Library Services GD@MG 29/01/2013 Welcome to London Metropolitan University Libraries.

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<ul><li><p>Library ServicesGD@MG 29/01/2013</p><p> Welcome toLondon Metropolitan University Libraries</p></li><li><p>How do I use the Library?Your university ID card is your library card</p><p>Undergraduates can borrow 16 items at a time</p><p>Postgraduates can borrow 20 items at a time</p><p>4 short loan items at a time can be borrowed</p></li><li><p>How do I find a book on the catalogue?Go to the library catalogue homepage:</p><p>For books on your READING LIST use, Author, Title or Author/Title search </p><p>For books on a TOPIC use a Keyword search</p></li><li><p>How do I find a book on the shelves?Find the book details on the library catalogue</p><p>Check in which library it is held</p><p>Check that the item is available</p><p>Look for the Classmark:e.g. 658.4038011LAU</p></li><li><p>How do I find a book on the shelves?Books are classified from 001 to 999</p><p>Go to the shelves to find the book</p><p>Look for your classmark:658.4038011LAU</p></li><li><p>What is MetCat?MetCat is our new enhanced catalogue with improved search capabilities</p><p>MetCat is our own branded version of WorldCat Local</p><p>It allows you to search for subscribed and available:journal articles,ebook chapters,e-theses,books, journals and DVDs.</p></li><li><p>How do I use e-books?Go to the Library Services page</p><p>Click on MetCat tab and do a search</p><p>Tick on Ebook</p><p>Click on View Now</p><p>Login with your I.T account details (from outside the University)</p><p>Read online or Download (subject to restrictions) </p></li><li><p>Where can I find databases?Go to the Library Services page</p><p>Click on Subject Guides</p><p>Look for your subject and click on it (for example accounting)</p><p>Click on Databases</p><p>These are the relevant databases for accounting</p><p>Login with your I.T account details</p></li><li><p>How do I reserve a book?Find the book details on the library catalogue</p><p>Check that the item is NOT available</p><p>Check for additional copies</p><p>Click RESERVE at the top of the page</p></li><li><p>How do I reserve a book?Enter your IT username and password</p><p>Select a location for pick up</p><p>Click submit</p></li><li><p>How do I take a book out?Use the self service machineTouch Borrow itemsScan your ID cardScan items one at a time</p><p>If you have any problems go to the Information Desk</p></li><li><p>How do Ireturn a book?Use the self service machineTouch Return itemsScan items one at a timeDrop items in coloured book bins</p><p>Note that you don't need your ID card</p><p>If you have any problems go to the Information Desk</p></li><li><p>How do Irenew my books?Log into your library account using your IT username and password</p></li><li><p>How do Irenew my books?Click on RENEW ALL</p><p>Check status of your items (RENEWED)</p><p>Log out</p><p>Please note:Short loan items cannot be renewedYou cannot renew if your items have been reserved </p></li><li><p>What happensif I bring my books late?If it is a one week loan you are charged 50p per day</p><p>If it is a short loan item you are charged 50p per hour </p><p>See details on the Library Website for further information</p></li><li><p>How do I pay my library fines?Online: go to London Met homepage:Click on Pay onlineClick on click here</p><p>In person with cash: go tothe Information Desk </p></li><li><p>When are the Libraries open?* Holloway Road Information desk opens at 9:00am</p><p>HOLIDAYS: Check the Library Website for more informationNote: services close 15 minutes before the library closes </p><p>TERM TIMECalcutta HouseCommercial RoadHolloway RoadMoorgateMonday09:00 to 21:0009:00 to 21:0008:00* to 21:0009:00 to 21:00Tuesday09:00 to 21:0009:00 to 21:0008:00* to 21:0009:00 to 21:00Wednesday09:00 to 21:0009:00 to 21:0008:00* to 21:0009:00 to 21:00Thursday09:00 to 21:0009:00 to 21:0008:00* to 21:0009:00 to 21:00Friday09:00 to 21:0009:00 to 21:0008:00* to 21:0009:00 to 21:00Saturday11:00 to 16:00CLOSED10:00 to 16:0011:00 to 16:00SundayCLOSEDCLOSED13:00 to 17:00CLOSED</p></li><li><p>What other resources are there?</p><p> TUC Library CollectionsPlease check the Library Services Website for information about access and admission</p></li><li><p>Where can I find individual study space?There are plenty of individual study desks</p><p>Look for the "Quiet Study" or"Silent Study" signs</p><p>Individual study PCs are also available</p></li><li><p>Where can I findgroup study space?Group study desks are available in all libraries</p><p>Group PCs are available in all libraries</p></li><li><p>Where can I findgroup study space?Study rooms can be booked from the Library catalogue</p><p>All study rooms have PCs</p><p>Ask at the Information Desk for help booking a room</p><p>Be sure to book in advance rooms are very popular</p></li><li><p>How can Iphotocopy and print?Print your work on the printers called "followme mono" or "followme colour" </p><p>Copying/printing is done by crediting your student account</p><p>To use the equipment place your student card against the reader</p><p>See instructions near printers for further details </p></li><li><p>What is my IT account?What is my username? at the top of student card eg: ABC1234</p><p>What is my password? initially set to be your date of birth (DDMMYYYY)</p><p>What is my university email address? eg:</p><p>For more help and information go to:</p></li><li><p>Can I use wireless in the library?You can access wireless Internet on your laptop where you see this sign:</p><p>First, go to MetranetClick on Wireless services - eduroam | metNet for more information</p></li><li><p>Can I use other libraries?London Met has 4 universitylibraries that you can access</p><p>As a student you can access other university libraries via the SCONULAccess scheme</p><p>For full details go follow the instructions</p></li><li><p>Where can I find help?Library Website: click on: Subject Guides"</p><p>Information Desk</p><p>Your Academic Liaison Librarian</p><p>CELT for Students</p></li></ul>


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