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Low Resolution & Machine Knitting

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Low Resolution & Machine Knitting. Unravel the Code 2014 Beam 2014. PPT. Patterns for Machine Knitting. What is knitting? Must be two colors Must be low resolution 100 x 60 pixels. Program Tuesday. Low resolution Image - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Low Resolution & Machine Knitting

  • Low Resolution &Machine KnittingUnravel the Code 2014Beam 2014

  • PPT

  • Patterns for Machine KnittingWhat is knitting?

    Must be two colorsMust be low resolution 100 x 60 pixels

  • Program TuesdayLow resolutionImageFont => numbers/textProcessing patternsinterferenceCellular AutomatonPatternsRegular patternsIrregular patterns -> hidden codes

  • Program ThursdayTextile workshop 13:00 15:30

    Knitting on Brother KH-940Knitting particularsA knitted pixel is a V, 2x2 V can be a squareColors, Threads, combinationsLaptop screen is not knitted surface!


  • PREP: For next workshop in 2 weeksIdea: make a t-shirt capacitive sensorNeeded: simple for back partSome simple continous graphical, monumental design shapes Prepare screens next week:Make a collective appointment with Publication stationTuesday: technology Thursday printing testing

  • Back to 8 x 8 black & white

  • numbers

  • Low resolution Fonts

  • Suddenly: Design low resolutionDisplays, interfaces

  • PhotoshopCMD N new file8 x 8 pixelsEnlarge enlarge enlargePencil tooldrawCMD I => rescale to eg 40x40Result: terrible!!!!!

  • Rescale setting : Nearest Neighbor

  • First PracticeMake 8 x 8 images, draw or PhotoshopMake 8 x 8 numbersMake 8 x 8 text (in a bigger image 40 x 40)Short Political statementTexel = Krim! Student lib!

    Combine in bigger image

  •, download, installExamplesLoadDisplayImage

  • Prepared example files for patterns

  • Practice 2Play around with these sketches, using your own images.

  • InterferencePhotoshop image small, 8x8Rescale => 80x80New layerPaint bucket pattern (make b&w patterns)Play around with interference patterns

  • Why interference?Because of the Nordic knittingAvoid wires which are too long at the backsideBut also because it is fun

  • Complex Patterns and codes

  • Cellular AutomatonsA few black and white pixels: starting lineRules to advance in time, next lines has to be running

  • If JAVA does not run on MACOSGo to System PreferencesSystem -> JAVAEdit trusted websites

  • Explore the Tutorial!

  • Regular structures

  • (for a designer): chaotic structures

  • AssignmentsExperiment with low resolutionImagesText: political statement?Patterns and codesCombinations of everythingYour own experiments

    Prepare 80x80 B&W images for Thursday

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