Long Distance Relationships Advice For Men

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  • 1. Long Distance Relationships Advice For MenLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgSharon asksLong distance relationships want some advice from fellow LDRpeople ?Yes! after all the things I have said about online dating I went and actually fell in LOVE with aman I met through a community website for a hobby we both share..I am one of the lucky ones! we only live about 300 miles away from each other and he works foran airline so he can fly me over pretty cheaplyHe is older than myself (I am 26, he is 35) this is my first relationship in a few years, my firstever LDR, and my first relationship with an older man..so many firsts!We have problems just like any relationship he works A LOT and I get lonely when I cant talkto him that long on the phone Im trying my best (much better than I thought I would be doing)hes also a jealous guy so Im trying my best to reassure him of my love for him and myresolution of being his and only his.. Hes had some very bumpy relationships so Im sure hesjust nervous.Is there any tips or advice any LDR couples can give me? Hes already brought up movingbecause he made it clear with his job he could possibly move over seas to Japan or Californiaand hes not moving to my city.. which I whole heartily told him I would move wherever he went!even though I dont think he believed me.. hehe he seems so excited to talk about things suchas.. like today he asked me what kind of cat I would want when were together and he talksabout kids and I in return talk about having a backyard with a garden and we discuss what typesof vegetable lolIt really feels surreal or like were little kids.. Is this normal? or is it just maybe we are just happyto find someone who feels the same way, understands feelings and can relate to pains.We both lost our mothers in 09 and we both were taking care of them for a few years as well, 1/6
  • 2. we have similar upbringings and our ancestry is almost identical lolare there any online communities for couples in LDR? a place where we dont get judged.. Imhappy my dad is somewhat coming around but I dont know about his family.Thanks!Blissful Relationship answers:I also thought online relationships wouldnt go anywhere. Or long distances ones. But I met myfiance online like you did and everything with him has been surreal. He lived In Turkey and Ilived in Kansas, so visiting was difficult. I can say that long distance relationships take strongpeople and they take trust. Online relationships take honesty. As long as you both have beenhonest with each other, I know it can work out. He and I were apart for 16 months. We talkedonline or on the phone for hours every day. Now, I graduated from college and moved in withhim while he finishes his last year of school. Everything is great. I am so in love. Being apartwas difficult, I guess communication is the keybut your boyfriend works a lot so maybe hecant talk as long. I felt lonely when we were apart, I mainly dealt with it by writing him sweetmessages, or just going out and hanging out with my friends. Good luck. It will be difficult, butworth it if you love him!!!!!Lizzie asksLong distance relationships need advice PLEASE?Ok so im in a long distance relationship he lives in texas and i live in cali i have a son who is 8months and we planned on me moving there once i was done with school i recently brought it 2/6
  • 3. up to my mom who flipped about it and made me guilty and told me not to uproot my son and dowhats best for him but i truly love this man and want it to work with him so what do i do? do imove to be with the one i want to marry or do i do as my mom wants and keep my son where hehas lived for 8 monthsBlissful Relationship answers:You should definitely move to Texas. Im not sure if your mom is actually that concerned foryour son.. Maybe she just doesnt want YOU and her grandchild to move so far away from her.But its your life and you have every right to move to your boyfriends state. I dont knowanything about baby psychology, but I doubt the move will affect your baby that much. Likeothers have said, hes very young, he probably wont even remember.Sandy asksAdvice on long distance relationships?me and my boyfriend are about to be apart for 2 years and well still be able to see each otherbut not as much .. what are some ways that i can do to stay with the man i truly and honestlywant to spend eternity with? 3/6
  • 4. Blissful Relationship answers:Patience.Carol asksLong-distance relationship advice?I have been in a relationship with a wonderful man for three months now. We worked insummer stock (theatre) together and were very close friends for almost two months before weeven started dating. Now that I am back at school and he is looking for work as an actor, we arelong-distance.When I am with him, I feel positively on top of the world and know that he loves and cares forme very much. When I am not, however, my mind tends to wander. I often wonder does hemiss me as much as I miss him? Does he love me as much as I miss him? He, like most guys,is not one for showing much emotion. Are these concerns that you have ever felt in yourrelationship? Are they normal? Like I say, they are fleeting and not on my mind all the time butwhen they are I work myself into quite a state of anxiety.Any thoughts??Blissful Relationship answers: 4/6
  • 5. My husband and I dated long distance all through college..49 years and 9 mo later we are stillhappily married..so if it is ment to be it will be..to be in love you must trust..Linda asksLong Distance Relationship Advice?There is this guy named Ryan.Weve known each other since we were five, but parted ways in middle school because wewent to different schools.Well, we ran into each other this past November, and then bonded when my car died and hegave me rides to and from work for about two solid weeks. He asked me to be his girlfriend onDecember 28th and things couldnt be going better. He is literally my other half.. We arefreakishly alike, and he and I dont only get along well, we are like two halves of the samewhole. Yes, I realize that I sound like every other love-stricken teenager (I dont know if I lovehim yet, we havent said it, but MAN I like him a lot!) but bare with me here.Anyways, so to the need-advice section of this. He is going away to Florida in the fall for a yearof school, and while I am excited for him and have no fear of him cheating on me, I would likesome advice. I have never participated in a long-distance relationship before, and am the typeof person that needs lots of physical reassurance in a relationship (hugs, kisses, etc) in additionto verbal. We plan on staying together for the year despite the distance, because it is only fora year and well see each other on breaks, not to mention me going down and seeing him asoften as possible.Anyways, for those of you who have been in a similar situation (and hopefully made it out,relationship intact!) what advice would you give for the temporary separation to seem less long?Thanks for your help, 5/6
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