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COVER STORY: Fwends with Benefits: Flaming Lips team up with Miley Cyrus and more to raise money for The Bella Foundation and pay tribute to classic album




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  • Lets have a talk about the Flaming Lips.Ten years ago, the Lips were in between releas-ing 2002s beloved Yoshimi Battles the Pink Ro-bots and 2006s charming At War with the Mys-tics. I imagine this was a slightly more simpletime for the then quartet. National attention for the groupwas building to an all-time high after a highly publicizedtour as Becks backing band.

    In 2004, a friend handed me a burned copy of theYoshimi album, and I was a fan before I knew it. Herewas this band of misfits from my neck of the woods whowere content with being smothered in fake blood singingsongs about life and death. Almost exactly a decade ago tothe day, I was sitting on the living room couch watchingthe Lips perform on Austin City Limits.

    My parents werent too impressed. It could have beenthe sloppy Black Sabbath War Pigs cover or the fuzzyanimal costumes. Regardless, I was the one who was hook-ed. After all, the Lips have always been sort of a youngpersons band anyway. Note the rebellious, LOUD earlyyears and the more recent Miley Cyrus adventures.

    To this day, I remain a fan and sincerely love two Lipsalbums like extended family members. I know all the lyricsand even blew out my cars sound system listening to ASpoonful Weighs a Ton at full volume. Sorry again, Dad.

    Its a lot safer to put your appreciation into albums. Theynever change, dont ever disappoint and are always there

    when you need them. But the Lips have changed drastically over the past 10

    years. Technology has changed too and frontman WayneCoyne hasnt shied away from sharing his eccentric life-style via Twitter and Instagram. Its definitely not for thefaint of heart.

    The Lips have also upped their release output to a stag-gering amount. What was once a few years between albumshas been transformed into at times a flurry of monthlybite-sized releases. Many recordings vary in quality andweirdness. Maybe the world might not be ready for a 24-hour song let alone a 6-hour one.

    I think fans are restless and ready for more proper al-bums. Who couldnt want another potential Soft Bulletinto treasure? I must say though, this new Fwends albumhas just as much as heart as any previous release. Its prettyremarkable to have roughly a dozen national artists allagree to a tribute album that benefits an Oklahoma City-based charity.

    And surely if the film Across the Universe gets to exist,so can With A Little Help From My Fwends. A big thanksto Gene Triplett for pinning down Coyne for an interviewand picking his brain about Miley, the Beatles and more.Its a colorful look into Waynes World, whose orbit doesntseem to be slowing down any time soon.

    Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editor



    N A T H A N P O P P Efrom the editor F O L L O W @ N A T H A N P O P P E O N T W I T T E R

    Wayne Coyne Photo by Nathan Poppe

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  • All about creating a

    deeper relationship

    with music.


    Tune into 91.7 KOSU every Tuesday at 4:45 and 6:45 to hear Matt break down the week in music news and new music releases with All Things Considered host Ryan LaCroix.

    All aboutcreating adeeperrelationshipwith music.

    Tune into 91TTin music ne

    When asked who the mostfamous rock band fromOklahoma is, most folksI know reflexively an-swer with the Flaming Lips. I thinkthats almost right. Here, the Lips arelocal celebrities and though theyvegot dedicated fanatics across the worldtoo, they dont book arenas-only toursand theyve only ever had one recordever go gold domestically, 2002sYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

    Such measurables are generally in-dicators of worldwide fame and alongthose, the country boys of Kings ofLeon have done made themselvesgood. Very good, actually. Only bythe Nights sold just about two mil-lion copies since its 2008 release andcracked the top five on the US Bill-

    board 200 chart that year, arare feat for a rock album in

    this economy. Somewhere

    along the line they also made the jumpfrom afternoon festival set to head-liner, from big club to arena, an ad-vancement that coincided with CalebFollowills decision to sing the bandssongs as opposed to frantically spit-ting, shaking, gurgling and occasional-ly yodeling them. Revisiting the bandssecond record Aha Shake Heart-break, which turns ten years old injust a few days, I wish he hadnt donethat.

    Aha Shake Heartbreak is the lastKings of Leon record worth listeningall the way through. Its dumb, loose,rollicking and gross, an Exile on MainStreet with far lower stakes, andserves as areminder ofthe fun bandthey left be-hind to playknockoff U2songs for are-nas. It soundsthe way aband of re-pressed broth-ers from Ten-nessee andrural Oklaho-ma who grewup on 38 Spe-cial oughtasound and inthe mid-aughts theystood outamong radio alternative-rock for theirsimplicity and southern charm.

    Theres a guitar riff on every songand half of them are memorable, animpressive batting average. Revisitingit last week, Id forgotten about theweird lounge/soft-rock sections tackedon to the back end of Slow Night, SoLong and the middle of Soft. Likethe synthesizer that introduces andcloses out Milk, theyre WTF mo-ments that keep things light and en-tertaining, a necessity when subtlety

    in songwriting okay, hell, songwrit-ing in general isnt your strong suit.

    Listening to Aha Shake Heart-break more than anything makes memiss Caleb Followills manic streetpreacher charisma, which has beensteadily strained out into a sheeny,pretty frontman energy over the years,landing somewhere between ChrisMartins milquetoast cooing and ScottStapps bigger, full-body bravado.There was somehow both a sense ofbig-tent Pentecostal revival and ruralteenage revolt in him that let him getaway with groaning lines like taperjean girl with a motel face. It takes agreat talent to prop up that kind of

    nonsense and hehad it.

    Kings of Leonwere once relat-able to me in away that TheStrokes werent.I was in highschool and notespecially coolwhen I firstbought a copyof it, andthough Id even-tually come tofind the recordsattitude towardwomen and lackof subtlety to bepretty repug-nant, and

    though the Leons ascent to famewould eventually come in exchange fortheir originality, Aha Shake Heart-break holds up as the finest, most funthing theyve ever done. I think itssafe to say that theyre never gonnarecapture the manic, grinning energyof The Bucket again now thattheyre grown men and not shamelessteenagers, but Aha Shake Heartbreakwill always be there for those of uswho want to revisit the air guitar play-ing and giddy nonsense of our youth.

    M A T T C A R N E Yheadphonetics F O L L O W @ O K M A T T C A R N E Y O N T W I T T E R

    A happy tenth birthday to Aha Shake Heartbreak

    Members of Kings of Leon, from left, Jared Follo-will, Caleb Followill, Nathan Followill and MatthewFollowill in Nashville, Tenn. Photo provided

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  • LOOKatMEfocuses on creative people and projects based in Oklahoma.

    Tweet enough to your childhoodhero, and you could earn aface-to-face encounter. Atleast it worked for AppableFounder Kelly Tran when she met hericon at a tech event.

    Growing up, my childhood techhero was Bill Gates, she said. Itweeted enough to earn a spot tomeet him and his wife MelindaGates. Then two days later, I had theopportunity to meet the UnitedStates' Chief Technology Officer andtook a selfie with her.

    Tran has had her fair share of uniqueopportunities. Shell be headed to Bel-gium in November for a creativity fo-rum representing Oklahoma.

    While in college she was given ascholarship to work with one of thelargest technology conferences in theworld called Dreamforce. To put it inperspective, this years keynote speak-ers were Hillary Clinton, Al Gore andArianna Huffington to name a few.

    Tran creates apps with her companyAppable. Its a labor of love that startedmore than two years ago.

    Vietnam is her birthplace, butNorman became home in 2004. Itswhere she chooses to stay and growher company.

    Appable has created travel apps, medical apps and local apps in-cluding the Norman Chamber ofCommerce and Air Comfort Solu-tions app. College was where herlove for mobile technologies blos-somed.

    I had the opportunity to leadthe development of the Universi-ty of Oklahoma's official iPhoneapplication in 2009 with an in-credible team of technical andbusiness interns from the Centerfor the Creation of EconomicWealth," Tran said.

    Although Appable is based inNorman, the plan is to be in

    the mecca of tech in Sil-icon Valley.

    We have an opportu-nity to be mentored by

    the best minds of Silicon Valley andgrow our company there, Tran said.It's so satisfying to see an Oklaho-ma start up driving innovations andimpacts in the country's biggestTech hub.

    When she's not hanging out at AllAbout Cha, Lee's Sandwiches or

    Campus Corner in Norman, Tran isworking on a new tech venture fortravel called Vakargo. It's a socialmedia site for international ship-ping.

    Who knows? Norman could beincubating the next Bill Gates.

    Portrait of Kelly Tran, who runs Appable, Friday, October 17, 2014. Photo by Doug Hoke, LOOKatOKC

    Norman resident puts focus on mobile market technology

    F O L L O W @ L A C E Y L E T T O N T W I T T E R L A C E Y L E T T looks in okc

    Page 7October 22 - November 4, 2014LOOKATOKC.COM

  • The bison clipping his toenails at Taj Mahal

    elcome to the latest edition of our collaboration with Drink & Draw, the event that invites doodlers of all skill levels to gather on a weekly basis in Oklahoma City. In case youre new to the party, heres the rundown.Every Thursday night from 8 to 11, Drink & Draw is hosted

    at any of three locations in the metro. On the third and fourth Thursday of the month, the event is held at Tree & Leaf Clothing. And thats where youll encounter the Drink & Draw Challenge. A random theme is selected, youre kindly requested to draw on

    specially designed Drink & Draw paper and then the results are published once a month in LOOKatOKC. Our theme this month was the Thunders mascot Rumble clipping his toenails at the Taj Mahal.

    Its been a pleasure to see new faces join the festivities, and I hope to see more. The inten-tions of the event are more than simple. Its an excuse to show off the talented artists in our city and invite anyone with a hint of artistic aspiration to join the fun. Again, Drink & Draw is an invitation to an open dialogue in the art community. One story wouldnt do this event justice. Instead we are making this a monthly celebration of all things awesome. Pens, pencils and markers of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

    Its just another reason to LOOKatOKC. The proof is sitting right in front of you.

    Nathan Poppe, LOOKatOKC editor


    art speaks D R I N K & D R A W

    Olivia Kidwellwww.oliviakidwell.com Artist. Designer. Lover of the outdoors.

    Page 8 October 22 - November 4, 2014 LOOKATOKC.COM

  • The Drink & Draw Schedule:

    1st Thursday: The Okay See (7 N Lee Ave., OKC)

    2nd Thursday: Brass Bell Studios (2500 NW 33 St., OKC)

    3rd - 4th - 5th Thursdays: Tree & Leaf (17058 NW 16 St., OKC)

    The Drink & Draw Challenge:

    1. A random theme is selected.

    2. Artists draw on spe-cially designed Drink & Draw paper.

    3. The results will be pub-lished once a month right here in LOOKatOKC.

    4. Fun is had.

    This month's Drink & Draw theme is: Rumble clipping toenails at Taj Mahal.

    art speaksD R I N K & D R A W

    Nick Richardson


    www.nrdesign.orgFrom OKC, graphic designer.

    Cody HamptonInstagram @OKIECODY

    Dan Tigertwww.behance.com/DANTIGERTLocal pro triathelete. One day hope to re-tire to the comic industry.


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  • Fans of folk music likely are familiar with theconcept of the listening room a concertwith the distractions stripped away. Not abar, in a lot of cases, and not necessarilyeven a venue, the listening room aims to place anartist in the spotlight.

    People are there first and foremost to hear musicand support the artist, and the artist is there tointimately connect with those fans.

    Independent bands in any genre, though, havesuffered greatly at the hands of the widely docu-mented decline of the music industry, making littlemoney of record sales and often surviving only withrigorous touring of small rooms across the country.

    And often, notably in Oklahoma, where local mu-sic has exploded into a constant commodity ratherthan a niche market, acts that depend on nightlyclub paychecks are finding it difficult to fill a roomwith so many options on the table for casual fanson any given night.

    Enter Graham Colton, an Oklahoma City musi-cian whose tour CV includes dates with CountingCrows, Kelly Clarkson and countless other bignames in pop music.

    But that was then, and this is now. After partingways with his major label a few years back, Coltontook a new sonic path and cut his teeth as an inde-pendent artist club dates, of course, but also houseconcerts and one-off private shows; all manner ofexperimental touring.

    And thus Fanswell.fm was born. The website wasco-founded by Colton and business partner JonCooper, an Oklahoman now residing in Los Angeles.It was launched by Colton, Cooper, Eric Hargett,Matt Rosenzweig and Dustin Warren.

    Fanswell.fm is designed to connect artists those hoping to think outside the concert promoterbox and fi...