Learning to Play KardKuro Goals: Have Fun while Practicing Addition and Subtraction. Improve Social Learning Opportunities with Classmates. Become familiar.

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Learning to Play KardKuroGoals: Have Fun while Practicing Addition and Subtraction.

Improve Social Learning Opportunities with Classmates.

Become familiar with the Sum Combinations used in Kakuro Puzzles.

Get some Extra Credit!


What comes in the game box?A deck of 110 Single Digits cards. Only the Digits 1 though 9 are used. Equal amounts of each Digit are mixed together with some Wild cards.A deck of 54 Numbers For Summing cards. Players take turns playing the Digit cards needed to complete each Number card. Numbers are 3 to 42:A Playing Field. It acts as a game board to organize Number and Digit cards while the game is being played.A Score Sheet which lists the Players and their Round by Round cumulative scores. A Game usually lasts 3 Rounds.

A few Number cards call for an action to be done:Eddy Andy Beth Coco Dina0 33 26 7 4432 11 53 0 2332 44 79 7 67 2 14 27 18 034 58 106 25 67The Game is over when three rounds have been playedor when any players score exceeds 99. Low score is the game Winner. To start the game, twelve Digit cards will be dealt to each Player.Summing Help notes. Each Player gets a copy that lists all the Digit combinations for each Number card.

Setup:Put the Playing Field on the table center.Shuffle the Numbers for Summing Deck, then put it on the Playing Field.Shuffle the Digits Deck, then put it on the Playing Field.

The number of digit cards that must be played can vary from 2 to 7:

At the start of the game, 4 digits is default. Rules:Duplicate Digits are not allowed in a sum.For example, the Number 30 using 4 digits can only be made playing 6, 7, 8 and 9.Playing 5, 7, 9 and another 9 is not allowed.

Rules:Suppose the number of digits was 5.The Number 30 using 5 digits can be made in six different combinations see the Help.For 6 and 7 digits, the number of combinations are different.

KardKuro RulesGame Flow:A Game is 3 Rounds, low total score winsTo start a Round, every Player is dealt 12 Digit cards (their Hand)Players take Turns, clockwise from the dealerThe first Player to empty their Hand ends the Roundwith 0 points - other Players sum their Digit cardsHow a Player takes a Turn:If a Number card is incomplete (the previous Player couldnt complete it),the next Player tries to play Digits to complete itIf a new Number card was turned to start the Turn, the Player can choose one of the combos, and play some or all Digits neededIf a player cannot play any Digit cards, a new Digit card must be drawn;If the new Digit card is one that is needed, it can be played to continue the Turn;Otherwise, it becomes the next Players TurnWhen a Player completes their 1st Number card,they get a chance to play on a 2nd Number card (called the Bonus)KardKuro RulesThe Digits Length (how many Digit cards must be used for a Number):Digits Length can require from 2 to 7 Digits cardsAt Game start, the Digits Length is set to 4, but it must be changed if the first Number card doesnt have 4 as a length choice A Number to be Summed can have a value from 3 to 42; Numbers can have from 1 to 4 valid choices for a Digits LengthWhen a new Number card cant be completed using the current Digits Length,the Digits Length is reset to the closest length allowed for the new NumberThe Digits Length is not changed if the new Number card has it as a choiceCompleting a Number:Digit cards cannot be duplicated to complete a NumberSumming Help lists all Numbers and their possible combinationsStrategy:Try to get rid of duplicate Digit cards firstGet rid of larger value Digit cards if it looks like another Player could go outRather than complete a Bonus card, leave one Digit unplayed the nextPlayer will probably be able to play fewer cards

From 2 to 8 (or more) Players can play.See who deals : Each Player a draws a Digit card.The Player with the highest Digit card will be the Dealer of the first Round. (one tie, all tie)A Turner and a Stacker are also needed. Lets Play!

Im the Dealer!AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyDealerTurnerStackerThe Turner Is the Playeron the dealers left.

When a new Number cardis needed, the Turner turnsover the top card from theNumbers for SummingDeck and puts it on top ofthe Next Number Pile. The Stacker is the Player on the dealers right.

When a Next Number is completely summed, theStacker moves those Digitcards to the Used Digits Pile.

Reshuffle and deal 12 Digit cards to each Player.(deal 3 or 4 at a time, players arrange them in order)Andy turns over the top Numbers for Summingcard, and makes it the Next Number: Its 30.Players take turns clockwise from the Dealer.My Turn!!AndyBarbCocoDinaEddy So Im dealinDealerTurnerStacker

Each Next Number card lists from 1 to 4 choices for the number of digits required. 30 can be summed from 4, 5, 6 0r 7 digits.Since 4 digits is a choice, 4 cards must be used.(If 4 wasnt a choice, the Digits Pointer is reset)

Andy checks Summing Help; theres only one way!Andy has 3 of the digits for 30, so he plays 7, 8, 9.Since he did not complete the 30, its Barbs turn:Barb plays the missing 6 and completes 30.Dina stacks; Barb gets one Bonus Next NumberCant finish it.AndyBarbCocoDinaEddy But I CAN!DealerTurnerStacker

Her Bonus Number is 14; Summing Help lists 5 waysBarb has all digits for the 3rd combo, so she plays themOnly 1 Bonus card allowed/turn, so now its Cocos turn:Cocos new Number is 36 and 4 digits cant be used.Eddie moves the Digit Pointer to 6, closest to 4.AndyBarbCocoDinaEddy I like the cDealerTurnerStacker

There are 3 combos for 36; Coco gets to use his WildCoco chooses the b combo, and he plays them all.Because he completed 36, he also gets a Bonus number:His Bonus is 9, so digits length 6 cant be used.Eddie moves the Digit Pointer to 3, closest to 6.AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyDealerTurnerStacker

Done! Whats my bonus?.

Coco only has 2 of the 3 digits needed for 9;he chooses to play 6 and 2 and passes to Dina.Dina plays a 1 to complete 9, so she gets a Bonus card:Her Bonus is Pass 2 Cards, so she gives 2 9s to Coco.And the turn passes to Eddy.AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyDealerTurnerStacker

Sorry, Coco

Eddy gets a new first card ; its 41, so length is 7. He plays all 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and Wild (for 6 or 9). Andy has neither so he draws, gets a 9 to finish 41.His Bonus is Draw a Card, so he draws an 8.And the turn passes to Barb.AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyDealerTurnerStacker

Couldnt finish it


Barb gets a fresh first card and its 25; Length is now 4 She uses a to play 1, 7, 8, using Wild for 9. Her Bonus is 14 Can she Go Out??? She uses d to play her last cards 1, 3 and 4. The Round is over. Lets see the Scoring.AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyDealerTurnerStacker


List each player and add the Digits left in their hands:Eddys score is 30 (1+2+4+5+8+10) 10 for the wild.Andys score is 41 (1+2+2+3+3+5+5+5+7+8). Barbs score is 0 she played all her cards & went out.Cocos score is 31 (2+3+3+5+9+9).Dinas score is 41 (1+1+2+4+4+6+7+7+9).The game would continue until some players score exceeds 99. Have fun playing KardKuro!AndyBarbCocoDinaEddyDealerTurnerStacker

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