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  • New InternationalScholarship Procedures


    First Jazz exams& UK events

    CT ABRSM launched in Hong Kong

    Exam entrieson-line

    Spectrum 2:miniatures for pianists


    The journal of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music May 1999

  • UK UPDATE 3First Jazz ExamsMusic for Youth Regional FestivalsSpecial Visits BulletinJazz QuestionnaireNAME ConferenceNational Jazz Events

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    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 5Malta CourseUK TastersSingapore Year 1UK Award CeremonyCT ABRSM ConferenceHong Kong Launch

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    Setting the StandardsThe Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

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    Earlier this year the Associated Board, along with many otherorganisations working in music education, applauded the UKGovernment for its new initiatives designed to support andexpand the learning of musical instruments. Now that this years

    new central funding has been allocated, it has become apparent

    that the well-being of instrumental music in the UK is still

    ultimately a local issue. Where one local authority has taken the

    opportunity of matching new central funds to expand its music

    services, another has felt relieved of its former obligations and

    withdrawn all its existing funding, sometimes even leaving its

    music service in a weaker position than before. So there is still a

    long way to go on the journey towards equal entitlement for all

    children to learn to play an instrument.

    But any sense of disappointment must be kept in perspective.

    There never was a single panacea and there will always be a

    continuing need for those of us who are convinced of the value of

    music in education to present the case and win the argument.

    We have done so at national level with remarkable success,

    resulting in a new collaboration between Government

    Departments responsible for Education and Culture and in a clear

    articulation that instrumental as well as classroom music is a vital

    part of every childs education. Although Government cannot

    intervene directly in local affairs, it has accepted a responsibility

    for this wider music provision and will certainly want to encourage

    the implementation of the principles to which it has given public

    commitment. Alongside this, teachers and parents now need to

    add their voices in all parts of the country where children are

    being denied this entitlement.

    Richard MorrisChief Executive

  • L I B R E T T O M A Y 1 9 9 9 U K U P D A T E | 3

    Congratulations to Megan Jones,our first Jazz Piano candidate.Megan, 15, took Grade 1 JazzPiano on 18 January and wasawarded a Distinction.

    A musical all-rounder, Meganrecently passed Grade 4 Pianoand Grade 5 Trombone and iscurrently preparing to take Grade5 Theory.

    For both Megan and her pianoteacher, Kathryn England, JazzPiano was a step into theunknown, a real learning experi-ence and eye opener for thembothand enjoyable too.

    So for all those pianists, of anyage, who feel just a bit nervousabout getting started with jazzand improvisation, Megans ownexperience should provide a reas-suring and inspiring example, I had never really tried improvisa-tion before and at first I was a little

    unsure. However, I soon got the ideaand I realised that it was mucheasier than I had expected.

    Already over 550 candidateshave taken Jazz Piano andEnsembles exams this year andour congratulations go out to allthe pioneering teachers andcandidates who have set out onthe great jazz adventure

    First Jazz Exams

    Please note that Tuesday 20 Julywill not be available for UKSpecial Visits.

    Teachers who fulfil the minimumentry of 3 hours may apply for aSpecial Visit on any other day

    Special Visits Bulletin

    Many thanks to the 2,500 peoplewho completed our jazz ques-tionnaire. The winners, who wereawarded vouchers for ABRSMpublications, were: Linda Love andClare Green from London andElizabeth Lloyd from Amersham.

    Linda Love, winner of the 1stprize, reports that jazz has been

    Jazz Questionnaire

    Richard Crozier, Director ofProfessional Development, is alsoChair of the National Associationof Music Educators. The 1999NAME annual conference isbeing held at the Swallow Hotel,Huntingdon from 25 27 Juneand speakers will include TonyKnight (QCA) and Janet Mills

    NAME Conference

    Music for Youth RegionalFestivals 1999

    The Associated Board recentlycontributed to two major eventsin the annual jazz calendar - theLeeds International JazzEducators Conference and theCheltenham International JazzFestival. Our participationinvolved workshops for musicteachers to develop skills forbringing jazz into the classroom

    and incorporate jazz into pupilslessons.

    The Boards workshop at theLeeds conference marked thefirst time that jazz academics andpractitioners had joined forces tooffer jazz education training forall music teachers - not just theHE sector

    National Jazz Events

    Rowland Chapman of Barnstaple Music Centre, Devon, who was recently presented with a framed cover of Music Theoryin Practice (Grade 1), to commemorate the sale of the one millionth copy of this publication

    music these festivals provide anapposite reminder that with thenecessary supporting resourcesour dedicated music educatorsand talented children are keepingmusic very much alive andkicking in our schools andcommunities.

    The Music for Youth Conferencewill take place on 5 July. RichardMorris will be speaking alongsideThe Rt. Hon. Chris Smith MP, Prof.Kenneth Robinson, The Rt. Hon.David Blunkett MP and GavinHenderson, Chair of the NationalFederation for Youth Music.

    For more information aboutMusic for Youth, tel: 0181 870 9624

    We are once again proud to besponsors of the Music for YouthRegional Festivals. Taking placeevery year the festivals representthe largest youth music event inEurope, a real celebration of theyoung musical talent thatsurrounds us.

    Over 35,000 young people tookpart in 43 festivals held all overthe UK during February andMarch. The festivals were markedby a unique breadth and diversity young performers of all ages andlevels of ability took part, playingin chamber groups, ensembles,orchestras, choirs and bands.

    At a time when we all hear somuch about the decline in school

    HMI. Membership of NAME isopen to anyone involved inmusic education and the first twodays of the conference are opento day delegates, including non-members.

    For more information pleasecontact Alison Ley, tel: 01452780680 (

    outside the main exam period.

    For further information aboutSpecial Visits contact KirstieDods, tel: 0171 467 8221 or

    received enthusiastically bypupils at the Blackheath BluecoatSchool. The jazz exams willextend the schools current jazzactivities, which include cabaretevenings. The school plans to usethe Jazz Ensembles scheme aswell as the Jazz Piano Syllabus

    Megan Jones

    Spiritual Sounds performing at the recent Regional Festival Series in London

  • L I B R E T T O M A Y 1 9 9 94 | I N T E R N A T I O N A L U P D A T E

    This years High Scorers Concertincluded performances bypianists, singers, woodwind,brass and string players, and forthe first time a choir: the Anglo-Chinese Madrigal Choir,conducted by Jennifer Tham SowYing. Held at the SingaporeSymphony Orchestras VictoriaHall on 24 February, the eventwas expertly managed by Su-SanHay, Examinations Executive,

    and Geoffrey Smith, SE AsiaRegional Consultant. Among theaudience of over 400 was RichardCrozier, Director of ProfessionalDevelopment, and SuzannahPower, Head of Marketing, bothof whom were mid-way througha tour of Singapore and Malaysia.

    Our thanks go to SSO ManagerMr Liew Chin Choy whopresented badges to the participants

    Singapore High Scorers Concert

    Teachers in New Zealand areadvised to keep up to date withworkshops and other eventsthrough the NZ web site( The April1999 series of piano workshopscovered Christchurch, Dunedin,Wellington and Auckland andplans are already underway for asecond series to take place inSeptember. The annual HighScorers Concert will be inOctober 1999 and invitations toperform will be circulated inAugust.

    Contact: NZ ExaminationsAdministrator, David Goodyear(tel: 482 0267)

    New Zealand

    In January, ABRSM Publishingexhibited the Jazz Piano publica-tions at the InternationalAssociation of Jazz EducatorsConference in Anaheim,California.

    The conference was held in theDisneyland Hotel and delegateswere in excess of 6,000 jazz musi-cians from all over the world,including New Zealand, theNetherlands, Finland, Germa


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