Looking at Art 5 steps for talking about artwork.

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  • Looking at Art5 steps for talking about artwork

  • #1. DescribeLook at the artwork and LIST 15 things that you see. The list can be made up of objects, parts of objects, colours & shapes.

  • #2. AnalyseNow look at the artwork as a space that has things placed in it. In three full sentences (or five short sentences - your choice) tell HOW things in the artwork are placed. Try to examine relationships between things (objects, shapes, colour, etc.) in the painting. Be as descriptive as possible.

  • #3. InterpretWrite three sentences that explain what you think the artwork is about. Support your ideas with reasons/evidence (use the word because).Sometimes you may have more than one idea about the possible meaning of the artwork.

  • #4. InformationGive at least five pieces of information about the artwork. You may remember information from a class talk or you may have to do your own research. Always take notes during a class talk*.(*This is all part of your 10% Perceiving & Responding..)

    #4. Information1. This painting was createdby Jaques Louis David in 1793.

    2. David was a French neo-classical painter.

    3. This painting is consideredas an important political artwork about the French Revolution.

    4. Neo-classical painters were strongly influenced by the works of the Greeks & Romans (classical), the attention to detail and the focus on drapery are characteristic of this style.

    5. This painting was created as a tribute to Marat, a French revolutionary, as was an effective piece of propaganda.

  • #5. JudgementThere are two questions you have to answer here: #1. Is the artwork good (quality)?#2. Does it appeal to you (personal aesthetic)?

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