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Lookbook Dont Take Me For A Clown

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Text of Lookbook Dont Take Me For A Clown


  • Dont Take Me For A Clown. The clown is making fun of us and questioning the human being about fragility, incoherence and absurdity of life Jaime Hayon. A fascination of the circus drew me into discovering the essence and motives of a clown. Hidden behind what may seem foolish and ridiculous lays a story of bravery and honesty of the self. Whilst their outrageous attire and brash colouring distracts the eye and invites mockery, my intrigue lies beneath it all. A clown is an intelligent mind, possibly a serious mind, one of intellect and openness. Their witty spirit allows them to stand apart not afraid of the preconceptions in society. In order to explore these cunning minds, my 3 looks will play with bold, outrageous shapes in combination with serious attitude. One colour or print dominates each ensemble; the textures and expressive structures will speak for the details in the garments. Often a clowns facial expression will be the instigator of their mood, however I would like to reverse this focus by concealing the face and letting head pieces speak with character and boldness. As a result allowing the audience freedom of their own emotion, to create their own conclusions. In similar nature to that of a clowns own expressions.