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Lily H. - Nellie Bly

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MCDS 2nd Grade Changemakers

Text of Lily H. - Nellie Bly

  • Lily HansonPine ClassMay 2010

  • Nellie Bly was born On the 5th of May 1864. her parents named her elizabeth jane cochran.

  • She lived in Cochran Mills, Pennsylvania. the people of cochrans mills had renamed the town for her father years before. michael cochran, her father, owned a store and a mill and had served as a judge.

  • A terrible thing happend one day when nellie was six Her father died. All of the Sudden THE COCHRAns where poor and they had to move to a tiny house .

  • Nellie missed her father. the family was poorer then ever. nellie decided to train to be a teacher. But she didn't have enough money to finihsh the training.

  • She needed to get a job. Women could be teachers or factory workers. for a few years she was a tutor and a nanny and she helped her mother take care of the family.

  • One day she read a newspaper article that made her mad! She wrote a letter signed "Little Orphan Girl". The newspaper asked her to write two articles for them. People loved her writing! To help her family, in 1888 she decided to go around the world faster Then anyone had ever had. she did it in 73 days writing a book as she went.

  • I learned that she went around the world in just

    73 days.

    This Person is a changemaker because:

    1. She tried to show that women where jUst as GooD AS

    men.2.She Took A Big Risk Doing it. 3. she faced Alot of Storms

    And sickniss.

    She is connected to phileas frogg who

    also went around the world really fast.

    Author Talk

  • nellie bly by shannon knudsen.

    learn about nellie

  • someone who takes a risk And Fights peacefully.

    A State.

    when people work for a living.

    Someone who works for the newspaper.

  • nellie bly was born in cochran mills pennsylvania.