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Presentation slides about Louis Kahn, the phenomenal architect. Samples of his work: -- Trenton Bath House in New Jersey, -- Salk Institute in California, -- Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, India, and --National Assembly Hall in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His son, Nathaniel Kahn also made a film about his dad, which is titled "My Architect". You can use this for your information, but please do not copy this as your work. Thank you.

Text of Louis Kahn - Architect

Louis Kahn - Influence in Architecture

Louis Isadore Kahn (1901 1974)Ahmed AbdulazizSafia AbdulazizMadona ShamoonDetia Kartika TunggaThe sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building Louis KahnBiographyMasterpieceDesign Approach, Style & AnalysisSignificance of Geographical & Political ConceptArchitects who influenced Kahns worksQuotes

BiographyUniversity of Pennsylvania (1924)

Born:February 20, 1901Died:March 17, 1974 (aged 73)Nationality :American Influenced :Muzharul Islam Awards :ALA Gold Medal, RIBA Gold MedalProjects :Center of Philadelphia, Urban and Traffic StudyBuildings: Jatiyo Sangshad BhabanPhillips Exeter Academy LibraryKimbell Art Museum

Graduated from University of Pennsylvania (1924)Masterpiece19511954University Art CenterNew Haven, USA(1951-1954)

Trenton Bath House, Ewing, New Jersey (1954-1955)

1957 Designs the Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building at the University of Pennsylvania.1959 Begins a six year project to construct the Jonas Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California.1962 Starts work on a twelve year programme to build the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and on the construction of the Capital Complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which will be completed after his death. Birth of a son Nathaniel to Kahn and the landscape architect Harriet Pattison.1965 Designs the Library and Dining Hall for the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.1966 Begins work on the design of the Kimbell Art Museum in Forth Worth, Texas. The Museum of Modern Art, New York mounts a retrospective exhibition of Kahns work.1969 Wins his second major commission at Yale University to design the Yale Center for British Art.1974 Dies of a heart attack at Pennsylvania Station, New York on his return from India.


Richards Medical CenterPhiladelphia, USA(1957-1962)

Jonas Salk Institute of Biological StudiesLa Jolla, California(1959-1967)

Masterpiece1962Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India (1962-1974)

National Assembly Hall Dhaka, Bangladesh (1962-1983)7Masterpiece1965

Philips Exeter Academy Library (1965-1971)1966

Kimbell Art MuseumFort Worth, Texas (1966-1972)1969Yale Center for British Art(1969)


Trenton Bath House (1954-1955)http://kahntrentonbathhouse.org/bathHouse2.htm Plans & Drawings:

Trenton Bath House (1954-1955)Trenton Bath House (1954-1955)

Court of the Lions-Alhambra, Southern SpainSalk Institute of Biological Studies,La Jolla, California (1959)


SALK INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGICAL STUDIESIndian Institute of ManagementAhmedabad, India (1962)

Indian Institute of ManagementAhmedabad, India (1962)Public Business School located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. One of the best business schools in India and in the Asia-PacificConstruction details

Features : Distinctive features of these buildings include the many square arches and brick structures on the walls with carved circles.

Materials: It is basically a building made of brick, traditional Indian materials. In some walls and brick facades combined with concrete, resulting in a mixed construction and ornamental.

Plan of IIM institute




National Assembly Hall- Dhaka, Bangladesh (1962)

Plan of National Assembly HallEntrance hallAssembly ChamberPrayer HallOfficesMinisters LoungeDining and RecreationAblution Court1234444567

Approach to DesignArchitecture is the thoughtful making of spaces. It is the creating of spaces that evoke a feeling of appropriate use.Louis I. Kahn

Five elements of Louis Kahns work:The Sense of CompositionReverence of materialSense of room plan a society of roomsLight as a maker of architectureArchitecture of Connection

Kahns StyleComplex spatial compositions and mastery of lightArchaic beauty and powerful universal SymbolismKahns quest for origins: architecture, art and in natural sciences, human behavior and society.

Significance of Geographical and Political ConceptEarly learning ground:

1) Philadelphia- hometown, - laboratory for the development of his own urbanistic and Architectural principles

2) Structural laws foundation for the renewal of architecture

3) Landscape nature source of inspiration for Kahn

31Political Concept1) Evolution of architecture:

traditional buildings and future oriented (technology and construction)

2) Ideal of Eternal Present (God) his interest in architectural history Archetypical: Structures from Italy, Greece and Egypt.

3) He was the only architect to design church, several synagogues and Muslim prayer room

4) Kahns spatial concepts were ideas above and beyond their designated functions

http://www.design-museum.de/en/exhibitions/detailseiten/louis-kahn-detail.html5) Kahns work shows modernism and post-modernism

6) Synthesis of major conceptual traditions of modern architecture Ecole des Beaux Arts and Crafts Movement and Bauhaus modernism

Enhanced by considerations of indigenous and non-western building traditions

7) Kahns architecture technique: satisfying utilitarian needs artistic speculations in terms of contemplating nature, history and human community. Who influenced Kahn?Paul Cret, his supervisor during studies at Pennsylvania.Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.



''Even A Brick Wants To Be Something'' - Louis Kahn

"A work of art is not a living thing as it walks or runsbut the making of the life, that which gives you a reaction;to somebody's the wonder of man's fingers, to somebody's the wonder of the mind, to somebody's the wonder of technique,and to some it is how real it is, to some how transcendant it is, like the 5th Symphony...it presents itself with a feeling,that you know it if you heard it once, and you'll look for it;though you know it, you must hear it again,though you know it, you must hear it again.Truly, a work of art is one that tells us thatnature cannot make what man can make."- Louis I. Kahn( excerpt from MY ARCHITECT )

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