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Literacy ProjectCivicore Database

Volunteer Hours Input Training


PASSWORD: We can track your hours more accurately for use in grant applications You can input notes and comments that we can read when we approve your time If you need a substitute tutor for an extended period of time, the sub can see what you have been working on with your student More anecdotal records to use in promotional events and materials We can use it as a reminder system for youWhy do I have to use the database?

Civicore DatabaseGo To:

When you load the website, your page should look like this. Go to Click here next to the Are you a volunteer looking to enter hours?

You will prompted for a username and password on the next page. Your username will be the email address we have on record for you.Your password will be chosen now, and we will input it into the database. Anyone who does not give us a password will be assigned a default. Once you have accurately entered your username and password, the database will bring up your current student (s). Check to make sure these are your current student(s)! If the information is accurate, proceed by clicking on Add Time.

Enter Session Date by using the calendar feature.Choose the Session Type by using the pull down menu- your choices are In Person, Phone or Email.Click on the topic(s) you covered in your session.

Entering Hours123(Continued)4. Enter the amount of hours- use a decimal for half-hours, or round up.5. Feel free to leave any comments or notes on your progress in the Comments section.6. Click on Submit when you are finished.

465Once you click Submit, you will be brought back to your main tutor screen. You can view all of your session history by clicking on View under View History Be sure to logout in the upper right hand corner!


Finishing Up


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