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Barkley Bridge Elementary School. Looking Ahead to 2014-2015. For your general professionalism For your willingness to work with parents For the efforts it takes to go above and beyond for children in order to insure their success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead to 2014-2015Barkley Bridge Elementary School

Thank YouFor your general professionalismFor your willingness to work with parentsFor the efforts it takes to go above and beyond for children in order to insure their successFor the way you step up and step in in any crisis or emergencyFor the hours you spend learning and finding new and better ways to teach on your own timeFor the high expectations you have for yourselves. It trickles down to your students.Teacher RecognitionOur own BB Recognition- Well vote todayThe Comic Relief- This teacher eases tensions with wit and humor. Others rely on him/her to lighten the moment.District Recognition- Recall e-mail from Wilson. We will all meet at the HHS Auditorium on Friday, May 23rd at 10:30-11:30. We will begin our end-of-year data meeting at 8a, break for that meeting, and return to our meeting after lunch if needed.Green ScReen AdventuresAs of Sunday night, 3 BB students have work published on this site. FYI students with work published on this site will stand during next Mondays Committed to Reading Day celebration.FYI Regarding KindergartenA reschedule of the K Program to Tuesday night. 1:45 SHOW TOMORROW.A reschedule of the after-hours K Registration to this Thursday night. It is on the webpage and has been tweeted.Kindergarten Camp this year is Thursday, July 10th from 8:30-11:30. PTO is also trying to put together a Teacakes and Tissues event for the first 30 minutes or so on that morning Field Day this WeekAny thoughts/advice/concerns from Tisha?Eat the lunchroom Sack Lunches in your classrooms, outside, etc. The lunch break in between Field Days will be 10:30 to 12:30. Make plans to pick up your lunches between 10:45 and 11:00.Orientations and Supply ListsYour e-mail from Leslie:Please remember to email your grade level supply list in Microsoft Word to Adams, Womack and Land.Please put these things on the supply list: * Barkley Bridge * Grade Level * 2014-2015 * Orientation dates Classroom or Library? With or without parents? With or without supplies?From Hayes: And shop those lists. Too picky? Too pricey?

Committed to Reading Day Next WeekAny thoughts/advice/concerns from Cindy?There is a Committed to Feeding sign-up sheet posted on the wall in the office. Remember that you are bringing for all of us as usual plus guests. Please double your quantities.A PTO donation is also making a large purchase of chicken fingers and a deli tray. Both from Kroger.

The Thursday 1/2 Day for StudentsRemember that Hagemann and Jared will be providing you with rotation schedules for special reading time and enrichment time.Final report cards which include grades and attendance will go home on Wednesday Party Day to all who are paid-up. Summer Tech Work/ Tech $Each of you has reported to TECH, and I sent a summative report to TECH and copied it to all of you.On another interesting note, I had Rhonda pull together all tech purchases made over the last three years with PTO, Ext Day, or Fundraiser monies. (Does not include your teacher monies.) $65,732.71

OGAP for SummerI also sent you a Carol Mueller information letter today. Lets review

Dont forget that assessment I sent you. From all that I understand the summer training will be far more meaningful to you if you have your kids real data to assess.Other Summer PDDr. Horton will get information to you, but most of you will be using your two required days on OGAP. As always, you are invited to attend all of the sessions that interest you.Some Share-OutsTeachers in Grades 3 and 4- Share what your students had to say about Classroom Instruction, Global Scholar, and how prepared they felt for the ACT Aspire. Are there any take-aways for your fellow teachers or for me? Are there any next-steps for PD or resources that we need to be hearing?Some Share-Outs?App share?Other Tech share?Hargett- Tell what you know about the HHS sponsored Tech Nights this summer.Some things you will likely see next YearLearnZillion website- A teacher share-out on how it might very well be an excellent tool as we learn to develop common core lessons. About $5,000 for a one year site license. (Common core standards support with exemplary lessons.) Share-outs???Word Nerds- About $20 per teacher for the book. (Common core vocabulary support) Share-outs???Other products you have seen, used, etc that you think we should consider??? Please share!

Some things you will likely see next YearA new way of teaching and testing spelling.HagemannSteps toward the Standards Based Report Cards Remember that our proposed timeline to Wilson claims that we will Based on SBRC samples, rubrics, scoring system, etc, each elementary school first and second grades will submit as many as 10 samples, priorities, or other somethings they believe should be part of the SBRC conversation. We have not formed a committee at this point. You may be hearing about that over the summer, too.A time clock for morning clock-ins.

Something you will definitely see next yearNew Library Software- Ed share-outFull implementation of the math and ELA CCRS. (with or without a new reading series) Implementation of the added pieces we learn in OGAP over the summer.Full implementation of Write Steps Writing.Implementation of Comp Toolkit based on what we learn about the reading series we will be using. A use of standards-based rubrics as we ready ourselves for the transition to SCRC.Some Things you Could See next yearSTI Achievement Series as a replacement for Global Scholar.A new reading textbook series. Particularly for grades K, 1, and 2.A few new additions to our current character ed/ bullying program.

Next Years Theme:Barkley Bridge Elementary SchoolOn PointRigor * Relevance * RelationshipsKeep Your eyes on our outlook calendarAs always, we have MUCH ahead of us!

Educate AL- I have all but four of your observations entered. Please FEEL INVITED to make additional comments/ enter evidence before I have to close out at the end of the school year.Note that grades must be posted by NOON on Monday, May 19th in order for me to get report cards completed on time. DOUBLE CHECK grades, please. WHEW!Thats all Ive got to say about that.

(I know what youre thinkin. Sure it is.)