LONG ISLAND BAHAMAS. The Bahamas The Southern Bahamas and in particular Long Island is under- developed at present and the opportunity has been presented.

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  • The Bahamas

    The Southern Bahamas and in particular Long Island is under-developed at present and the opportunity has been presented to us to undertake a very exciting project.The Bahamian government is actively encouraging investment in its Family Islands and the native people of Long Island who had to move away to find work are desperate to return to their beloved homeland. Our plans are to create a holiday paradise destination on a scale that knows no comparison on this truly magnificent tropical haven. Stella Maris Long IslandLong Island

  • Long Island

    Long Island, lies divided by the tropic of the cancer and is truly one of the most beautiful islands of the Bahamas.One side of the island is tranquil and calm with endless icing sugar-white beaches and the smooth turquoise blue Caribbean whilst on the other side the surf of the Atlantic with countless sandy bays and dramatic rocky reefs come rising out of a rolling ocean.As you may expect by the name, this Island is 80 miles from tip to toe and at its widest only 4 miles from Caribbean shore to Atlantic coast-line.Originally called by the Arawak name 'Yuma,' Long Island was rechristened 'Fernandina' by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World in 1492 describing the island as the most beautiful he had ever seen.Stella Maris

  • The Existing Development

    On the 20th December 2005 RUFO Investments Ltd agreed to purchase:

    Stella Maris - An existing development of mainly holiday homes and building plotsStella Quays 950 acres of undeveloped land *Stella Maris Marina mainly commercial Stella Maris International Airport serviced twice daily by Bahamasair flights

  • The Proposed Development

    In the next 18 months RUFO intends obtaining planning permission on the 950 acres for:

    An International Leisure Marina with Residential Plots and Adjacent DockageChampionship Golf CourseSpa & Hotel ComplexResidential DevelopmentResidential Golf Course Housing and CondosCommercial Development

  • What RUFO are offering to the individual at the moment is the opportunity to get involved at the ground floor level in this spectacular real estate development

  • How To Get Involved


    300 Building plots of development land are available which have the equivalent of outline planning permission and are serviced and these will be offered for sale in phases over the next 18 months increasing in price the closer we get to having the planning in place for Stella Quays

    We have projected that overall we shall sell these plots at around two thirds of the figure we expect them to be worth once the permissions are in place

  • The Downside

    If we dont get the permissions for Stella Quays:You would have a plot of land on a beautiful Bahamian Island fully serviced and ready to build onBeaches are a short walk awayThe local language is EnglishThe Island is virtually crime freeThere is a massive potential for holiday rental income (mainly from the USA)If this is too risky for you then were sorry for wasting your time

  • So Whats The Catch?

    The few people that we have discussed the opportunity with have almost invariably asked as to why were offering such opportunities at all as it seems too good to be true. So let us explain.

    We believe that those who invest in an embryonic stage of a development should expect to be rewarded accordingly

    We will ultimately be more profitable by offering strong incentives to early bird investors

    This way we will be able to retain a higher percentage of Stella Quays development than would be the case if we did not do so

    Most of the revenue that is generated from these early sales goes to reduce the amount we have to pay for the remaining land on completion

    These sales reduce the amount of external investment or borrowing we shall require and therefore increase the amount of equity we are able to retain

  • Comparables ValuesIn order to show value for money we have looked at similar developments on neighbouring islands and compared them to the plots we will have available in the MarinaWe have compared our development to both Emerald Bay and February Point which are on Grand Exuma which is one of the closest islands www.emeraldbay.com www.februarypoint.com they both have marina developments which give us a direct comparisonAs you can see our price projections are very reasonable

  • The Potential Gains

    As we are selling (on average) at just below 67% of what we expect them to be worth when the Stella Quays permissions are granted the potential gains are staggering

    We are only projecting values to the point of planning being granted for Stella Quays, not to when the scheme is developed out. Once the development is completed then how much will a quarter of an acre plot with the Championship Golf course and International Marina on the doorstep be worth? We dont know, but would speculate a lot, lot more than $100,000

    The present exchange rate of the pound to the dollar makes it a very attractive time to invest in dollar denominated property

    There is no income tax or capital gains tax in the Bahamas and if you build a house on your plot you qualify to apply for a tax free residency

  • Holiday Rental PotentialSo what if you decide to build on your plot? What are the chances of holiday rental income?

    The Bahamas has a 10 month holiday season

    The Americans holiday in the Bahamas as the British do in the Canary Islands

    The villas (apartments) at Cape Santa Maria (5 miles North) rent for over $400 per night

    Many of the plots we have for sale are suitable for similar developments like that at Cape Santa Maria ie; a building of four two bedroom apartments

    The plots that are suitable for a similar development to the apartments at Cape Santa Maria start from $68,000 and the apartments in the development are for sale at the moment as investment properties starting from $670,000 though it has to be pointed out that these are really nice apartments finished to a very high standard it doesnt take a property developer to work out the potential profits in this type of deal


  • The Final Offer To Early Investors

    When ,(technically if) we are granted permissions for Stella Quays there will be a 60 day period during which reservations for property in Stella Quays will only be accepted from those who have bought from us in Stella Maris

    You will be offered a Stella Quays property (Marina with adjacent dockage, golf course etc.) at a special pre-release price which will never be available to the general public

    You will be offered the opportunity to part exchange your Stella Maris plot against a Stella Quays property at a minimum of 125% of the price you paid for it

    Anyone who has bought in Stella Maris but doesnt want a property in Stella Quays will be able to assign to someone else (probably for a considerable sum) the right to reserve a property in Stella Quays at the pre-release price

  • Due Diligence

    Obviously there can be no guarantees, but we truly believe this to be an excellent opportunity.

    How many times have we, all of us, looked at property where there has been tremendous growth and regretted not having the foresight or inside knowledge to have predicted the growth before it was too late?

    This time you have that knowledge.

    Take a look around for yourself, we dont think youll find a better offer.

    Do your own research though and were sure that youll be as impressed as we are.

    For more information contact lynda.smith@rufoinvest.com

  • We look forward to seeing youIn Long Island


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