Lesson 1.3 – Entertainment Marketing Unit 1. Lesson 1.3 Entertainment Marketing Goals Define entertainment. Describe the impacts of advances in entertainment.

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  • Lesson 1.3 Entertainment Marketing Unit 1
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  • Lesson 1.3 Entertainment Marketing Goals Define entertainment. Describe the impacts of advances in entertainment technology on entertainment marketing. Chapter 1Slide 2
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  • ENTERTAINMENT FOR SALE entertainment marketing influencing how people choose to spend their time and money on entertainment Chapter 1Slide 3
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  • What Exactly is Entertainment? entertainment whatever people are willing to spend their money and spare time viewing rather than participating in What are some examples? Movies TV Internet Live shows Others? Chapter 1Slide 4
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  • Raise your hand if you spend money on entertainment. What factors influence your entertainment purchases? Chapter 1Slide 5
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  • EVOLUTION OF ENTERTAINMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING At the beginning of the twentieth century, audiences needed to travel to the entertainment source. Live theater, ballet, opera, and concerts Audience feedback was instantaneous and live. Technology distanced entertainers from their audiences. (Movies, TV, Internet) Chapter 1Slide 6
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  • The Beginning of Change Disneyland represented a new approach to the marketing mix of entertainment. Theme Park (opened 1955) The live arts and recorded arts were joined by an ever-evolving, technology-driven show. Chapter 1Slide 7
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  • The Big Eye in Every Room The Early Days of Television and Marketing TV changed the marketing of entertainment in a profound way. Televisions Increasing Influence Major national corporations lined up to buy time and produce advertisements. ratings the number of viewers the programming attracted Chapter 1Slide 8
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  • Change Accelerated Technology improvements, including the internet, have facilitated distribution of sports and entertainment to the masses. ESPN 360 Highlights, events on cell phones (V-Cast) March Madness on Demand Chapter 1Slide 9
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  • Technology and Customer Feedback Audiences can use a variety of communication technologies to provide entertainment feedback. Through the use of: Instant messages Comments E-mails Etc. Chapter 1Slide 10
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  • Name a few benefits of television to marketers and advertisers. Answer: It provides an efficient means for promoting products and services through advertisement to a large audience Chapter 1Slide 11


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