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living the glamorous life - · PDF file living the glamorous life 1. living the glamorous life 2. 3 Introduction 4 ... of bacteria, or employees who care more about selling you products

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  • living the glamorous life


  • living the glamorous life


  • living the glamorous life


    Introduction 4

    Jade Roller 5

    How to Know if Your Jade Roller is Real 5

    Jade Roller Benefits 5

    How to Use a Jade Roller 6

    Special Tips 6

    Cleaning a Jade Roller 6

    Gua Sha 7

    Gua Sha Benefits 7

    How to Use a Gua Sha Tool 7

    Special Tips 8

    How to Clean your Gua Sha Tool 8

    General Skincare and Beauty Tips 8

    Conclusion and Thank You 10


  • living the glamorous life



    W elcome to our informative guide on how to gain beautiful, radiant skin in one week. It was written because we believe that healthy skin is one

    of the best ways we can help you live the life you have always wanted live. Going to the spa can be a relaxing and therapeutic experience, but that is assuming you do not come across the many problems that can happen there. These include rude employees, inconsistent quality, the spread of bacteria, or employees who care more about selling you products than giving you the service you deserve.

    Not to mention all of the day spas that have turned into “facial factories” where employees try to get you out the door as fast as possible so that they can treat the next client. It’s also very expensive, even though your treatment may last less than an hour.

    Using our Glam Genius Jade Roller Kit will provide a spa like experience without the stress, high cost, or health risks.

    This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know about jade rolling and performing a gua sha massage to gain a stunning complexion. Once you’ve read our guide, you’ll discover the correct procedure for using a jade roller and gua sha massage tool in your own home, and you’ll learn how to clean and care for your tools. The guide will also provide additional skincare tips to maintain your new complexion.

    Why settle for bad skin when you can improve your complexion in the comfort of your own home? Avoid the latest beauty fads and create a routine that really works! The power of jade rolling and gua sha will give you the clear skin and confidence you’ve always craved!

  • living the glamorous life


    Jade Roller Jade rolling is a process that’s been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. A jade roller is made from cold jade stones. Traditionally, jade was used by Chinese royalty as it was said to maintain good spirits. During jade rolling, the tool is moved over the face to eliminate negative energy and balance your ‘chi’ – the vital energy that runs throughout your body.

    Recently, jade rollers have become popular in many Western countries. Stagnant lymph (i.e. a colorless fluid circulating through the lymphatic system) causes puffiness in the face. Fluid retention (puffiness) is the result of inflammation in the body, too much salt, or a lack of movement. Jade rollers help to drain this fluid and promote a healthy complexion.

    The jade used in our Glam Genius Jade Roller Kit is manufactured from Xiuyan Jade, a classic Chinese jade containing tremolite and actinolite minerals. Xiuyan Jade is tough wearing, difficult to damage, and made without using chemicals or dyes. This form of jade is also said to have healing properties, including relieving tension.

    How to Know if Your Jade Roller is Real It is important to use real jade as this is what delivers optimal benefits to your skin. Real jade has a high density, meaning it will feel heavier than fake jade. It also feels cool to touch, even in a warm environment. Real jade also naturally comes in varying colors: lavender, red, white, yellow, black, and green. Jade green is the most traditional color. Fake jade often uses chemicals and dyes to get its color. Also, it will often contain air bubbles and can be easily scratched.

    Jade Rolling Benefits Jade rolling presents an abundance of benefits for your skin.

    • Helps to alleviate lymphatic fluid around your eyes and cheeks to alleviate puffiness.

    • Eliminates toxins from the skin.

    • Enhances the absorption of your skincare products.

    • Helps to minimize and close pores.

    • Tones your facial muscles.

    • Increases circulation by massaging your face – helping to promote anti-aging, clear skin, and a fresh appearance.

    • If you use a jade roller regularly, you’ll find your complexion is brighter, with a youthful appearance.

  • living the glamorous life


    How to Use a Jade Roller 1. Apply your regular cleanser with your hands or

    a silicone brush. Rinse off thoroughly.

    2. Use an exfoliator to eliminate dead skin cells from your face.

    3. Follow with your regular toner, serum and moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply an eye cream around the eye area.

    4. Once you’ve completed your skincare routine, it’s time to use your jade roller.

    5. Begin by rolling the larger side of the jade roller from the chin upward to just below the ear.

    6. Next, roll from the corner of your nose, upwards to the ears.

    7. Using the small end of the jade roller, roll from the inner corner of your eye, outwards towards your temple.

    8. Use the large end of the roller to roll over your eyebrows to your temple.

    9. Roll up from the eyebrows to your hairline, moving across the forehead in an upwards direction.

    10. Complete the process by rolling from the center of your forehead, horizontally to your temples.

    Special Tips 1. Perform each step involving the jade roller 3-5


    2. The overall process should take around 5-10 minutes and can be undertaken in the morning or evening. For optimal results, use jade rolling in your routine at least 3 times per week.

    3. Your jade roller should be rolled in an upward and outward motion.

    4. Your favorite serum or moisturizer can be applied directly to the jade roller, if you prefer.

    5. Store your jade roller in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before using to have an extra refreshing feeling when the jade stone touches your skin.

    6. The big roller is meant to massage your nose, lips, chin, forehead, and cheek while the small roller massages around the eyes

    Cleaning a Jade Roller Gently clean your jade roller using a wet cloth. Be mindful not to submerge the jade roller in water. Pat dry with a soft towel to prevent rusting of the metal, and store in a dry place.

  • living the glamorous life


    Gua Sha Gua Sha is a Chinese practice, traditionally used on the body to treat muscle pain, muscle tension, and a blockage of energy. When gua sha is performed, the heat from the process rises to the top of the skin, releasing the blocked energy. Like jade rolling, gua sha is also practiced to facilitate lymphatic drainage which clears the system of this fluid. This result is noticeably clearer skin.

    Gua sha is typically used with a small jade stone ‘board’ which is firmly scraped over your skin to drain puffiness. The scraping of the board on the body leaves a raw, red ‘rash’ which normally has a sand like texture. However, facial gua sha is much gentler than when the procedure is used on the body so there is no need to worry. Performing gua sha will help tone, lift, and smoothen your skin. It is often called the Eastern Botox (or Eastern Facelift).

    Gua Sha Benefits The practice of gua sha has a wide range of benefits:

    • Increases blood flow and circulation to eliminate toxins.

    • Firms sagging facial muscles.

    • Smoothens the skin and reduces wrinkles.

    How to Use a Gua Sha Tool 1. To help your gua sha board run smoothly

    across your skin, apply a few drops of your preferred facial oil over your face and neck.

    2. Use the gua sha tool on clean skin. Begin the massage on the right side of your face.

    3. Use the tool at a 15-degree angle, with gentle but firm pressure. From the outer jaw, sweep the tool downwards to just above the right collarbone.

    4. Next, sweep the tool from under the chin (at the back, near the neck) to the bottom of your ear.

    5. Under the chin (where your mouth lies), sweep the tool out to your earlobe.

    6. Next, use your gua sha tool from the corner of your nose, horizontally to the middle of your ear.

    7. Sweep the tool gently under your eyes, outwards to your temple and hairline.

    8. Sweep the tool from the brow bone to your temple.

    9. Use the tool and stroke upwards and horizontally from the center of your forehead to your hairline.

    10. At the center of your forehead, move the gua sha tool down, around the hairline, over your temple, behind the ear, down the side of your neck to just above your collarbone.

    11. Now repeat this whole process on the left side of your face.

    • Reduces skin discoloration.

    • Depuffs the skin and slims the face.

    • Relaxes muscle tension in the face.

    • Rejuvenates skin cells.

  • living the glamorous life


    Special Tips 1. Perform each step involving the gua sha

    tool 5 times.

    2. This whole process should take about 5 minutes. Gua sha can be used morning or evening and should be undertaken at least 3 tim

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