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  • Promotional Communications LLC

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    Copyright 2013 - Confidential

    White Paper on Delivering UX in Hostile Environments

    Controlling the Mobile Cloud at Live Events

    'A Week in New York City brought to you by the MassCloud '

    Having solved the problem of why your smartphone doesn't work when surrounded by 10,000 of your

    new best friends at an event, the MassCloud during the week of 21st to the 28th of September

    managed for the first time ever to light up Times Square and Central Park for two Iconic events in new,

    innovative, and unique ways!

    The MassCloud is a mobile hardware/software platform that brings the power of the Cloud straight to

    locations where the density of people crashes traditional networks and access to the Cloud. With Patent

    Pending processes, this allows for the delivery of UX (User eXperience) to mobile devices in any

    situation, anywhere, anytime!

    With current roll-outs in public transport, retail, and emergency services, let us go back to the Event

    Sector and this Iconic week in New York.

    Thursday, September 24th, Why Epson built a Swim Tank in Times SQ?:

    To launch one of Epson's revolutionary Liquid Ink Printers, a swim tank with the US Olympic

    Synchronized swim team, 14 Epson printers in an All-You-Can-Print tent, a VIP tent, a Step and Repeat

    Wall, and the MassCloud were installed on Time Square overnight.

    To complement the physical Experiential Launch, for the first time ever, Times Sq was layered with 6

    private networks from the MassCloud , allowing Epson to accomplish 6 mission critical goals in a very

    hostile environment with no need for fixed line internet!

    1. A Periscope network allowing live video upload to YouTube channels

    2. An 'All-you-can-print' network allowing anyone in Times Sq to print from Epson Printers

    3. A Secure network for the Outside Broadcast Video Truck

    4. A secure network for the Photographer to take photos at the Step and Repeat wall and print to


    5. A Secure network for 10 Ipads held by brand ambassadors to roam Times SQ, take photos of the

    public, and wirelessly print back to the tents, as well as allow people to buy printers from the Staples


    6. And don't forget the VIP's - they had a network to do what they wanted on!

  • Promotional Communications LLC

    650 Halstead Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543 USA

    T: (914) 381-1632 | W: |

    Copyright 2013 - Confidential

    Saturday, September 27th, Global Citizen Concert, Central Park:

    Coldplay, Michelle Obama, VP Biden, Ed Sheeran, and Beyonce all participated in this Global Event

    focused on the Great Lawn, Central Park. 100 UN delegates were attending, the Pope had passed

    through on Friday, and one of our pieces of hardware could not be mounted because of a Secret Service

    Sniper Tower that had been erected last minute......

    For the first time ever, a full Public Wifi network was installed for 65,000 fans with over 10,500 fans

    online at the same place at the same time using Social Media to its full effect and trying to change the


    1. Full Gated wifi with full records of all participants:

    A. First name, last name

    B. Age

    C. Zip Code

    D. Mobile phone number

    2. Promotion of Global Citizen App

    3. Support of the Square Credit Card Processing for Vendors

    4. All fans had a 20mb/s up/down unlimited internet experience with full access to Social Media

    5. Advanced apps like Periscope/Meerkat/Ustream used by audience

    The traffic was enormous, with everyone enjoying a great UX and a long list of data-captures handed

    over to the organisers. A true Win-Win-Win - powered by MassCloud .

    This has been repeated over and over again, from the Garth Brooks tour to the Firefly (Dover) festival

    where the MassCloud powered 90,000 people/day and even surviced Tropical Storm Bill, keeping

    people connected and informed via the Firelfy App and Website during the entire evacuation of the site.

  • Promotional Communications LLC

    650 Halstead Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543 USA

    T: (914) 381-1632 | W: |

    Copyright 2013 - Confidential

    MassCloud Explosion

    Content is Exploding - Ultra4K video, live streams, Periscope, more devices, bigger files - how is all this

    going to get delivered across Cellular networks that are currently getting annihilated when 5,000 people

    or more show up somewhere? And there is no short term or long term solution from the networks or

    anyone else for the distribution of this Content Explosion - hence the MassCloud

    The MassCloud is leading the charge into this exciting new industry of massive personal content

    consumption and the delivery of this content in order to monetise mobile devices when they are in a

    captive audience, like an event, public transport, or a retail environment.

    The Cloud, as the repository of most of this content, is a wonderful thing, but in certain circumstances,

    due to density, lack of infrastructure, or even disaster, there is no/not enough internet access to the

    Cloud, and the Cloud loses all its' relevance. This is where the MassCloud steps in, bringing the Cloud

    to the locations to remove the need for internet! Or when internet is available to optimise/maximise its

    use and create multiplier effects on the bandwidth.

    MassCloud Growth

    We are currently finalising manufacturing and distribution relationships for India, the world's largest

    mobile market with a severe lack of internet.

    We are currently launching a Subway Series Content Channel with Universal/Interscope Music on the

    NYC Subway to an audience of 5,000,000 daily, expanding the DC and Boston Metros.

    We have managed multiple Iconic Events ranging from Sundance to Big Barrel Country Music, with

    crowds as small as 250 and as large as 90,000 all benefitting from the MassCloud experience.

    With both the industry exploding ($30bn wifi market by 2020 + $80bn Cloud market by 2020) and the

    MassCloud hitting the market, this is the ideal time to get a piece of the action through partnering

    with Promotional Communications.

    Please ask for the case studies for all these events to understand the true power of the MassCloud

    and the global impact that we plan on having!


    Dan Seidman

    Partner/Business Development Officer