Learning & teaching refurbishments 2012

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Learning & teaching refurbishments 2012. October 2012. Medical School Pool cluster MG130 . After. Befor e. Medical School MG130 Pool Cluster . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Computer clusters refurbishment meeting

Learning & teaching refurbishments 2012 October 2012Medical School Pool cluster MG130

BeforeAfterMedical School MG130 Pool Cluster

The corridor was removed to create a larger room and increase the PCs from 55 to 70. The teaching position was moved to the centre of the room with repeater screens along the wall.

Bedson Chart Cluster 3.30

BeforeAfterIncreased from 35 to 42 PC stations The insulated ceiling improves the heating and lighting. Bedson Chart Cluster 3.30

The focal teaching wall was moved to improve student sight lines. Bedson 2.40 creation of new cluster

Close to other teaching spaces in the Bedson enhancing this teaching hubBedson 2.40PC Capacity 40

The daisy desks were used to ease movement around the roomRidley 1 Nereid Cluster 4.72

Increased from 24 to 30 PC work stations. Posters to go up on the walls. Before After

Daysh 1.31 Brae Cluster A central teaching position was created and access around the room improved with alterations to the layout.

Before After Daysh 1.31 Brae Cluster

New glazed entrance with quick access stations to provide additional space at class change over times Agriculture building student social space ground floor

Former SAgE faculty meeting room Student social space with 9 PCs, collaborative working table and soft seating. KGVI building student social space basement B56 & B57

Existing common room March 2012 Opened up with B57 to provide a larger space.KGVI building student social space The additional space provides an area for students to eat and drink.

Ridley 1 ground floor student common room

Students requested a number of minor improvements to the space which included a zip hot water boiler and sink . . and the furniture recycling mail base brought in coffee tables, alternative seating and a table football.Bedson building porters lodge

Student touch down space created with quick access stations and soft seating. Notice boards are being installed soon.Old porters lodge removed CLT first floor corridor

Before This project to improve the student corridor and access and egress to the lecture theatre and teaching rooms is still on going and will complete in November.A student touch down space will be created and notice boards will be added for student information. After CLT first floor corridor

This area of seminar rooms always looked abandoned, the refurbishment ties them in with the main corridor and ground floor refurbishmentBefore After Ridley 1 MAST Project Lab 5.76


After An old research lab in the Ridley building has been refurbished to provide space for student projects.


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