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lifestyle health happiness Issue 1 | 2019 - Passport ... its fullest? If you wear eyeglasses, get a checkup to enjoy all of the pink, red, green, yellow and blue colors spring has

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Text of lifestyle health happiness Issue 1 | 2019 - Passport ... its fullest? If you wear eyeglasses, get a...

  • lifestyle • health • happiness Issue 1 | 2019


  • Passport Advantage (HMO SNP) • Sunflower Issue 1 | 2 0191

    Welcome to the Passport Advantage Newsletter

    Letter from the Editor

    Hello Members,

    Did you know Passport Advantage benefits can help you enjoy spring to its fullest? If you wear eyeglasses, get a checkup to enjoy all of the pink, red, green, yellow and blue colors spring has to offer. It wouldn’t be springtime without being able to see the onset of spring blooms before they bud!

    Another Passport Advantage benefit that will help you enjoy spring is getting or upgrading your hearing aids. Don’t miss out on the chirps of morning birds, the calls of geese returning home, the buzz of arriving bees, the raindrops of light April showers and so much more.

    There is also a $40 monthly allowance for over-the-counter items. Use this to get your allergy medication or sleep aids if you have trouble falling asleep when Daylight Savings time begins.

    Thank you for being a Passport Advantage member and get ready to enjoy spring!

    All the best,

    Mike McCook Passport Advantage

    How to Get the Most from Your Annual Doctor Visit You should visit your primary care physician (PCP) once a year to check your health, and spring is a great time to do that.

    Your health is very important to Passport, and we want to make sure you get the most from your PCP visit. The next time you see your doctor, remember to schedule and complete the following screenings:

    • Breast and colorectal cancer

    • Blood pressure

    • Body mass index

    These may seem like minor disruptions to your daily life, but they’re important to your health. As you complete these screenings think of ways to reward yourself. Then they may turn into something to look forward to.

  • 2Passport Advantage (HMO SNP) • Sunflower Issue 1 | 2 019

    Healthcare Reminders

    Every year it’s important to get a diabetes health exam. During your appointment, your doctor will measure your HbA1c levels and discuss ways to control it. He or she will also do a nephropathy and blood pressure screening.

    Remember, diabetes can affect your eye health. That’s why you’ll need to schedule a dilated retinal exam with your eye doctor. Be sure to do all of these things to help keep your diabetes in check.

    Diabetes and YOUR HEALTH

  • Passport Advantage (HMO SNP) • Sunflower Issue 1 | 2 0193

    11. How often do you see your provider?

    ❏❏None❏❏Once a year (annually)

    ❏❏ Twice a year (every 6 months)

    ❏❏ Four times a year (quarterly)

    ❏❏ I do not know 12. How is your overall state of health?

    ❏❏ Excellent❏ ❏Good❏❏ Fair ❏❏ Poor❏❏ I do not know

    13. How happy are you with your life?

    ❏❏ Very Happy❏ ❏Happy❏❏ Somewhat happy

    ❏❏Not at all happy ❏❏ I do not know

    14. What is your living situation? Do you live…

    ❏❏ Alone❏❏ Friend/Roommate

    ❏❏ Spouse/Family ❏❏Nursing Facility/Assisted Living

    ❏❏Homeless 15. What is the highest level of schooling or

    education have you completed?

    ❏❏ 8th grade or less ❏❏ Some High school, but did not graduate

    ❏❏High school Diploma or GED

    ❏❏ Some college, 2 year degree,

    or a 4 year degree

    ❏❏ Advanced Degree

    16. Do you have a relative, or a friend that takes

    care of you?❏❏ Yes ❑ No

    17. Do you participate in any group activities or go

    to church?❏❏ Yes ❑ No

    18. How often do you get out socially, such as

    church or family visits?

    ❏❏Never❏❏ Sometimes❏ ❏Often❏❏ I do not know

    19. Do you have a Living Will, Advanced Directives,

    or POA/Health care surrogate?

    ❏❏ Living Will❏ ❏ Advanced Directive

    ❏❏ POA/Healthcare Surrogate

    ❏❏ I do not know ❏❏None20. How many medications do you take?

    ❏❏None❏❏ 1 to 3❏❏ 4 to 6❏❏ 7 to 10❏❏More than 10 Medications

    ❏❏ I do not know 21. Do you take all of your medication as

    prescribed?❏❏ Yes ❑❏Most of the time

    ❏❏No ❑ I do not take any medication

    22. How is the health of your mouth and teeth?

    ❏❏ Excellent❏ ❏Good❏❏ Fair ❏❏ Poor❏❏ I do not know

    23. Do you see a dentist regularly?

    ❏❏ Yes ❑No

    24. Do you have problems with your vision?

    ❏❏ Yes ❑ No

    25. Do you wear glasses or use contacts?

    ❏❏ Yes ❑ No

    ❑ Both

    26. Do you have a problem with your hearing?

    ❏❏ Yes ❑ No

    27. Do you wear hearing aids?

    ❏❏ Yes ❑ No

    28. Have you been to the emergency room

    in the last 6 months? ❏❏ Yes

    ❑ No 29. How many times have you been to the

    emergency room? ❏❏ 0 to 2 times ❏❏ 3 to 4❏❏ 5 or more times2


    1. What is your gender? ❏❏Male ❑ Female2. What is your weight? pounds (lbs).

    If weight is unknown, please document

    reason in the comment box below. 3. What is your height (in inches)? inches (in). 4ft = 48 in 5ft = 60 in 6ft = 72 in

    If height is unknown, please document

    reason in the comment box below. 4. What is your race? ❏❏White/Caucasian ❑ Black or African American

    ❏❏ Latin or Hispanic ❑ Asian ❏❏Other (Please specify in the comment box below)

    5. What language do you mainly speak?

    ❏❏ English ❑ Spanish ❏❏ Russian ❑❏Chinese/Vietnamese

    ❏❏Other (Please specify in the comment box below)

    6. What is your current marital status? ❏❏ Single ❑ Married ❏❏Divorced ❑ Separated ❏❏Other (Please specify in the comment box below)

    7. What is your household income level?

    ❏❏ Less than $25,000❏❏ Between $25,000 and $50,000 ❏❏ Between $50,000 and $100,000

    ❏❏More than $100,000❏ ❏ Prefer not to answer8. Do you have a Primary Care Provider

    (like a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or

    Physician’s Assistant)?❏❏ Yes ❑ No9. Do you see any specialist providers?

    ❏❏ Yes ❑ No10. What kind of specialist provider do you see?

    ❏❏Heart Doctor❏❏ Breathing or Lung Doctor ❏❏Diabetes Doctor❏❏ Stomach Doctor❏❏ (Please specify in the comment box below)

    Your Health Appraisal

    First Name Home Phone (Please Print)

    ❑ I do not have a home phone

    Answer each question by marking the box with blue or black ink to the left of your answer. Like this ❑.

    Please note that a copy of this information will be shared with your Health Insurance Plan in order to

    make sure that you are offered all of the programs that can support you and your health. In addition, this

    information may be given to your doctor so that you and your doctor can develop a plan of care that meets

    your needs. You have the right to decline completion and your participation in no way affects your access to

    care or health plan benefits.

    Last Name Cell Phone (Please Print)

    ❑ I do not have a cell phone

    Email Address (Please Print)❑ I do not have an email address


    Please continue on the next page.


    Healthcare Reminders

    Evaluating Your Health If you haven’t done so, fill out your Health Assessment Form included with your new Member Packet and mail it back to us in the provided postage paid envelope. It will help us better serve you with improved benefits and special programs. Completing this form only takes about five minutes. Your answers are private and won’t affect your benefits. If you’ve lost your form and need a new one, please contact Member Services at 1-844-859-6152 (TTY users please call 711). We can assist you in filling it out over the phone or we can send you a new one.

  • Passport Advantage (HMO SNP) • Sunflower Issue 1 | 2 019 4

    Staying Happy

    Some of us get the winter blues. But whether this season affects you or not, be sure to take steps to make sure your mental health is the best it can be. So what can you do you while it’s still cold out? Here are a few suggestions:

    • Connect with old friends - Is there someone you haven’t heard from in a while? Don’t hesitate to reach out. It could make both of your days.

    • Exercise - As you exercise, not only will your physical health improve, but your mental health will too. Do yoga, go for a swim or take a brisk walk at a fitness center.

    5Ways to Improve Your Mental Health • Pick a new hobby - Is there something you want

    to take on? Now is a great time to start a new (indoor) hobby while it’s still cold out. Pick one that challenges you or one that helps you connect with other people.

    • Play mind games - To keep your brain fit, exercise it. There are plenty of fun and challenging online games to keep you mentally fit.

    • Volunteer – Giving back is good for you. Studies have shown that volunteering helps one feel better. And while you’re helping out you could make new friendships.

  • Passport Advantage (HMO SNP) • Sunflower Issue 1 | 2 0195

    New Hobby Alert

    How to Start a Simple Spring Container Vegetable Garden Gardens don’t have to be big areas that take up half your yard. Consid

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