Lecture 1: How computing is changing our lives

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This is the first lecture of the introductory course on high performance computing for applied physics students of the Department of Physics and Technology, Kharkiv Karazin Universityhttps://www.facebook.com/kharkivhpc


  • High performance computingfor non-programmers

    Lecture #1:How computing is changing our lives

    Glib Ivashkevychjunior researcher, NSC KIPT

  • VFX createdby Weta Digital

    rendered with Nvidia GPUs,25 times faster


  • Computing is everywhere

    Science & engineering



    Retail and many more...


  • Progress is huge

    CP-PACS2048 coresUniversity of Tsukuba, Nov 1996

    Tesla C2075448 coresby Nvidia, Sept 2011

  • Progress is huge

    ASCI Red9152 coresSandia National Lab, Nov 1997

    Tesla K20X1792 coresby Nvidia, Nov 2012

  • Progress is huge

    ASCI Red9152 coresSandia National Lab, Nov 1997

    First supercomputer built from commodity hardware

    Start of broadly available computing resources era

  • Progress is huge

    Computers help tosolve problems once unsolvable

    HPC is nowcheaper than ever,easier than ever,more accessible than ever

  • Computational revolutionScience: Human Brain Project

    Computers help tosolve problems once unsolvable

    50 PFLOPs for modeling of mouse brain1 EFLOPs for modeling of human brain

  • Computational revolutionScience: CERN IT infrastructure

    Computers help tosolve problems once unsolvable

    15 PBytes of data annually at LHC, global tiered infrastructure1 Tier 0, 11 Tier 1, 140 Tier 2 sites

  • Computational revolutionEngineering: Car crash simulation

    Computers help tosolve problems once unsolvable

    Finite-elements modelingMillions of equationsTens of thousands of crash simulations a month

  • Trends are clearVirtualization & Clouds

    Hybrid computing

    Big Data

    Green computing

  • Trends are clearGeneral purpose hardware

    Specialized software

    Open data

    Open source

    Skilled software developers are required

  • Syllabus

  • Why this course?

    Physicist with programming skillsis better than just physicist

    Put the landmarks

    Software development is a learnable skill

  • Logistics

    One lecture per week + a real-life example

    Weekly assignments

    Three projects

    Numerous tutorials

    Course virtual machine image

  • Block #1: Infrastructure

    Computer architectureLinux OSAmazon AWSHow its made. How to leverage good parts and avoid bad ones.

  • PythonC++ reviewJava review: optional

    How to choose right tool for the job.

    Block #2: Languages

  • Revision Control Systems: git, Github, BitBucketBuild automation: GNU makeDocumentation: SphinxTesting and Debugging: nose framework, pdb

    How to be a good citizen in software development world.

    Block #3: Tools & Workflow

  • Basic algorithms

    Design patterns

    How to create elegant and complex software architecture.

    Block #4: Software Design

  • Profiling and optimizationsThreads and OpenMPMPICUDA

    How to achieve performance.

    Block #5: Parallel software

  • Developing simple DropBox alternative

    Neural networks on GPU

    N-body simulations on GPU

    And now its time to apply everything weve learned to real-world problems.


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