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lego star wars tutorial for gameboy advance

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MB@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@BM MX888888888888888888888888888888888888SM MX88880000000000000000000000000000008ZXM MX80@MMM00WMMMB888BMMMB880WMMMM@ 080W@M8M MX0MW :i .XS7i :77; r7r 2MM MSWB MMMMMMMMMM8ZMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM M MaB MM MMM MZ iMM MM @ M2r MM WMB 2MMMMi MMB MM MW MM @ M: ;M 7MM MM MMMMMMM MM M0 M M MB iMM2 iM rM M0 WMW 0M M M aM XMMM 8MMMMM MMM i@, 2MM MX M M MM ,S .. .M@ i MM i0M M MM ;MMMr ,0MMM :MMMMM, MMM BZM M XMMMMr aMMMM8 @MMMMi ZMMMMM ZB2M M8a ,. ZB; iWMM0SM MS@MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@ MMMMMMMMW088SM MX888888888888888888888888888888888888SM MX888888888888888888888888888888888888SM M8WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW0M

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,W222a8 SZ2222aZ XZ22aM 0a222222Z2 r8SSS22aaa22a8Z .08a 22SS222SS0: 2Srrr2 a7rrrr7a a7rr2r ,arr777rr78 ;2rrrXSSa22Xr7SW @Srrr7SaZ ZZZZ@i 87rr777rrrrrr777rr70 8XrrS;7XrrSS ;2rrrX Srrr0 BSrrr7, SSrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr2r ;2rrra 2rr78 ;2rrrX28B0aXr72B 027r7SS 07rrrrr7XX7rrrrrX8 07rrrX SrrrS2 ;2rrr777rrrrr7. XrrrX8r 7Srrrrr2 rSrrrrra; ;2rrrrX2SXrrr78 ;2rrrX;aS7rrr77SaZZZaSrXrrrrXW 87rrrX0 87rrrX8 07rrXa0BB82XrrS2 ;2rrr2 ZZX7rr77XXXXXX77rrr 7SW S0ZZZB; Z8ZZZBi ZWZZZB ,BZZ8M: SWZZZ@: .Z08ZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZ8BZ =================\-----------------------------------------------------------= \ TABLE OF CONTENTS ===================\---------------------------------------------------------+----------------------------------------------------------+ | 1. Controls......................[CNTRL] | | 2. Walkthrough...................[WLKTH] | | 2.1 Episode 1..................{EPSD1} | | 2.11 Level 1................ | | 2.12 Level 2................ | | 2.13 Level 3................ | | 2.14 Level 4................ | | 2.15 Level 5................ | | 2.16 Level 6................ | | 2.2 Episode 2..................{EPSD2} | | 2.21 Level 1................ | | 2.22 Level 2................ | | 2.23 Level 3................ | | 2.3 Episode 3..................{EPSD3} | | 2.31 Level 1................ | | 2.32 Level 2................ | | 2.33 Level 3................ | | 2.34 Level 4................ | | 2.35 Level 5................ | | 2.36 Level 6................ | | 3. Characters....................[CHRCT] | | 4. Specials&Abilities............[SPECL] | | 5. Power-Ups.....................[PWRUP] |

| 6. Death Star Plans..............[DSTRP] | | 7. Unlockables...................[UNLOK] | | 8. Cheats........................[CHEAT] | | 9. Version History...............[VRSNH] | | 10. Contact.......................[CNTCT] | | 11. Disclaimer....................[DISCL] | +----------------------------------------------------------+ +NOTE+ To reach a section faster COPY the code next to the desired sectio n and then press and hold CTRL and F to open a search box. PASTE the code in the box and hit find next. Its as simple as that. =================\-----------------------------------------------------------= [CNTRL] \ 1. C O N T R O L S ===================\---------------------------------------------------------D-Pad A B - Moves your character - Jump - Attack

Left Shoulder - Special 1 Right Shoulder - Special 2 Start Select - Pauses game; Brings up Status Screen - Shows available team mate; Switch to available team mate

=================\-----------------------------------------------------------= [WLKTH] \ 2. W A L K T H R O U G H ===================\----------------------------------------------------------=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=EPISODE I {EPSD1} -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-

-------------------------( - Federation Ship) ------------------------------------------------Negotiating Room -----------------------After the cutscene you will be lead to a confrence room. After an explosion goes off you will need to investigate it. Before leaving the room jump onto the desk to collect some bolts. Then shake the four chairs that around the table by pressing LEFT SHOULDER BUTTON. After shaking all of the chairs for all of their worth approach the switch on the wall to the right of the door and press LEFT SHOULDER BUTTON to p ress the switch and open the door. In the next hall a small army of Battle Droids will come up the hall. Deflect their shots by using your lightsaber by pressing B. This will knock their shots back into them and thus injuring them. Take out the first three droids and continue down the hall, while collecting bolts along the way, to the corner where another three droids lay in wait. Destroy the three Battle Droids and go down the hallway to the right. In the room at the end of the hall are two Battle Droids and a blue bolt. As well as a Sand Person. Approach him and you can buy health for 25 bolts. Take it if you are in dire need of health by pressing A. If not return to the hall. Now continue to go down the hall. Step on the tiles on the ground for items to drop from the ceiling. The first tile drops a yellow bolt. The second drops a force refill and the third is health. Enter the room at the end of the hall and destroy the two Battle Droids. Approach the glowing green legos next to the wall and use Force Move to tu rn them into a platform. Jump onto it and then onto the ledge. Defeat the two Battle Droids up here and then use Force Move on the glowing green legos t o

make another platform. Jump onto it and then onto the ledge. Destroy the single Battle Droid at the beginning of the hall and then continu e down it. Destroy the four Battle Droids at the corner of the hallway. At the corner where the Battle Droids are you can step on the four tiles on the ground to open the door to the left or go down the hall to the right. For some health go down the hall to the right and step on the tile at the end of the hall. If you are ready go through the door you opened by stepping on the four tiles. In the next room take out the three Battle Droids and then use Force Move on the pile of legos to the right. Jump onto the newly made platform and then onto the ledge. Go down the ha ll and defeat the four Battle Droids, while collecting the blue and grey bolts. Continue to go down the hallway upon defeating the four Battle Droids and go past the arrow at the end of the hall to reach a new area. -----------------------Interior -----------------------In the next room collect the bolts in the left and right corners. Then proceed down the hallway. Step on the flashing tiles on the left side of the hallway in order until you reach the last one. You will gain several yellow bolts and a damage multiplier. Take out the three Battle Droids then return to the door you came through. Along the wall there will be a hall leading off from the main hall. There will be a turret in this hall so go down the hall and destroy the turret to get health and a Death Star Plan. the first out of five. Now go down the hallway in the opposite direction as the door you came in through. Along the way to the left will be a ledge that you can hop onto. Ke ep jumping from ledge to ledge until you reach the top with three tiles and two Battle Droids and a vent door. Destroy the two Battle Droids and then use Force Move on the vent door to open it. Now enter through the vent. In the next room are a lot of yellow bolts and

destructable boxes that yield health and force refill. Collect all of these items and Battle Droids will begin to spawn. Fight your way out to the bottom of the room and go through the door to ret urn to the hall you were originally on. Now press the three tiles and an Invincibility pick up will drop down. Quickly run to the end of the hall and go around the corner to find a turret. Destroy it while you are invincible. Now jump onto the ledge that is above t he turret to find a Sand Person. He will sell you health for 50 bolts. Take it if you need it then drop back down onto the hallway. Continue down the hall to the right. Next to the ledge with the Sand Person on it to the right is another ledge you can jump onto. There are two Battle Droids up here an a damage multiplier. Fall back down onto the main hallway and destroy the turret and any nearby Battle Droids. After clearing out any nearby enemies destroy the box to get some bolts. Ke ep going down the hall to the right. There will be another ledge to the right of the ledge you were just on. There will be a Sand Person up here who will sel l you a force refill. Buy it for 50 bolts should you need it. If not drop into the hall and take out another turret and any nearby droids. Continue to the end of the hall and tak e out a Battle Droid and then hop onto the last ledge. Hop onto it and get all of the bolts. Hop onto another ledge and destroy the droid and box. The box will drop s ome bolts. Go to the end of the ledge and use Force Move on the legos to constru ct a platform. Hop onto the platform and then to the ledge. Walk to the end of

the hall to reach an arrow leading to the next area. -----------------------Launching Dock -----------------------Go up and down to break open two boxes to get some bolts. Then step onto the tiles on the door you came through to get an Invincibility pick up. Now go down the ramp to the right and fight through the army of Battle Droids. At the bottom of the ramp go down and along the corridor to find a Sand Person. He sells health for 50 bolts. Now go up past the ramp and destroy the box fo r some bolts. Keep going s