Life planning All digital literacies ICT literacy Media literacy Digital scholarship Communication & collaboration ICT literacy Digital scholarship Life.

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Life planningAll digital literacies

ICT literacyMedia literacyDigital scholarshipCommunication & collaboration ICT literacy Digital scholarship Life planning

ICT literacyMedia literacyInformation literacyCommunication & collaborationLife planningLearning skills

Communication & collaborationInformation literacyArranging Open DaysStudent application processesManaging assessment processesProducing and updating materials and publicationsMeeting service standards

DPA / FoI requestsServicing committees, groups and boards Participating in departmental and university committeesEngaging with CPD (3 days minimumper annum)Respondingto queries from prospective studentsProviding advice and guidance to studentsDealing with student complaints and issues Monitoring equal opportunities data and practiceMonitoring effectiveness and efficiencyDeveloping new systemsSupporting activities to generate new revenueEmbedding and extending innovations

Briefing colleagues about new UCL policies/ proceduresDeveloping and implementing changes to systems, processes and proceduresImplementing changes to UCL policies and proceduresMaintaining student/staff recordsProducing statistical reportsUsing UCL systems eg PORTICO,VLEMaintenance of resource librariesBudget managementMaintenance of departmental intranet/internet TimetablingDeveloping and implementing new strategies, processes and proceduresAdvice and support tocolleagues using systems and toolsCo-ordinating student induction programmesLine management of teamContributing to knowledge base/TA Handbook

Working as part of wider admin teamLiaison with internal and external examinersLiaison with other unitsLiaison with employersOrganising conferences and eventsJune 2012v.3What do I need toknow?What do I need toknow?The actual learningThe actual learningThe actual learningHow am I going to approachit?How am I going to approach it?What did I learn and howwill I apply it?What did I learn and howwill I apply it?Self assessment against professional behavioursIdentify development methodsProduce PDP

Assess context of role within department, UCL, HEPrioritise professional behavioursCommit and plan time to undertake accreditation programme

Reflection on own approach to digital literacyAnalysis of need for changeReflection on own reaction to changeReview of PDP and experience of accreditation programmeIdentify new/enhanced skills, knowledge, behavioursReflection on impact of learning on own professional practice and on TA knowledge baseIdentify impact of new/enhanced skills, knowledge, behaviours on own efficiency and effectiveness and team/department performance

Maximise broad range of formal and informal development resourcesActively seek feedback from mentor, colleagues and internal and external customersEngage in development activities with othersProvide feedback and peer support to other programme participantsIdentify on-the-job development opportunitiesEngage with unfamiliar development methodsCreate development opportunities


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