with sunlight (civilization) to a place where sunlight is lost. (savagery)

Stars• “The vivid stars

were spilt and danced all ways” page 231

• “Again the stars spilled about the sky” page 232

• Represents the uneasy moments when “Eric shook his head”, “Sam shifted uneasily”

• A mood where Sam and Eric could not express “the dull pain of these things”, like stars “spilt and danced all ways” , it was difficult to pick their thoughts together to express the pain.


Ralph• State of denial- “No. They’re not as

bad as that. It was and accident” page 227

• Truth- “Then there was that

indefinable connection between himself and Jack; who therefore would never let him alone; never.” page 226

Ralph• Sliding in and out of

trust in SamnericDistrust- “Terrified that they

would run and give the alarm,” Pg 230

Trust- “so keep them

away from it” page 233

Samneric• A part of

savagery, a small element of civilization.

• Still young, not strong enough for strong savagery such as Roger and Jack

• Cares for Ralph

Samneric• Associated with

Savagery- “seemed nothing more

that a dark extension of the rock.” Pg 229

- The twins are described to have lost their identities with the savages, being an extension/part of the castle rock which symbolises the savagery community.

Samneric• Not truly Savage- “Memory of their

new and shameful loyalty” Pg 230

Twins were not truly savage , “dragged into” savagery.

- “ You got to go, Ralph. You go away now” Pg 230

- “ You two aren’t painted.” Pg 230

Samneric• Not strong enough

for Extreme influence of Savagery

- “they made us. They hurt us”

- “we couldn’t help it”

Twins were forced into savagery by Jack and Roger’s violence agaisnt them.

Jack and Roger• Violence• Usage of violence

against the twins, to use them against Ralph.

- “ Immediately after this, there cane a gasp, and a squeal of pain.”

- “One of the twins was there, outside the thicket with Jack and Roger”

Both quotes can be found on page 236

Savages• Complete loss of

identity and sense- “They were all

running, all crying out madly.” Pg 245

• Return to civilization- “the other little boys

began to shake and sob too” Pg 248

Navy Officer• Brought back law

and order of the adult world to the students

- Ralph is now “conscious of his filthy appearance” Pg 246

- Irony when the world of the adults were in a state of chaos , state of war, with the navy officer expected more from the boys with them being British

- “I should have thought that a pack of British boys--- … would have been able to put up a better show than that” Pg 248


Symbolism• Castle rock• It represents the

savagery on the island with the place roaming with savages with their usual chanting

• “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” Pg 225

Symbolism• Empty Shelter• Shelter had

represented civilization

• Now, symbolises how everyone have left the shelter of civilization to the side of savagery.

• “he couldn’t stay here all night in an empty shelter by the deserted platform” Pg 227

Symbolism• Stick of the Lord of

the Flies• The stick that was once

used for means of savagery and bloodlust, used for Ralph’s defense

• Symbolises last stand of civilization

• “held it as a spear between him and the white pieces.” page 228

Symbolism• Fire • Fire used as a means

of savagery (smoke Ralph out)

• Wild fire symbolises how quick the wrath and uncontrollable savagery the overtakes the island

• “Couldn’t a fire out-run a galloping horse?” page 243

Symbolism• Injuries sustained by

Ralph • Showed that

civilisation was badly damaged by savagery.

• “The bruised flesh was inches in diameter over his right ribs, with a swollen and bloody scar where the spear had hit him.” Pg 225

SymbolismThe navy officer • Represented

ultimate strength of Law and Order, and also civilisation.

• “A semicircle of little boys, their bodies streaked with coloured clay, sharp sticks in their hands, were standing on the beach making no noise at all.” pg 246

• This showed how powerful law and order was at it managed to defeat the beasts of savagery inside the children and shake them back into civilisation.

Symbolism• Thicket

• Symbolises the fall of civilization in the story.

• Thicket might actually be a summary of the entire story whereby Civilization was strong at first, but weakened by constant savagery (smashing of gigantic rocks) was eventually “destroyed”.

• “The rock bounded on, thumping and smashing towards the beach” page 237

• “ He wormed his way through the thicket towards the forest, keeping as far as possible beneath the smoke.” page 239


Lost of civilisation.

• Ralph• “He saw two littluns

and, not having any idea of his own appearance, wondered why they screamed and ran.”

• This shows the lost of civilisation as personal grooming is no longer of importance, which makes Ralph seem like ungroomed and uncivilised.

Civilisation and its Rules VS Chaos and Irrationality

Navy Officer• When the navy officer

rescues the boys, he is saving them from the “Beast” (representing savagery) on the island.

• However, he is also bringing them back to the outside world where humans are even more savage and have destroyed each other with nuclear weapons.

Civilisation and its Rules VS Chaos and Irrationality

• Almost at the verge of taking over civilization

- “someone’s legs were getting tired and the desperate ululation advanced like a jagged fringe of menace and was almost overhead” Pg 246


• Jack and Roger

• Ruthless towards Samneric, just to force out information from them, results in hurting them.

Rituals and Mob Psychology

Savages• They use ululations

(tribal means) to communicate

• Loss of identities, referred to as Savages

• “ Another double cry at the same distance gave him a clue to their plan” page 240


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