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  • Leaving FootprintsMaking a difference one step at a time

    Vodafone Essar Sustainability Report 2010-11

  • At Vodafone, sustainability is an integral part of the companys mission and strategy, shaping how we conduct our business everyday.

    Footprints is our endeavour to make a difference to our workplace,marketplace, environment and community.

    Its not something beyond our business, its about how we do our business itself.

  • About Vodafone Essar 4

    CEO leads 5

    Vodafone Essar sustainability journey 7

    Workplace 10 Health, Safety & Wellbeing 13

    Driving an injury-free work culture 14

    Marketplace 16 Supply Chain Management 16

    Health, Safety & Wellbeing in Supply Chain Management 17

    Supplier Perspective 18

    Connecting the unconnected 19

    Sanchaar Shakti 20

    Empowering inmates in West Bengal and Tihar prisons 21

    M-learning service 22

    Mobile Banking 23

    Were Happy to Help 24

    Associate Distributors Vodafone Mini Stores (ADVMS) 25

    Aegis Call Centre, Srinagar 26

    Environment 28 Our green resolve 28

    Green effort on the network 30

    Green IT 31

    Management of Radio Frequency (RF) safety at Vodafone 32

    Community 34 We care for our world 34

    Circle stories of sustainability 36

    Performance against Group commitments 39


    e of




  • Vodafone Essar is a member of the Vodafone Group and commenced operations in India in 1994 when its predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired the cellular license for Mumbai. Our company now has operations across the country with over 130.92 Mn subscribers. In a survey conducted by Indias leading business weekly, Vodafone Essar was awarded the Most Respected Company in the telecom sector for 2010 . It was also awarded the Most Trusted Service Brand in India for 2010, by a leading financial daily.

    Vodafone is one of the world's largest mobile communications companies in terms of revenue with approximately 371 Mn customers in its controlled and jointly controlled markets as on 31 March 2011. We currently have equity interests in over 30 countries across five continents and more than 40 partner networks, worldwide.

    The Essar Group is a diversified business corporation with a balanced portfolio of assets in the manufacturing and services sectors of Steel, Energy, Power, Communications, Shipping Ports & Logistics and Projects. Essar employs more than 50,000 people across offices in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

    Vodafone Essar operates in 23 different telecom circles spread across India. Each of these circles is further

    About VodafoneEssar

    subdivided into zones. The corporate office is based in Mumbai and is considered a circle on its own. We directly own and control base stations in 7 of these circles through Spacetel; the remaining 16 circles are controlled by Indus Towers. With a rapidly increasing subscriber base, our network is growing as well - we now manage over 1,00,000 base station sites. Weve seen a 19% growth in the volume of voice usage from last year. This year, we keenly look at placing ourselves as a preferred data and services provider. In line with this, weve witnessed a structural transition from mass prepaid acquisition to segmented base management within Vodafone Essar.

    The environment we operate in has also witnessed a few major changes - the subscriber verification process became more stringent, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was introduced and 3G services are now available in India. In the last 15 months weve carried out extensive re-verification of our subscriber base and re-verified around 60 Mn subscribers to ensure that their verification documents are in compliance with the currently applicable Department of Telecommunications guidelines. Weve also been an enthusiastic supporter of this government initiative from the very beginning. Our belief has always been that if MNP is good for the customer, it means its also good for the service providers. The results of MNP have been very encouraging and heartening for us. We quickly emerged as a leader in Haryana and subsequently across all circles, with the maximum number of port-ins from other networks. By the end of February 2011, we had registered a net gain of around 2.2 lac customers.

    We believe that its our commitment to customers, brand recognition and our friendly approach that have been the primary reasons why customers have opted to choose our network. A large number of subscribers have thus embraced this as a means to exercise their choice and we look forward to leading the continuing telecom revolution in the Indian market.

    Vodafone Essar Sustainability Report 2010-11

  • In the telecommunications sector, we break barriers to connect people across geographies. This makes us a responsible business. But it doesnt stop here. I believe, being a responsible business is not only about how much you achieve but also how you achieve it. Weve a clear understanding about how we impact people, how we can use our core competencies of communication to better the lives of people and how we engage with our stakeholders. We believe that all this has to be done with relentless pursuit and determination.

    At Vodafone Essar, weve built the momentum gradually and in the last couple of years weve been quite impactful and engaging. Given that health,

    safety and wellbeing are integral to our operations, our persistent efforts with all stakeholders, both internal and external, have helped raise awareness levels.

    Weve done some great work with our diversity & inclusion programmes, employee volunteering, GiveIndia payroll programme and resource management initiatives through the ReSolve campaign.

    Energy is a precious resource and our teams are working hard to evaluate energy solutions that are beneficial to the environment and the business.

    Our key learning from the journey so far is that sustainability initiatives have to be embedded in our business & aligned with our vision and future goals. The next step for us is to create an overarching sustainability theme for India that will help us further build upon peoples love for the brand.

    Till then, let the good work continue!

    Warm regards,

    Marten Pieters


    CEO leads

  • Our steps, our journey

    Vodafone Essar Sustainability Report 2010-11

    Key facts & figuresSubscriberbase



    Number of Vodafone subscribers

    Total base station sites

    Total voice usage (Minutes in Mn)

    Total SMS messages handled (In Mn)

    Number of stores owned by VEL

    Number of stores franchised













    As on31 March 2011

    As on31 March 2010

    Total number of employees

    Total number of women employees

    Number of newly hired employees

    Number of nationalities in top management





    People at Vodafone(Numbers)

    * As of 31 March, 2011 ^ YTD ( April 2010 - January 2011)

  • At Vodafone, sustainability is not a mere philanthropic gesture or an add-on, but a part of our core business. Weve embarked on the process of embedding sustainability within Vodafone in a market as diverse and large as India, and we are proud to have left our footprints in territories of undiscovered opportunities and risks. Our route map so far reads:


    This is Vodafone Essar Limiteds (VEL) first sustainability report in which The Vodafone Group Plc and 16 out of its 23 Local Operating Companies (LOCs) will report on their sustainability performance.

    In this report, our sustainability strategy and role is presented with due consideration to the extent of impact on our environment, on the communities we operate in, on our employees and how we conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner. We discuss our stance, policies and actions taken on issues that have a bearing on our performance as a responsible business.

    The issues find place under four sections: Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community. The Workplace section deals with our Human Resources (HR) policies and actions and covers employee health and safety. We also outline our practices in supply chain management, ethics, customer service and marketing in the Marketplace section. Our environmental initiatives and programmes such as waste management, green Information Technology (IT), energy and responsible network deployment feature in the Environment section. The Community segment covers the many facets of social responsibility activities undertaken in the circles.

    Vodafone Essars first sustainability report


    When VEL was acquired by Vodafone Group, we had a sustainability vision. As we signed up to integrate with the Vodafone Groups sustainability approach, our overarching deliverable was to ensure basic compliances and delivery on issues. The Group made external commitments on the following - work with suppliers to ensure ethical and sustainable supply chain, measure our environmental footprint and the impact of our business on the Indian society.





    Taking sustainabilityfrom planning chartsto execution


  • One of our key focus areas was to embed the sustainability basics in operational functions; thus Footprints, the sustainability programme was created. It took off with two major employee oriented initiatives - payroll giving and volunteering for a cause.

    contribution of more than ` 50 lac.

    to work with the hearing impaired, visually challenged and to teach English to slum children. Jagriti and Learn English presented in the Marketplace section are examples of such volunteering.

    safety, energy conservation and waste management.

    also noteworthy.

    Our global vision is to be a responsible and an eco-efficient company, to engage and contribute to our local communities and to deliver sustainable innovations that benefit Indian society, crystallised as a key goal in our business.

    We see tremendous growth opportunities in being recognised as an entity who is the first mover on environmental and ethical issues, in being the preferred brand with customers, in strengthening our reputation with key external stakeholders and in increasing mobile adoption in underpenetrated or untouched market segments.

    Further, by being a responsible corporate, we would be more energy efficient, have loyal employees and be able to leverage government goodwill for social innovation projects.

    Strategising for sustainability




    Vodafone Essar Sustainability Report 2010-11

    Identify a flagshipsustainability programme

  • Sustainability is not charity nor is it a green movement. Its much broader than that. Its about how we conduct ourselves responsibly towards our employees, our customers, our vendors & associates, the community we live in & the environment around us. Only when its a way of life, sustainability is possible.

    Samaresh ParidaDirector - Strategy & Corporate Affairs

    Having identified this value, on recognising the priorities of our stakeholders and with the guidance of our global framework, our sustainability strategy for India emerged as depicted.

    We have outlined our performance and achievements in environmental compliance, green initiatives, customer centricity, employee satisfaction, marketing and social contributions in this report. We have left our footprints in tough and challenging territories, and our journey has only just begun.

    Certainty - Trustworthy, respectedand not letting our stakeholders down.Trusted Network

    Possibility - Using mobile technologyto deliver a sustainable future.Useful Innovation

    To be recognised as the leading Indian telecommunication company for responsible and ethical behaviour, contributing positively to the world we live in.

    Admire the brand

    Transfer ownership offundamentals to lines ofbusiness with clear ownersand targets, andmonitor progress.

    Identify opportunities andsupport lines of businessto deliver.

    Identify a short list of focus areasand mobilise internal resources andexternal partners to developand scale solutions.












    Love the brand

    Being a responsible and an eco-efficient company

    Engaging with and contributingto our local communities

    Delivering sustainable innovationsthat benefit Indian society

    1. Embed sustainability basics in the operational functions and circles

    2. Expand energy efficiency renewables and waste management activities

    3. Establish sustainability communications and reporting on performance (Internal and external)

    4. Set up a company-wide volunteering programme

    5. Engage with key stakeholders and customers at national and local levels

    6. Explore applications for special groups

    7. Deliver products and services that improve economic and social conditions for women


  • In being a responsible telecommunications company, we would like our employees to take our sustainability values ahead. Our workforce is our brand ambassador who manage issues in an ethical and a transparent way. Employee engagement at Vodafone takes various forms and forums such as refresher courses on our values - Speed, Simplicity and Trust, surveys and studies, nation-wide team building activities, employee volunteering forums and work-life balancing initiatives.

    Connecting with our peopleWe strive to be an Employer of Choice. We do this by encouraging a culture of flexibility and accommodation, diversity and inclusion, employee friendly policies, investing in structured succession planning, making a difference in the lives of those associated with us, and above all upholding the Vodafone values at work. Our dedication to build great careers for people who work with us, combined with talent management and development and speedy response to the call of community in times of crisis is our strength.

    The best sustainability activities are those that help us in our core business as more people in the organisation own it and drive to achieve it.

    Sanjoy MukerjiDirector - Business Operations, North and East

    Being a responsible telecommunicationscompany, we would like our employeesto take our sustainability values ahead.

    Vodafone Essar Sustainability Report 2010-11

  • workplace


    A restructured organisation to bring decision making as close to the customer as possible

    Presented employees with career options that will actualise and unleash their potential

    Introduced an employee engagement plan

    Introduced a Whistle Blow hotline

    We have empowered our circles and zones to run their businesses in a fairly decentralised manner.

    At Vodafone, talent management exists to support the organisations overall objectives by leveraging our capability in the below mentioned focus areas and presenting employees with career options that will actualise their potential.We invest in top talent and develop a pool of diverse talents for the future. We run development modules across levels in order to identify, check and develop talent. Our senior leadership also reviews talent management through structured forums.

    We have devised a comprehensive employee engagement plan, which includes surveys an...


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