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Legacy of the Crystal Shard Npc Cards

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  • Iv ---I( The leader of the dwarves of Kelvins (airn

    Stokely is a cousin of the great hero BruenorBattlehammer. After leading his boys to help

    Bruenor in Gauntigrym, he returned to his homeand ruled in peace until Baerick Hammerstone

    brought black ice into the dwarven valley.

    POLE?LAYING Always ready to drink a toast to Bruenor,

    the Battlelsainisier clan, or Mithral hall

    + Beleaguered

    + Simple but not stupid, practical,down to earth

    + Worried, concerned for his people

  • BACKGROUNDA young wizard ofthe Arcane Brotherhoodin Luskan, Vaelish Cant has grand vissons of

    extending the Brotherhoods influence up anddown the Sword Coast.

    ROLE?LAYINGSleazy and slimy; ingratiating in anunctuous way

    + Ambitious

    + Arrogant

    + Self-aggrandizing

    + Visionary, at least in his own mind

  • Three weeks ago, Baerick was a simple minerin the dwarven valley. When Vaelish Gants

    apprentice hired him to look for Akar Kessellsremains, isis life was transthrined. He now rules

    halfof the dwarven valley in open rebellionagainst Stokely Silverstream.

    POLE?LAYING+ Suspicious of everyone and everything

    + Easily insulted

    + hostile to outsiders

    + hIot-teml)ered

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  • BACKGROUND Formerly a simple merchant ofBremen, l)avrickFain became a disciple ofAuril after this wintersfirst great storm. He now leads a small, scattere(l

    cult of the Frostinaiden in Ten-Towns.

    ROLEFLAYING+ Fanatical, devoted to Auril, the goddess

    of winter

    + 1)oonssayerEnthusiastic and emphatic

    loud and talkative

  • P BACKGROUNDI)errick Gaffner is captain of the howling

    Fiend, a fishing boat turned pirate vessel onLac I)inneshere. Corrupted by the black

    ice used to make his ships keel, I)errick is vicious and hateful.

    POLE?LAYINGf. Authoritarian, intolerant of dissent

    + Hot-headed

    Intimidating, enjoys causing fear

    1! Loud -


    Over a hundred years ago, Kessell was abumbling apprentice usage who stumbled uponthe pover of the Crystal Shard awl attempted

    to conquer Icewmnd I)ale. Now a wight, he seeksonce more to bring the dale under his influence.

    ROLE?LAYINGAshamed to subnsit to the Ice Witch

    + Bitter that the power of the CrystalShard eludes Isimis

    + Cocky, and confident he camst lose

    + Furious at Drizzt l)oIlrden forkilling hums

    + Self-centered, believing that no omseelse niatters

  • BACKGROUNDIlengar is a young warrior of tbe iribe of the Elkwho idolizes his tribes great hero, Wu1fjar sonof Beornegar. lie believes in duty to isis peopleand the interdependence of the Reghed tribes

    and the Ten-Towners.

    ROLE1LAYING+ Concerned for his peoples well being



    + Friendly

    Optimistic .

  • BACKGPOUNDA young woman of the Tribe of the Elk, Hedrun

    was made Aurils Chosen and blessed withpowers of ice and cold. Unable to control them,

    she accidentally killed the young man shelovedthe son of the tribes shaman. Sent into

    exile, she has come into her own in the service ofthe Frostinaiden.

    R9LE?LAYING+ Haunted by the death of a loved one

    + Filled with Aurils fury


    + Isolated

    + Merciless

    + Vengeful

  • BACKGROUNDThe speaker of Bryn Shander is a young woman

    who has fought against prejudice to becomethe most capable leader the town has seen

    in nsany years.

    ROLEFLAYING+ Sliarp-toiigued; shes not hot-tempered,

    but when she gets angry she reallycuts loose

    + Skilled at negotiation; she listeisscarefully, clarifies what she hears,and finds common ground

    + Strong leader witls a clear vision forthe future

  • BACKGPOUNDA cleric of Amaunator, Mithann is a retiredadventurer from Cormyr who spent yearsfighting evil ac-ross Faerfln before settling

    in kewind l)ale. Tier adventuring days aredone, hut she tries to help other good-hearted

    adventurers as smsch as she can.

    K,OLE?LJ4YING+ hopeful, always sees the best in people

    + Caring

    + Cheerful

    + Devout

    + Vigilant against evil