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Let's Go: A guide for your summer plans and God's call

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“One of the biggest things that God taught me throughout my time in college was that I had a part to play in the Great Commission”

RyanRyan’s and others’ full stories are at


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Throughout this guide and on pages 13 & 14, you’ll see real-life examples of how students got involved in God’s mission. Sometimes it’s encouraging to hear how other people share similar struggles and yet still decide to take a leap of faith. And it’s important to know that God will walk with us through the process.

This guide was created to help you clarify God’s call on your life as you look to live wholly involved in His mission this summer.

The first half of this booklet can be used to process your thoughts about your summer with God. The second half is about

the summer opportunities Cru offers called Summer Projects, and it can help you decide if a summer project is where God is sending you this summer. You can use this book as a personal

journal or as a tool to discuss your summer plans with a friend, with a mentor or in a Bible study.

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SUMMER IS A CRITICAL TIME DURING COLLEGE. It provides a much needed break from school and an opportunity to do all those things you didn’t have time for during the year. For you, that might mean earning some much needed cash (hello, student loans), taking classes or training for your future career.

My initial thoughts and/or feelings about my summer are:

Think about this: The God that created the universe knows the numbers of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7). He is present in your life and he knows what you need this summer (Hebrews 13:5).

You probably don’t have an answer from God yet. That’s OK.

Throughout the Bible, God urges us to pursue a personal relation-ship with him and have faith that produces action. Maybe that’s already a reality in your life or perhaps it’s something you want to be true of yourself. Whatever the case, God wants you to grow in your relationship with him, glorify him and increase your faith.

Growth could mean going on a mission project with Cru or your church, working back home while being involved at church, or linking up with a Christian community on your college campus.

Let’s look at God’s Word as well as your past, present and future to help you during the process of discerning God’s will for your summer. Our hope is that this booklet can encourage you to trust God for big things!


Take a few minutes and talk to God.Ask him how he wants to use your summer and listen for his response.


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let’stalkaboutTHIS more

CONSIDER THESE ORDINARY PEOPLE AND THEIR ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD.Exodus 3:1- 4:17 Moses fled Egypt and was working as a shepherd. Luke 5:1-11 Simon Peter was working at his father’s small business.

John 4:1-26 The woman at the well was going about her normal day.

How did these people respond when they first encountered God?

How did God lead and provide for each of these people? What was the outcome of their experience?

How do you relate to the fears, doubts and insecurities they had?


As you can see, throughout the Bible God called men and women out of their ordinary life to be a part of his mission. This summer is an opportunity for you to be used by God. Discerning how he is calling you takes courage but it is also an

opportunity to grow closer to God and trust his lead.

God calls each of us to live out his eternal, glorious mission. He creates us, shapes us and gives us talents. God even uses us in our weakness.

It is easy to look at the stories of people God used in the Bible as extraordinary heroes. But really, these were ordinary people, like you

and me, that God used in extraordinary ways.

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The mission field is everywhere and includes Santa Monica, California.

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As they were going along the road, someone said to Jesus,

Luke 9:57

“I will follow you wherever you go.”

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It is often easier to walk with God when we are surrounded by believing friends and family. Going home for the summer sometimes can take us away from these positive situations and place us in negative ones. Has this been your experience?



What was your relationship with God like the past few summers?

What are some challenges you faced at home, work or in church that impacted your faith in summers past?

How have you grown in your personal faith at home during the summer time?

In the past few years, what were some negative and positive influences on your faith during the summer?

How have you served or showed the love of God to others over the past few summers?

What would you change about your past summer experiences?



“I didn’t let the first closed door stop me from pursuing something that God has given me a passion for.“

Coleton’s and others’ full stories are at


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desire to share my faith

grow in my walk with God

trust God for big things

build deeper relationships with friends or family

understand God’s character better

understand God’s grace in my life

know God’s Word better

develop confidence in discipleship

develop confidence in leading

share the Gospel as a way of life

desire to be real with others


learn how to transition to the Gospel

trust God in school work

trust God to help prepare mefor my future profession

learn to pray


No two people were created the same. Each of us were fearfully and wonderfully made by God with a unique life ahead of us (Psalm 139:14). Understanding how God made you can help you discern how he wants to use you to carry out his will over the summer and for a lifetime.



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The word stay is used 62 times in the New Testament.

What will it look like if I stay home for the summer?

How will my life be different if I go?

How will others’ lives be different if I go?

How does considering these possibilities make me feel?

The word go is used 1,052 times.

CONSIDER LUKE 9:57-10:20

What are some of the costs of following Jesus?

What were some of the risks the followers faced as they went on the mission trip?

What might have been some of the risks for the followers if they had stayed?

What do you think the disciples learned and experienced through their mission trip? What were the personal benefits? What were the ministry benefits?


personal reflection

Page 11: Let's Go Guide



God is reaching out to every person on the planet. We have limitless opportunities to be involved in his mission and spread the knowledge of his love.

The summer mission and training projects Cru offers are designed to build up students in their Christian faith in order to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Now that you’ve looked at God’s word, your life, talents, and how he has called others before you, write how you think God might want you to use your summer.



“I needed to realize that God was calling me to trust

him and learn what it truly meant to say: God if this is

where you want me to go, I’ll go.”

Rosa’s and others’ full stories are at


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Page 13: Let's Go Guide

By joining a Summer Project, you will help fulfill the Great Commission,

grow in your faith, and experience a great adventure!

Page 14: Let's Go Guide

What made you realize God was calling you to go on a summer project?Before leaving for Winter Conference, I started filling out the application for Clearwater Beach Summer Project on a whim, but didn’t quite finish it. During the conference, a Cru staff member approached and encouraged me about spending my summer in Clearwater. So through prayer and researching more about summer projects, I was feeling pulled to go even more.

What obstacle did you encounter along the way?I was incredibly overwhelmed with the thought of raising thousands of dollars. In my mind, it just wasn’t possible.

Even though I was so excited to be spending my summer on a summer project, I really worried about the fact that I had to raise support in order to go.

What was the turning point? When I saw the Lord start to provide every penny of my support, that’s when I knew that our God is able and there was no need for me to worry about raising the money. He proved himself to be faithful and sovereign over all things. Raising support in itself was a huge growing opportunity for my faith and it made me secure in knowing that God is in control and He does provide.

What practical steps did you take during the process?I spent a lot of time praying about it, talking to some friends who had been on a summer project before, and seeking out the Lord’s will for my life to figure out what he was calling me to do with my summer.

What do you recommend to others who face a similar obstacle?Know that God is in control of every single detail of your life. If he is calling you to go, He will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. I clung to Luke 1:37 which says, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

For more stories, visit gosummerproject.com/stories

MeghanClearwater Beach Summer Project

“Even though I was so excited to be spending my summer on a summer project, I really worried about the fact that I had to raise support in order to go.”


Page 15: Let's Go Guide

JoshFiji Summer Project

“I was concerned that I would have to directly oppose my parents in deciding to go.”

What made you realize God was calling you to go on a summer project?God was igniting a passion in my life for spreading the gospel and ministering to others. I realized that I was holding myself back from God. My biggest reason to stay was to get an internship, which would have been fine. But I realized God wanted me to take a step in faith and allow him to work through my life.

What obstacle did you encounter along the way?I knew going on summer project was the right thing for me, but my parents were against it. I was concerned that I would have to directly oppose my parents in deciding to go. We had a few conversations about it in which I felt misunderstood. It definitely gave me a lot of doubt about going, but I found some closure about it through going to God and my friends and mentors back at school.

What was the turning point? My parents warmed up to the idea as time passed and I began raising support. They were en-couraged when they saw that the money was coming in for me to go on project. A week before I left, they told me that they were proud of me for raising support for the trip, and agreed to supply whatever I did not raise in the next few days. Through the process, God showed me that if I follow him, he will provide.

What practical steps did you take during the process?First, I talked with my parents, spent time in prayer, and sought wise counsel to make sure I was following God’s lead in my life and that it was the best decision. I had spent a lot of my life being afraid to do anything that my parents didn’t agree with, so I had to start to set up personal boundaries with them.

I told them that I was going togo on this trip whether they agreed with it or not. At the same time, however, I showed respect by honoring their wishes in that they did not want me to call family or their friends. This was difficult, but God still brought in all of my funds.

What do you recommend to others who face a similar obstacle?Go to God and community for biblical counsel on the situation. Do not back down because your parents don’t agree with what you are doing, but do be respectful of them. It would have been really easy for me to disrespect them, but that would not have represented Christ to them. Do not end up turning away from something God has for you because your parents disagree, or for any other reason.

For more stories, visit gosummerproject.com/stories14

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The mission of each project varies depending on location, but the focus remains the same: bringing students into a deeper relationship with Jesus and challenging them to share his love with the people around them.

Foot of the Rockies, CO

Jackson Hole, WY

New York Tribeca – Arts

New York Tribeca – Campus

San Diego, CA (Destino)

Crush Fear, CO

Boston Echo, MA

Daytona Beach, FL

Greek Summit, FL

Education Majors, SC

San Diego Adventure, CA

San Diego Express, CA

Greek Summit, CO

Need to work? You can get a job at this project!

At the Beach/Resort

In the mountains

Project length (# of weeks)

Greek Summit: Learn to influence your fraternity or sorority for Christ.

Office Internships: Combine your professional skills with ministry

In the city

For the most up-to-date locations, dates, and information visitgosummerproject.com




ethnic even




Page 19: Let's Go Guide

Miami, FL

Anchorage, AK

Lake Tahoe, CA

Clearwater Beach, FL

Grand Traverse Bay, MI

Hampton Beach, NH

Boston Operations, MA

Crossroads in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Denver, CO

King’s Domain, OH

Charleston, SC

Medora/Badlands, ND

Juneau, AK

North Myrtle Beach, SC

Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City, MD

Wildwood, NJ

San Diego, CA

Urban Summit Adventure

Santa Monica, CA

Virginia Beach, VA

Yellowstone, WY

Santa Cruz, CA

Vail, CO

Walt Disney World, FL

Ozark Lakes, MO

Smoky Mountains, TN



Page 20: Let's Go Guide


Ivory Coast





4th Journey




Cru Abroad: East Asia (Spring Semester 2013)


South Africa



Central Asia







Trade Winds

Greece Slovenia

Dominican Republic



El Salvador



Ancient Mountain Trek

East Asia



Ethiopia – Film

Desert Jewel

Sam’s Place


Costa Rica

Gateway Project

Sacred River


ethnic even




Serve the nations by sharing the love of Christ on university campuses or by offering aid to people in need. Though they vary in length, International Projects are usually 6 weeks long.

Page 21: Let's Go Guide



Dominican Republic Mediterranean

East Asia

Chinese Trek (Boston)

New York Tribeca

San Francisco, CA

London Project

Wilderness Trek

Summer Internship, FL

Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Trek –Texas, LA, Miami


Ishmael Project Trek

South Asia Trek

Music & Arts – Westfield, IN


Southeast Asia

Multi Nations Trek

Music – Westfield, IN


ethnic even




Help students from diverse ethnic groups around the globe hear the Gospel and grow in their faith in a way that is tailored to their unique culture.

Ministering to and with the Native American community.nationsmovement.com

Ministering through the Latino/Hispanic community. destinomovement.com

Ministering to the Asian-American community.


Ministering to international students. bridgesinternational.com

Ministering to the African-American


Page 22: Let's Go Guide


African Sunset – Guinea Equator Explorations Mediterranean Crossing

Aventura en Africa Journey of Compassion Sahara’s Edge

Ancient Mountain Treasure Golden Hope Venture Mission: Safari

East African Safari London Bridges West African Outreach

PROJECTSinternationalunited states

ethnic even



MOREOPPORTUNITIESLooking to incorporate your unique skills and passions in ministry? Cru has summer projects to reach all kinds of people in all kinds of ways.

Spend 1-2-3-4 weeks using the JESUS film to share the Gospel with the least-reached people of the world.jesusfilmmissiontrips.org

Discover how to eternally impact the lives of others during your medical/healthcare career.


A guided adventure where you will encounter the Gospel and experience life transformation.LifelinesMinistry.com

Work with inner-city youth providing

physical and spiritual to the nation’s most

difficult communities.seizeit.org

Health Student Project/ Whole Person Care Preceptorship – Redlands, CA

Expeditions (Various Locations)

Chicago Inner City

Atlanta, GA

Rocky Mountain Wilderness Adventure

Pre-Med/Pre-Health Professional Project – Redlands, CA

Detroit, MI

Milwaukee, WI

Los Angeles, CA

Seattle, WA – Prison Project



Page 23: Let's Go Guide


Communicate God’s love through media and music in the U.S. and internationally.

keynotesummerproject.comDesigned for high school

age missionary kids.mk2mk.org

Reach the future military officers on your campus for Christ.valormovement.com

Share Jesus in 190 countries. Use your

creative, tech, media, and marketing skills

on the frontier of modern missions.


Bring sports and faith together for one exhilarating summer. We can take D-1 thru intramural athletes.


Invest your summer ministering with high school students.cruhighschool.com

Keynote Project (music, media, and film)

International Project

Alaska (Men)

Silicon Valley Digital Mission

X Project Internship

Alaska (Women)

Colorado Project Ultimate Training Camp

East Asia


East Asia

South Asia



Life of Adventure – Grand Teton National Park

Russia (Spring Trip)

Global Sports Tours- Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Track and Field, Sports Performance

Hungary SpeakOut

Portugal (Spring Trip)

Slovakia SpeakOut

For students (both grad and undergrad) who are sensing a call to academia.vocaresp.wordpress.com

Graduate Student Project



Page 24: Let's Go Guide

My Summer Project Pro/Con List

My Action Plan I will make a decision on my summer by:




23 It’s not too late to apply after February 24!

application timeline



Page 25: Let's Go Guide

My Decision

I stay connected to God during the summer by:

I will continue to grow in my faith and share Christ with others by:


When I think about my summer, I am looking forward to:

I’m going on a summer project!

I’m not going on a summer project!

People I want to ask to go on a summer project with me:

I will apply by:


How did Sarah decide?gosummerproject.com/stories

Sarah“One of my friends asked, ‘Sarah, why would you not go on Summer Project?’”

application timeline


Page 26: Let's Go Guide

Q: What do my parents need to know?A: Visit our parents’ page at

gosummerproject.com/parents for the answer to this question and more information about Cru.

Q: Can I get a job on a summer mission project?A: On an international project you will not get

a job outside of project. On most U.S. projects, you will be able to get a job. Your job will be

your main ministry “assignment” for the summer, where you’ll learn to connect with others and be

a beacon of God’s love.

Q: Where will I live?A: Most projects house their participants in a motel, guesthouse, fraternity house, or dorm for the summer. At other locations, you may live in apartments. You’ll probably have several roommates who will hopefully get to know the REAL you!

Q: How do I get to project?A: You can drive to project; but, if you don’t have a car, don’t fret. You can connect with other students going to your location and ride with them or you can easily fly to project. If you’re going internationally, you’ll meet up with your team in the U.S. and then fly together to your destination.

Q: How do I pay for project?How much will project cost? How do I raise support?A: The cost of your project will vary depending on length and location. The cost covers: housing, a portion of your food costs, and project materials.Once you receive acceptance to a project, we’ll send you thorough information on how to ask people to support you through prayer and financial gifts.

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Be sure to check out gosummerproject.com/faq for more in-depth answers to your questions.

Q: Who will I be going on project with?A: You will be going with students from all over

the US. Many times students from particular schools will plan to go project together (in other

words, start recruiting some friends to go). Projects will vary in size, both in

the number of students and staff who will be with you, but all are given leadership by a

team of directors.


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