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Living Life to the Fullest

Living life to the fullest

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1. Living Life to the Fullest 2. Every people have their owndream of having all the best thingsthat life can offer. 3. A big house 4. A stable job.. 5. An expensive car.. 6. A travel around the world... 7. And lots of money to buy things that theyve wanted.. 8. But, are these material thingsreally make us happy?For me, having a happy life is like this 9. Firstisbeingwith yourlovedones,likefriendsandfamilywhosealwaysthereto support,lovedyou,andembracedyourweaknesses. 10. Second give you peace of Contentment will is being contented on what you mind. Letare and what you have inand things happened everyday the present.practice emptying your mind daily 11. Andthemostimportantthingis, workingwithGOD eachand everydayofyourlife. 12. Rememberthatallthingsare possiblewithGOD.. 13. Solivelifetothefullest!Freeyourselffromworries,be contentedand Live with words of GOD.. 14. Thankyoufor Watching..