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Launching KITE

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Launching KITE. Vik Chaudhary [email protected] Abelardo Gonzalez [email protected] K eynote I nternet T esting E nvironment Testing Web Apps from the Desktop to the Internet Cloud. KITE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Launching KITE

  • Launching KITE Vik [email protected]

    Abelardo [email protected]

  • Keynote Internet Testing EnvironmentTesting Web Apps from the Desktop to the Internet Cloud

  • KITESingle performance testing environment for Web developers, QA and IT Operations teams Real-Time testing and analysis of Web applications for immediate performance feedback Interactively test performance from the Desktop, Last Mile and the Internet Cloud

  • Recording, scripting and playback of Web transactions KITE On the DesktopInstant Web tests from the desktopScheduled testing for higher productivity

  • Instant tests from 5 global citiesKITE from the Internet Cloud

  • KITE Web Performance EnginePerformance analysis for multi-page transactions, not just single pagesNative IE integration easily analyzes the effects of AJAX, Flash, and JavaScriptRecord test scripts, playback in burst mode, and share scriptsJavaScript programmability for scripting and DOM analysisTest from the Desktop Last Mile, and Internet Cloud

  • AnnouncingKITE Early Adopter ProgramStarts in August 2008Sign up at http://kite.keynote.comKITE is FREE!