Looking Ahead (2014-2015 and Beyond)

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Looking Ahead (2014-2015 and Beyond). Important questions. How does the Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) support the MO Collaborative Work (CW)? How does Visible Learning fit with CW and the SPDG? Teams & Functions: Whos who? When do they meet? What do they talk about? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Looking Ahead (2014-2015 and Beyond)

Professional Development to Practice1Important questionsHow does the Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) support the MO Collaborative Work (CW)?How does Visible Learning fit with CW and the SPDG?Teams & Functions: Whos who? When do they meet? What do they talk about?Whats the plan for next year (and beyond) and how can I support/impact/affect it?

Professional Development to PracticeSPDG & CWJuly 2012 CW LaunchesOctober 2012 SPDG Funded for 5 yearsCW Vision: Create a model system for developing, sharing and implementing effective practices that can be accessed by participating schools and all other schools interested in making remarkable improvement.Aims: Align PD to MO Teacher & Leader Standards/ Enhance capacity of RPDCs to provide effective, evidence-based HQPD/ Enhance capacity of LEAs to implement effective practices with fidelity/ Use technology to enhance benefits of HQPDSupportAugust 2012 Writing SPDG to Support CWProfessional Development to PracticeGoal 1: Improve the educational achievement of all students, but especially students with disabilities through the development, implementation, & evaluation of a targeted system of professional development, which includes training, technical assistance and coaching.Objective 1.1: Enhance the capacity of the DESE to align the results of local and regional data and teacher/leader evaluation with professional development focused on selected Missouri Teacher and Leader Standards.[SEA Level]Goal 1, Objective 1 Strategy: Provide professional development in selected areas aligning with the Missouri Teacher and Leader Standards.Objective 1.2: Enhance the capacity of the Regional Professional Development Centers (RPDC) to provide effective, evidence-based high quality professional development.[Regional Level]Goal 1, Objective 2 Strategy: Develop and implement a model of high quality professional development (HQPD) to be used by the Statewide System of Support (SSOS) Network to include implementation strategies, protocols, measurement tools, and fidelity instruments.Objective 1.3: Enhance the capacity of LEAs demonstrating achievement gaps between students with disabilities and students without disabilities to implement an integrated school improvement process focused on effective academic and behavioral support systems in schools. [LEA Level]Goal 1, Objective 3 Strategy: Provide professional development to LEAs in the focus areas of school-wide collaborative data teams, data-based decision-making, formative assessment, and effective teaching and learning practices, including systems of matching instruction and supports to student needs.

Goal 2: Increase the use of technologies to support implementation of professional development and use of data for effective, teaching and learning decision-making. Objective 2.1: Enable the SSOS Network to use technology to increase opportunities for HQPD through the development and implementation of the Missouri Teacher Learning Network (Mo-TLN): a web-based network for enhancing PD through reliable resources, shared learning, frequent collaboration and support, structures for organizing materials, and consistent and ongoing use of data. [State and Regional Levels]Goal 2, Objective 1 Strategy: Develop and implement the Missouri Teacher Learning Network (Mo-TLN) a web-based network for enhancing professional development through reliable and timely resources and shared learning, mechanisms for frequent collaboration and support, structures for organizing materials, and functionalities that support consistent and ongoing use of data. Objective 2.2: Enhance LEAs use of technologies through the Mo-TLN. [District/building Level]. Goal 2, Objective 2 Strategy: Provide HQPD to LEAs on the components of the Mo-TLN, functionalities, applications, benefits, and expectations of use.

3CW &Visible Learning

CW Vision: Create a model system for developing, sharing and implementing effective practices that can be accessed by participating schools and all other schools interested in making remarkable improvement.Focus on Effective practices with highest likelihood of improving student learning.Students becoming visible learnersEducators becoming visible learners Professional Development to Practice4Spaced PracticeCW = Collaborative WorkSPDG = State Personnel Development GrantHattie = Visible Learning = CorwinSSIP = State Systemic Improvement PlanMTSS = Multi-Tiered System of SupportEquation: CW = SPDG = Hattie = SSIPMTSS = CW+PBIS+PLC+X+Y+ZProfessional Development to PracticeSPDG Teams, Advisors, & Functions: Whos who?Management TeamStephen Barr (DESEAsst. Commissioner)Pam Williams (DESECW/SPDG Project Director)Ginger Henry (DESE-CW/SPDG Project Staff)Beth Bashore (DESESW-PBIS, CW, SPDG Staff)Mary Corey (DESE-Data)Thea Scott (DESE-Tiered Instructional Models)Rob Gordon (MUPLC)Pattie Noonan (KU-SPDG Evaluation)Ronda Jenson (UMKC-SPDG Consultant)Marsha Lay (Lead State Implementation Specialist)Ben Franklin (Technology Specialist)Carla Williams (UMKC-SPDG Consultant))Meets monthlyProfessional Development to PracticeSPDG Teams, Advisors, & Functions: Whos who?2 representatives of RPDC Directors. Term Oct 1-September 30Current representatives:Julie Collins (KC)Jim Judd (NE)In October and April, the SIA will join the MT for 2 hours, 10-noon. In June and January, the SIA are part of the SIT.State Implementation Advisors Quarterly advise: 2 MT and 2 SITProfessional Development to PracticeSPDG Teams, Advisors, & Functions: Whos who?State Implementation TeamMeets semi-annually(June 25, 2014; January 29, 2015)Nanci Johnson (co-PBIS Coordinator, PBIS data)Diane Feeley (co-PBIS Coordinator)Rob Gordon (PLC Coordinator)Michelle Smith (PLC Data)Suzy Cutbirth (CW consultant)Becky Rider (CW consultant)Don Rugraff (SPDG Technology Workgroup Representative)Management TeamState Implementation Advisors Professional Development to Practice8SPDG Teams, Advisors, & Functions: Whos who?Tim Lewis, National Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and SupportsKaren Blase, NIRNBrian McNulty, Leadership & Learning,Steve Goodman, MiBLSiLarry Edelman, Technology Advisor, University of ColoradoNational Implementation Advisors Professional Development to Practice9Whats the plan, Stan?Areas to address in the CW over the next year and beyondPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTTECHNOLOGYLEADERSHIPCOACHINGCFAsEVALUATION SYSTEMDISSEMINATION/SCALE-UP/SUSTAINABILITYProfessional Development to PracticePROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTGet all remaining Learning Packages (LP) completed, vetted and rolled out (by June 2015)Get existing LPs into DIY form (end of 14-15)Get all LPs into DIY form (end of 15-16)Add content fidelity and delivery to HQPD ChecklistProfessional Development to PracticeRoll Out of New Learning PackagesRoll-Out (July and Dec.) Shared LearningJuly 8-9 2014Using Technology in Classroom Instruction (part 1)MetacognitionAssessment Capable Learners EnhancementDecember 2014Direct InstructionClassroom DiscussionTeacher-Student RelationshipsProfessional Development to PracticeRoll Out of New Learning PackagesVetting (January Shared Learning)Roll-Out TBD but will either be in March &/or June 2015January 28Using Technology in Classroom Instruction (part 2)Spaced v. Massed EnhancementReciprocal Teaching EnhancementCooperative Learning Feedback EnhancementIncreasing Student EngagementTeacher ClarityDifferentiated InstructionProfessional Development to PracticeShared Learnings: Design, topics, and schedule

Focus is on Implementation Fidelity

See handout2014-2015 Shared Learning Calendar

Professional Development to Practice14TECHNOLOGY (with SW-PBIS & PLC)Revise website(s)User friendlyAll tools/resourcesPassword protected section where regional staff can access regional and state reports

Professional Development to PracticeWebsites for Your CW WorkMo Edu-SAILMo SPDG DataWorkspaceResources & informationLearning PackagesFeatures to support implementationFocus on supporting implementation with fidelityFocus on data for SPDG evaluation reportsSchool Implementation ScaleTeam Functioning ChecklistKUUMKCConsultant LogsDESEFocus on time & effortContact with schoolsTraining content topicParticipant countProfessional Development to PracticeTECHNOLOGY (with SW-PBIS & PLC)School-based tools to facilitate feedback/measurement of progressFacilitate communication Among CW schools; between schools/RPDCs; between/among schools RPDCs, & state; with field in generalVideo-taping--flipped classrooms & flipped PDVideos to capture effective practice in actionOther technologies to facilitate provision of PD, coaching, instructional effectiveness and communicationProfessional Development to PracticeLEADERSHIPConvene a workgroup to discuss/identify leadership needs in relation to CW Based on recommendations of workgroup, develop/implement Leadership Component of CWProfessional Development to PracticeCOACHINGDevelopment of Field-based coaches model to facilitate internal (building-level) coaching to help ensure fidelity and sustainability of CW frameworkContinued training of CW state and regional staff on effective coaching methods (including use of technology for coaching)Professional Development to PracticeCFAsDevelop and implement process for vetting/sharing CFAsProfessional Development to PracticeEvaluation SystemDevelop/implement measurement tools for 1) teachers to understand data on student performance to improve practice 2) administrators to use classroom and building data to determine growth 3) RPDCsfor each provider to understand value they bring to CW and for Directors to determine if job is getting done effectively in their region, and 4) stateto determine if this is the right work and is right system in place Professional Development to PracticeEVALUATION SYSTEMFeedback systemsystem for feedback loop with all participants in the CW.All levels of system using dataData reporting and analysissystem for efficient/effective data reporting and analysis

Professional Development to PracticeDISSEMINATION/SCALE-UP/SUSTAINABILITYDIYMTSSLEADERSHIPProfessional Development to PracticeJUST A FEW OTHER THINGSProfessional Development to PracticeSPDG ProductsNewslettersCalendarPresentations & other information shared nationally

Professional Development to PracticeRecognizing Exemplary PracticesPurpose:Build a video library of exemplary practicesBuild a network of teachers who can model exemplary practices and provide technical assistanceThe Management Team with assistance from the State Implementation Team will define the expectations and outline steps for implementation.Professional Development to PracticeSharing Opportunity for CW SchoolsOctober Regional Meetingssee Shared Learning Calendar

At the June State Implementation Team meeting, plans for these October meetings will be discussed.Professional Development to PracticeQuestions?Professional Development to Practice