Lesson one - grammar In his name. can She can ride a bike couldn’t She couldn’t ride a bike 5 years ago.

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Lesson one - grammar In his name Slide 2 can She can ride a bike couldnt She couldnt ride a bike 5 years ago. Slide 3 can He can play tennis. couldnt He couldnt play tennis 10 years ago. Slide 4 can they can read and write now. couldnt they couldnt read and write 6 years ago. Slide 5 We can go shopping. 10 years ago. We couldnt go shopping. Slide 6 I can eat pizza. He can drive. we can buy stuff. he can bowl. I couldn't eat pizza. He couldnt drive. We couldnt buy stuff. He couldnt bowl. Slide 7 TIME LINE 7 Present future Past Can + verb Now Could + verb I can eat pizza.I could drink milk. I cant understand chinese. I couldnt understand English. + can - Cant + could- Couldn't Slide 8 We can leave now. Your turn We could leave yesterday. They cant have a big breakfast. They couldnt have a big breakfast. Can he drive a car?Could he drive a car? Slide 9 -I must go. See you tomorrow. -See you. -Hi. How are you ? -Im fine. Thanks. -Im sorry. I had to go yesterday. tomorrow -No problem. Slide 10 I have an exam tomorrow. I must stay at home. NowAfter the exam I had to stay at home yesterday, But now Im free. Slide 11 11 TIME LINE Present future Past must + verb Now Had to + verb I must see him.I had to see him We must leave now. We had to leave last night. Slide 12 Your turn I must get up early.I had to get up early. We must pay attention to the teacher. We had to pay attention to the teacher.