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LCR60 S3 LCR600 S3 Owner’s Manual and · PDF fileEnglish Limited Warranty Dear customer, Welcome to B&W. This product has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards

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Text of LCR60 S3 LCR600 S3 Owner’s Manual and · PDF fileEnglish Limited Warranty Dear customer,...

  • LCR60 S3LCR600 S3

    Owners Manual and Warranty

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    EnglishLimited Warranty...........1Owners Manual ............1

    FranaisGarantie limite.............3Manuel dutilisation .......3

    DeutschBeschrnkte Garantie ...5Bedienungsanleitung.....5

    EspaolGaranta limitada...........7Manual de instrucciones ................8

    PortugusGarantia limitada.........10Manual do utilizador....10

    ItalianoGaranzia limitata .........12Manuale di istruzioni ...12

    NederlandsBeperkte garantie .......14Handleiding ................14

    PolskiGwarancja .................16Instrukcja uytkownika ...............16

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  • English

    Limited WarrantyDear customer,

    Welcome to B&W.

    This product has been designed andmanufactured to the highest qualitystandards. However, if something does gowrong with this product, B&WLoudspeakers and its national distributorswarrant free of charge labour (exclusionmay apply) and replacement parts in anycountry served by an official B&Wdistributor.

    This limited warranty is valid for a period offive years from the date of purchase or twoyears for electronics including amplifiedloudspeakers.

    Terms and Conditions

    1 The warranty is limited to the repair ofthe equipment. Neither transportation,nor any other costs, nor any risk forremoval, transportation and installationof products is covered by this warranty.

    2 This warranty is only valid for theoriginal owner. It is not transferable.

    3 This warranty will not be applicable incases other than defects in materialsand/or workmanship at the time ofpurchase and will not be applicable:

    a. for damages caused by incorrectinstallation, connection or packing,

    b. for damages caused by any use otherthan correct use described in the usermanual, negligence, modifications, oruse of parts that are not made orauthorised by B&W,

    c. for damages caused by faulty orunsuitable ancillary equipment,

    d. for damages caused by accidents,lightning, water, fire heat, war, publicdisturbances or any other causebeyond the reasonable control of B&Wand its appointed distributors,

    e. for products whose serial number hasbeen altered, deleted, removed ormade illegible,

    f. if repairs or modifications have beenexecuted by an unauthorised person.

    4 This guarantee complements anynational/regional law obligations ofdealers or national distributors anddoes not affect your statutory rights asa customer.

    How to claim repairs under warranty

    Should service be required, please followthe following procedure:

    1 If the equipment is being used in thecountry of purchase, you shouldcontact the B&W authorised dealerfrom whom the equipment waspurchased.

    2 If the equipment is being used outsidethe country of purchase, you shouldcontact B&W national distributor in thecountry of residence who will advise

    where the equipment can be serviced.You can call B&W in the UK or visit ourweb site to get the contact details ofyour local distributor.

    To validate your warranty, you will need toproduce this warranty booklet completedand stamped by your dealer on the date ofpurchase. Alternatively, you will need theoriginal sales invoice or other proof ofownership and date of purchase.

    Owners manual


    Thank you for choosing Bowers & Wilkins.

    We are confident that you will enjoy manyyears of listening pleasure from yourspeakers, but please read this manual fullybefore installing them. It will help youoptimise their performance.

    The speaker is primarily intended for hometheatre installations, but is equally at homewith 2-channel audio. Separate sections inthe manual are devoted to the twoapplications.

    B&W maintains a network of dedicateddistributors in over 60 countries who will beable to help you should you have anyproblems your dealer cannot resolve.

    Unpacking (figure 1)

    After opening the top carton flaps,remove the grille and foam plug from thepolystyrene tray.

    Fold the carton flaps right back andinvert the carton and contents.

    Lift the carton clear of the contents andremove the inner packaging from thespeakers.

    Remove the protection cover from thetweeter and fit the grille if required,applying pressure over the position of thepegs.

    We suggest you retain the packing forfutureuse.


    All ApplicationsThe speaker may be used in either verticalor horizontal orientation. However, verticalorientation offers better horizontaldispersion and is to be preferred in mostcases as this leads to a more stable imageover a wide listening area.

    Horizontal orientation can be used with littledetriment to the imaging if the speaker isused in the front centre position of a hometheatre installation where the listeners arewithin 15 of the centre line equivalent to0.8m at a listening distance of 3m.

    The speaker has a reflex port at the rear.Leave at least 10cm clear space betweenthe back of the speaker and the wallbehind, to allow the port to operateproperly.

    NOTE: The badge on the grille can berotated through 90 degrees to suit theorientation of the speaker. Pull the badge

    slightly away from the grille against springpressure, and turn.

    Fix the 4 self-adhesive pads to the base ofthe speaker. They give a degree of vibrationisolation, especially useful if placing thespeaker directly on top of a fairly flimsytelevision. The flat area on top of thetelevision may be smaller than the base ofthe speaker, so position the feetaccordingly.

    Home Theatre (figure 2)

    As a front centre speaker: If using a projection television with anacoustically transparent screen, place thespeaker behind the centre of the screen.Otherwise position it directly above orbelow the screen, whichever is closest toear level. Align the front of the speakerapproximately level with the screen.

    As a front left and right speaker:As an initial guide: Make the height of the tweeter

    approximately the same as the centrespeaker.

    Space the speaker between 0.5m and1m from the side of the screen.

    As a surround speaker:There are two ways of presenting surroundinformation. You can either attempt to getgood imaging in all directions or go for amore diffuse, ambient effect. The choice ismade more difficult by the fact that somemovies are produced assuming a diffusesurround presentation and others attemptto portray more precise imaging.

    In both cases position the speakers to thesides and behind the listeners.

    For more precise imaging, mount thespeakers at or just above ear height andpoint them at the listening area. (figure 3)

    Do not expect the imaging to the sides andrear to be as precise as at the front.Phantom images between the speakers arefairly easy to create with sustained tones,but fricative or percussive sounds can tendto localise more at the speakers. It is alsodifficult to get an ideal balance betweenfront and surround speakers for more thanone row of listeners.

    For a more diffuse effect, mount thespeakers higher and point them alongeither the rear or side wall. (figure 4)

    2-Channel Audio (figure 5)

    Mount the speakers so that the tweetersare approximately at ear level.

    As an initial guide: Position the speakers and the centre of

    the listening area approximately at thecorners of an equilateral triangle.

    Keep the speakers at least 1.5m apart tomaintain left-right separation.

    Keep the speaker baffles at least 0.5mclear of walls.

    Stray magnetic fieldsThe speaker drive units are magneticallyshielded such that the stray magnetic fieldoutside the boundaries of the cabinet,except the front, is too low to causedistortion of the television picture in thevast majority of cases.


  • There are, however, some extremelysensitive televisions some that even haveto be adjusted according to their alignmentwith the earths magnetic field. If you havea problem, first degauss the television setwith the speaker in place. Some have abutton especially for this purpose. If not,switch off the set at the mains for15 minutes and switch on again. Merelyputting the set into standby mode is notsufficient.

    If you still have a problem, try moving thespeaker either forwards or backwards alittle to get a more favourable juxtaposition,or space the speaker further from thetelevision until the distortion disappears.

    Because of the higher stray magnetic fieldin front of the speaker, we recommend youkeep magnetically sensitive articles(computer discs, audio and video tapes,swipe cards and the like) at least 0.2m fromthe speaker.


    All connections should be made with theequipment switched off.

    There are 2 pairs of terminals at the back ofthe speaker which permit bi-wiring ifdesired. On delivery, the separate pairs areconnected together with high-quality linksfor use with a single 2-core cable. Forsingle cable connection, leave the links inplace and use eit