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  • Lean TPM - a PracTicaL BLuePrinT for PerforMance iMProveMenTTWO DAY WORKSHOP

    Dennis is a recognised authority on the application of Lean and TPM tools

    to deliver year on year improvement in performance and has helped many well known and award winning organisations on their improvement journey. These include 3M, General Motors, Ford, Johnson Matthey, BP, Dow Corning, Heineken, Ikea, Mitsubishi, Pepsi and General Electric. In addition Dennis is a regular speaker at national and international manufacturing conferences.He also designed and developed an extensive Lean Toolkit for the government sponsored Manufacturing Advisory Service in Scotland and the Creating Lean Business (CLB) Programme for the London Lean Learning Academy. His role included master class training for MAS practitioners and hands on delivery of the CLB programme on behalf of the Lean Learning Academy.He is the author of: TPM a route to world class.

    (Butterworth Heinemann) Lean TPM A blueprint

    for change (1st and 2nd Editions, Butterworth Heinemann)

    Early Equipment Management, Continuous improvement for projects (Productivity Press).

    Your HoSTDennis McCarthy

    ProGraM overvieWLearn how well respected and award winning organisations combine the power of Lean, Lean Sigma and TPM to ratchet up year on year performance. Each are proven improvement toolsets but combining them to target specific business drivers accelerates the pace of improvement. Understand how the Lean TPM route map delivers stability and then optimised equipment and process performance to release the full potential of Lean workflow and customer responsiveness. Delivering a breakthrough to the highest performance levels by: removing functional silos, raising front line team capabilities, increasing problem ownership, releasing management & specialist resources to focus on higher value added


    MeaSure iMPacT of TPM iMPacT of Lean THinKinG

    PRODUCTIVITYEliminate causes of breakdowns and reduced need for intervention.

    Improved workflow control, less waiting, reduce non-value adding activities, Increase added value per labour hour.

    QUALITY Improved process precision, reduce start-up loss, increased process speed.

    Rapid feedback of quality defects to source, Improved design for manufacture, reduced human error.

    COSTImproved material yield.Stabilise & extend component life. Lower life cycle cost.

    Lower inventories, improved flexibility to shifts in demand. Close coupled supply chains.

    DELIVERY Improved plan achievement.Shorter lead times, faster conversion processes.

    SAFETYLess unplanned events, Less intervention. Controlled wear.

    Less movement, less clutterAbnormal conditions become visible easily.

    MORALEBetter understanding of technology, equipment ownership & engagement. More time to manage.

    Less clutter, closer to the customer.Higher appreciation of what constitutes customer value.

    ENVIRONMENTCloser control of equipment, less energy/ utility consumption. Reduced waste.

    No over productionSystems geared to demand rather than to theoretical batching rules.

    naTionaL WorKSHoPS - QLDHoLciM29 & 30 AUgUST 2018

  • oBJecTiveS & ToPicSThis two day program is designed to help you to: Understand the lessons learned by moving from good

    to better to best. Apply proven Lean TPM diagnostic benchmarks for

    each step to measure your organisations progress and map out next steps to emulate their success.

    Develop action plans to build on existing good practices and accelerate progress on return to the workplace.


    Understanding the TPM and Lean partnership Lean TPM diagnostic review The route to zero breakdowns

    - Asset care shop floor project activity Lean TPM Simulation Preventing recurring problems (project activity follow up) Driving Flow and Flexibility through focused

    Improvement Changing the shop floor reality Lean TPM Daily Management Optimising the value stream

    TYPicaL GainS froM averaGe To uPPer QuarTiLe Lean TPM BencHMarK ScoreS

    KPi Gain

    SuPPLY cHain

    Delivery reliability 104%

    Ex stock availability 102%

    Stock turns 127%

    Supplier delivery performance 106%

    ProceSS reLiaBiLiTY

    Scrap Rate 41%

    OEE 118%

    RFT 106%


    Set Up Time 52%

    Assembly Time 53%

    Customer Lead Times 43%

    PeoPLe ManaGeMenT

    Absenteeism 74%

    Length of Service 133%

    Send name, role, company and contact Details to:Kevin Bennett - QLD & NSW Network Facilitator at kevin@bestpracticenetwork.com.au or 0407 144 963.bestpracticenetwork.com.au

    reGiSTer Your


    evenT DeTaiLSYoUR HosTAndrew HeleyNational Asset Manager

    VENUEHOLCIM1 Fairbank Place, Swanbank QLD 4306

    DATE & TiME29th & 30th August, 20189.00am - 4.30pm each day

    sAFETY ATTiREFully enclosed flat shoes, no jewellery (wedding band excluded)

    pHoTosNo Phones or Cameras are allowed inside the plant.

    FEEs$850 Plus GST for Members$1250 plus GST for Non-Members(Refund will be issued if 1 weeks notice is given prior to event)


    Operations and Site Managers Maintenance Managers

    CI Managers

    The focus on continuous improvement began six years ago. in the last 3 years weve seen 25 per cent year-on-year improvements consistent and sustained productivity improvements, including quality not just by the tonnage.

    The achievement is all the more impressive given that there have been no large investments in automation or other manufacturing equipment in these particular plants.

    Site ManagerJohnson Matthey


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