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<ul><li> 1. Long Distance Relationship Ideas 100LH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgRuth askshow to keep our long distance relationship going?how to keep our long distance relationship going?hi so me and my long term boyfriend live in different countries while we are at university, wehave dated since 15 so are a serious relationship and we have 100% trust and loyalty etc. wewere together over christmas and ill see him next in july but everyday we talk on the phoneand skype etcrecently its feeling like were drying up a bit, we have had so many silly fights which wehardly ever used to have before and were just not being as we used toi wanna make him happy but i dont know how to spice up our relationship whilst being theother side of the world, we both have agreed we want to make this work and distance hasnever usually been a problem so does any one have any ideas on how we can get back to howwe used to be? i dont want to leave him for some guy here, i love my boyfriend and he loves mebut we just need to work situations outany advice? thanksBlissful Relationship answers: 1/6 </li> <li> 2. You can have cyber sex via Skype. As you say that you have long time relationship that it willspice up your relationship. I do that with my girlfriend that she lives away. I am in the UK andshe is in Greece.Sandy asksvalentines day idea for a long distance relationship couple?Well, im engaged to this great guy who is in his last year at college, but is away from me. Thereis no way i can see him on feb 14 as he is 5 hours away from me and i have class to attend asdoes he. I also am not even a 100% sure that he will be here on the weekend afterwards. Butsince this is our first valentines day together i want to do something for him, or at leastsomehow tell him i did something for him and that he will get it next time i see him. I rememberour first valentines day together dating he made me a jewerly chest, as he is good with woodworking. Im just want to do something like that, but with a not so strict budget.Can someone help with ideas?Blissful Relationship answers:I think you should write him a really long letter about everything and anything and just tell himhow much you care. 2/6 </li> <li> 3. Carol asksPresent for long distance relationship?I want to start working on a present to give my bf. We are in a long distance relationship and Iwant my present to show him I have been thinking about him since he left. I was thinking offilling a notebook with doodles and cute notes- since a notebook has 100-120 pages I feel itdbe obvious that a lot of effort went into filling the pages, but I doubt he would actually WANT toread 100+ pages of me rambling about how much I miss him (I know I wouldnt). So do youhave any alternative ideas?- Also we havent been together long (2 months so far), I dont want to seem creepy orobsessive.Thank you for your help! It is much appreciated =)Blissful Relationship answers:Thats actually pretty cute. Dont make it all about missing him, though, just a collection of littledrawings and how youre doing and stuff. If hes a good guy he will like that.Or you could find an awesome present that goes with something hes into. You can find loadsof stuff on Amazon.Or put together a gift basket.Anyway, that idea was pretty darn creative. Youre bound to come up with somethingawesome!Best of luck~ 3/6 </li> <li> 4. Jenny asksHow do I initiate a long distance relationship?I have been talking with this person for almost a month now. We chat via messenger daily. Weshare a common online gaming hobby which we enjoy playing together often. When either of usgoes out; we exchange texts throughout the day. Every night for the past week we have hadhour-long talks on the telephone before bed.I am not 100% certain I wish to begin a committed long distance relationship; however, Iwould like to tell them how I feel about them (I certainly have a bit of a crush) and ask them ifthey would be interested in pursuing things in a serious manner. Problem is I have no ideahow to even begin such a conversation.We are both adults and live several states away from each other.Blissful Relationship answers:You just answered it yourself: I am interested in pursuing a serious long distant relationshipand see where it takes us 4/6 </li> <li> 5. Susan asksDoes anyone have any tips/advice to make my long-distancerelationship work?My girlfriend of almost 3 years (November 4th) have been struggling at the beginning of a longdistance relationship. Until a few weeks ago we have spent all of our time together and wehave slept in the same bed for the past two years every night. I recently moved to the East costfor graduate school and she is still finishing up school in the Midwest (3 more semesters). Mymasters program takes 2 years (4 semesters) and we are struggling getting used to the idea ofbeing apart. I have told her that I am willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationshipwork and I have tried to figure out what the relationship will look like over the next few years.This has overwhelmed her so Ive decided to give her sometime but the fear of the unknown isthe scariest thing in the world for me. Im severely homesick and having a hard time adjustingto this new chapter of my life. We are each others best friends and we love each other verymuch. At times I feel extremely optimistic that this could work. Other times I just cant imagine itworking out. I want more than anything to keep the relationship going but sometimes Im notsure if she feels the same way. I understand that in order for this to work we both need to havethe same level of trust and honesty with each other. She seems slightly more distant lately butsays that she wants to try out the long distance relationship. The uncertainty of everythinghas me going nearly mad and I cant concentrate on anything else but our relationship. It is avery special relationship and the past three years have been almost 100% problem free. Hasanyone been in a similar situation or have any advice?Blissful Relationship answers:Do yourself a favor and ignore anyone who tells you that something just cant work. You canprove it to them otherwise.You said it yourself, the relationship youve had with your girlfriend is a special one and yourean optimist about it. The reason shes distancing herself is that shes likely just as scared as 5/6 </li> <li> 6. you are about the chances of separating, but if you keep in contact with her through emails, calls, or letter exchanges it will keep the both of you talking to each other and thinking more about one another. Youre not stuck apart forever, youre only finishing graduate school. Ever heard of John and Abigail Adams? Several times he spent months away from home in Philadelphia, serving the Congress. He also was in France for seven years while Abigail was at home in Massachusetts at a time where there was no such things as phones or computers and letters took very long to send. But through the hardships, they stayed married until a ripe old age and their love life was known as one of the sweetest, but difficult, friendly romances. She was his dearest friend, like you described your girlfriend, even when they were far apart. I wish you the best. Powered by Yahoo! Answers LH Surge and Ovulation http://LHSurge.net Long Distance Relationship Ideas 100 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) </li> </ul>


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