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LETS GET STARTED !!!. Quiz potatoes Week van de Smaak 17.11.2010. POTATO QUIZ. Warmer (mini quiz) Introduction potatoes Multiple choice questions True or false? Potato records Potatoes in the kitchen Potato language PotatART Songs Reading quiz. Rules ?!. In groups of 4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>LETS GET STARTED !!!</p><p>Quiz potatoes Week van de Smaak 17.11.2010</p></li><li><p>POTATO QUIZ Warmer (mini quiz)Introduction potatoesMultiple choice questionsTrue or false?Potato recordsPotatoes in the kitchenPotato languagePotatARTSongsReading quiz</p></li><li><p>Rules ?!In groups of 4Name of your group?Write your answers on a white sheet of paperAfter each question round correction + do it!For each correct answer: 1 pointFor each do-it question: 5 extra points</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice Questions</p><p>1. Potatoes are believed to have originated in what country?a. Irelandb. Spainc. USAd. Peru</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice2. A potato is aa. vegetableb. grainc. fruit</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice3. A potato farmer with good equipment can produce enough potatoes to feed how many people for a year?a. 5,000b.10,000c. 50,000</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice4. How many pounds of potatoes does the average American eat each year?a. 25b. 58c. 140d. 210</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice5. How much of a potato is water?a.10%b. 30%c. 75%</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice6. Which country grows the most potatoes?a. Indiab. The USAc. China</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice7. How does the number of calories in a baked potato compare with the number of calories in the equivalent amount of French fries?a. The same. Frying potatoes doesnt change the calorie value.b. French fries have double the calorie value.c. Frying potatoes triple the calorie value.d. Deep-fat frying lowers the calorie value because you can only eat just so many French fries.</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice8. The first potatoes were grown near a lake in which country?a. Brazilb. Irelandc. Peru</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice9. How many square kilometres of farmland are used to grow potatoes around the world?a. 323,000b. 193,000c. 50,000</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice10. How many kilos of potatoes are eaten per person in Europe each year?a. 5 kgb. 88 kgc. 350 kg</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice11. Which part of the potato is not safe to eat?a. the skinb. the leavesc. the tuber</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice12. Potatoes are a rich source ofa. Vitamin Ab. Carbohydratesc. Fat</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice13. In the tropics, how many days does it take to grow a potato?a. 90 daysb.150 daysc. 365 days</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice14. How many varieties of potatoes are grown in the Andes?a. 800b. 4,300c. 1,500</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice15. How many potatoes does it take to make a 150 g bag of potato chips?a. 2b. 3c. 4d. 5</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice16. When was the popular childrens toy Mr. Potato Head born?a.1946b.1952c. 1968d. 1981</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice17. In what month are potatoes planted?a. Januaryb. Marchc. Mayd. August</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice18. Where is most of the protein content in potatoes found?a. Just under the skinb. The meat of the potatoc. Potatoes dont have any protein</p></li><li><p>Multiple Choice19. Who of us eats chips most often?a. Sabrinab. Sarahc. Sofie</p></li><li><p>DO IT! Hot potatoesWere going to play a popular childrens party game that involves players gathering in a circle and tossing a small object such as a tennis ball to each other while music plays. The player who is holding the hot potato when the music stops, is out.</p></li><li><p>True or false ?1. Potatoes are high in vitamin C.2. The best way to store potatoes is in the fridge. 3. The potato was the first vegetable to be grown in space.4. Humans can live just on a diet of milk and potato.5. When we take a picture, we say cheese and we smile. In Spain, they say patata.</p></li><li><p>True or false ?6. In some countries, people make alcoholic drinks from potatoes.7. We have autumn holidays (the first week of November) thanks to the potato.8. When you have had an operation, the best thing to eat first is a packet of chips! </p></li><li><p>True or false ?9. All these names are names of a variety of potatoes: Amandine / Charlotte / Cherie / Cicero / Donald / Franceline / Lady Christel / Manon / Marabel / Maritiema / Nicola / Rode Pipo / Sabrina / Sara / Sofie / Victoria / Vitelotte</p><p>10. The three of us: Sabrina Sara Sofie, eat chips every week!</p></li><li><p>True or false ?11. Potatoes can be used to make these products:gluea dogs bonetablets (medicines)window envelopes </p></li><li><p>True or false ?12. In England, theres a sport: wrestling in mashed potatoes</p></li><li><p>DO IT ! Peel potatoesHow many potatoes can one person in your group peel in 2 minutes?</p></li><li><p>Potato recordsAccording to the Guiness Book of Records, where was it? </p><p>In America, England, France, Holland,or Belgium ?</p></li><li><p>Potato records1. The biggest potato salad weighed 4431,97 kg</p><p>2. There were 589 kinds of potatoes in the biggest potato exhibition3. The biggest packet of crisps had 51,35 kg of salted chips. It was 1,79 m high and 1.21 m broad</p></li><li><p>Potato records4. Someone made 15000 packets of chips in 72 hours</p><p>5. The longest chip (made of mashed potatoes) was 9,79 m</p><p>6. The biggest crisp was 10 cm on 17 cm</p></li><li><p>Potato records7. Someone launched 18 potatoes in 3 minutes with a potato canon</p><p>8. The biggest croquette weighed 225,8 kg9. The most expensive potato costs about 25 (Thats for one potato!). These potatoes are from10. The heaviest potato was 3,5 kg</p></li><li><p>DO IT ! How much do these potatoes weigh?</p></li><li><p>Pototoes in the kitchen1. What are the most popular ways potatoes are bought and then prepared?a. Fresh baked, roasted, boiled, mashed, or friedb. Frozen French fries, hash brownsc. Snacks chips, shoestrings</p></li><li><p>Potatoes in the kitchen2. What do we call this baked potato that, when well cooked, has a fluffy interior and a crispy skin. It may be served with fillings and condiments such as butter, cheese, ham, or chicken?</p></li><li><p>Potatoes in the kitchen3. What is the average time a potato has to be boiled (depending on size and type)?a. Between 5 and 10 minutesb. Between 10 and 25 minutesc. Between 25 and 35 minutes</p></li><li><p>Potatoes in the kitchen4. What are the 3 main ingredients of mashed potatoes?</p></li><li><p>Potatoes in the kitchen5. What is the name of this traditional British dish?</p></li><li><p>Potatoes in the kitchen6. Maybe you know these typical English cookies scones? Can you make them using potatoes ? </p></li><li><p>DO IT ! Juggle Can you juggle with potatoes? How many seconds can you keep potatoes in the air?</p></li><li><p>Potato language1. How do you spell the plural form of potato ?</p></li><li><p>Potato language2. Potatoes in different countries.Match the word for potato and the country:</p><p>Africaa. kartoffelGermanyb. burgonyaHungaryc. bramborJapand. potatisCroatiae. patataNorwayf. jagaimoPolandg. krumpirSpainh. potetCzech Republici. aartappelSwedenj. ziemnak</p></li><li><p>Potato language3. What is the meaning of a couch potato? a. Somebody who likes staying in, eating and watching television.b. Somebody who likes going out, dancing and meeting friends.c. Somebody who likes reading and going to museums and art galleries.</p></li><li><p>Potato language4. In Dutch, we have the expression Ik zit in de patatten, meaning: Im in trouble. Do you think the origin of that expression is the following? A long time ago, there were races with horses and chariots. When the driver went too fast, he couldnt turn on time and he ended upin the potato fields!</p><p>Yes or no?!</p></li><li><p>DO IT ! Potato printsMake potato prints: cut some potatoes in half and cut different patterns and shapes onto each. Paper &amp; paint: create your own potato print pictures.</p></li><li><p>PotatART1. Who painted this painting?a) The Van Eyck brotherb) Salvador Dalic) Van Gogh</p></li><li><p>PotatART2. Van Gogh painted other pictures concerning potatoes. Which one did he NOT paint?a) Planting potatoesb) Potatoes for breakfastc) A basket full of potatoes</p></li><li><p>PotatART3. At the end of the books of Nero, all characters are round the table, eating together.Theyre eatinga) Belgian wafflesb) Belgian chocolatesc) French fries</p></li><li><p>PotatART4. In the Wallace and Grommit films, Wallace is crazy abouta) Meatb) Cheesec) French fries</p></li><li><p>PotatART5. Important artists such as Louis Armstrong, B B King gave their songs a title inspired by potatoes: Which of these titles is NOT a real title:a) Potato blues b) Mashed potato twistc) Fish and chips</p></li><li><p>PotatART6. Which of these things is a piece of art in the museum SMAK in Gent?a) Belgian chipsb) Belgian musselsc) Belgian chocolate</p></li><li><p>LETS SING! Listen to the song and fill in the gaps!(see copy!)</p><p>1. Lets call the whole thing off L. Armstrong &amp; E. Fitzgerald</p><p>2. The potato song John Porter Mc Means</p></li><li><p>Reading quizSee copy</p><p>*</p></li></ul>


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