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Lethal cold weather grips northern Europe

Lethal cold weather grips northern Europe. BBC supposes that the main reason of the heavy snowfall: Cold air moving down from Siberia has contributed

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Text of Lethal cold weather grips northern Europe. BBC supposes that the main reason of the heavy snowfall:...

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Lethal cold weather grips northern Europe Slide 2 BBC supposes that the main reason of the heavy snowfall: Cold air moving down from Siberia has contributed to the wintry conditions in northern Europe. Slide 3 More details from BBC Weather Snow has been particularly heavy around Gatwick, with 25cm recorded in some places - 15cm of this falling overnight. A Gatwick spokesman said: "We are doing everything we can to resume operations. However, conditions have deteriorated considerably. "Our teams are working around the clock to make the runway safe for aircraft to use and get our airlines and passengers flying again." Edinburgh airport will not reopen until the situation changes, and Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster will not be open. Southampton airport is closed. Slide 4 CNN World Weather maintains: The main reason for the snowfall is the cold polar air sweeping across the North Sea, said Mari Ramos of the CNN World Weather Center. The sea is still relatively warm, at 9-10 degrees Celsius (48-50 degrees Fahrenheit), so as the water evaporates and is hit by the cold polar air, it turns to snow. Slide 5 The latest events are: Heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures have been causing another day of disruption to northern Europe and its transport network. Thousands of railway passengers had to spend the night in trains in Germany as snow paralysed many high-speed inter-city routes. Flights were disrupted in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany. In Poland, 18 people have died from exposure over the past two days. Most were homeless people under the influence of alcohol, a police spokesman said. Slide 6 Incredible frost is everywhere! Slide 7 In other developments: Denmark mobilised its army to help emergency vehicles make their way through snow in the south-east. Eurostar trains from France faced cancellations or delays while snowfalls trapped hundreds of motorists in Brittany and Normandy. In Belgium, 650km of traffic jams were reported, with Flanders hit hard. In the UK, Gatwick, Edinburgh and London City airports all suffered closures. Temperatures are an average 5-10C below average in some major cities. Slide 8 This problem entails a lot of serious consequences: Airports, roads and rail continue to be badly hit by snow. Exposure deaths. At least 6,500 schools across the UK have been closed because of severe snow warnings. Snow-induced chaos etc. Slide 9 The UK is on year three of winter disruptions but in recent memory the country has gone for long periods without a severe winter. And it has not been the exact same set of problems or timing every year. (Daily Mail) Slide 10 Daily Mail writes about the future In the current financially straitened times it is hard to imagine any government pouring additional funding into massively increased preparedness for extreme cold. But many of the little things that will make life easier may be in place by the next run of cold winters. And we might remember that severe winters like this are still relatively rare events Slide 11 Surprise attack of snow Slide 12 Is it really only the awful catastrophe? Slide 13 Or something else? If you can not change the situation, just try to change your attitude to it. Always look 4 something positive. And do not forget to enjoy your life. It is unbelievable but this December people in Europe are trying to cheer up. Slide 14 Do not worry! Be happy! With airports closed, rail passengers stranded and roads gridlocked thanks to the snow, it's been hard to raise a smile for most of the country this week. But as these new pictures show, some Britons are making the best of their bad lot and letting their imaginations run in the snow. British businesses will be hoping for improving weather after millions of staff were forced to stay at home or arrived late thanks to travel chaos but some people will be crying 'Let it snow!' as families enjoyed tobogganing, snow sculptures and, in the case of one brave couple, a wedding. Slide 15 This unpredictable winter people can enjoy skiing Slide 16 Snow cycle Slide 17 even wedded bliss and love Slide 18 And also snow sculptures creation! Slide 19 Slide 20 Thank you 4 your attention C U!