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Latino consumer magazine and auto magazine

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  • > Sending Your Child to College> Keeping a Clear Complexion> Eating Healthy on a Student Budget

    Top Tech ToolsFor Students And Business

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    Summer 2010

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    d EDECISIV The Best Source for Cultural and Consumer NewsLatino

    Our Experts Share Tips for:

  • d EDECISIV The Best Source for Cultural and Consumer NewsSpring 2010


    Buen Viaje!We pick the top five Latino friendly destinations including Frida Kahlos Mexico City.

    > A skincare regimen for a healthy glow on the road. (p.3)

    > How to prepare your finances before

    you travel. (p.4)> Tips to keep fit while

    on vacation. (p.5)

    our experts show you:

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    the usuals:INSIdE EvErY ISSuE02 FrOm dECISIvE mEdIA04 BEAuTY05 HEAlTH

    the Guide to Whats inside Volume 1, issue 3 summer 2010



    ON THE COvEr

    We consult the Hispanic Associa-tion of Colleges and Universities for tips when planning for college.

    Make sure your young scholar heads to class equipped with the latest technology.

    Professor William Perez chronicles the efforts of undocumented stu-dents to gain a higher education.

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    scHool of Hard knocks 09

    Publisher: Randi Payton

    editor-in-Chief: Lyndon Conrad Bell.

    editorial direCtor: Joyce Gates

    editor: Valerie Menard

    art direCtor: Fran Sherman

    Consumer editor: Tiffany Tilley

    Contributing writers:Brian Armstead, Sylvia Melendez-Klinger,

    Scott-Vincent Borba

    multimedia managers:Thuan Ngo, Angel Giron

    deCisive media headquarters:8201 Corporate Drive, Suite 500

    Landover, MD 20785 Tel: 301-850-2858 Fax: 301-390-1825

    President & Ceo: Randi Payton

    viCe President: Karen Payton

    ProduCtion/distribution: Joyce Gates

    business manager: Damon Redmond

    sales direCtor: Karen Payton

    exeCutive assistant: Shirley Bell

    multimedia marketing: Rich Baron

    national aCCount managers: Leonard Corbin

    event direCtor: Rosiland Trich

    Content sPeCialist: David Payton

    Decisive Latino magazine 2010 is published four times annually

    as a newspaper-deliveredpublication and digital e-magazine by

    Decisive Media

    Your complete resource for research and opinion on consumer products and services

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    1 summer 2010 |

    DECISIVE Mobile Is Here.

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    decisiveness is defined as being char-acterized by firmness and decision. Being decisive means that you have the ability to decide. From the strength of a decision you then have the ability to act and we want to help you to

    purchase the best of your decisions. If leadership requires that you are able to make key

    decisions effectively, then decisiveness means being the leader of your own life. Decisiveness is both a skill you can build and an internal state you can summon when you need it.

    Decisive Latino magazine and its experts provide you with decision-making information on a broad array of consumer products and services from a cultural perspective. helps you process buying decisions with features that include video, audio, animated ads, and interactive editorials, where you can find everything you need and where you can be informed by the best experts at the time.

    We want you be part of the Decisive Latino fam-ily, being able to comment on articles and Ask the Experts for advice.

    All decisions are based on complete information and the best choice you can make is with the information you have. You cant know for sure whether your busi-ness idea will fail or succeed, you can gather informa-tion to help you refine it and to understand the risks, but ultimately you need to make a decision.

    The next time you are deciding what to eat, time yourself and only give a minute to answer. Once you get used to making decisions rapidly you will start to realize that clear, firm decision making often results in better decisions then ones where you stew around with the same information over and over again.

    Please visit our new Web site and get your subscrip-tion to the digital version of our magazines, and please, share this with your friends and family.

    This summer, let Decisive Latino help you be more decisive.

    Angel R. GironMultimedia Manager

    this summer, be


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    collegiatecomplexionthere is nothing worse on skin than being in college. Your body is still changing and your hor-mones are running rampant, causing breakouts, combination skin, redness, and irritation. stress from new class loads, dating, late night studying (and partying, lets be honest), and just trying to fit in, can wreak havoc on your skin. here is a three-step strategy for you that will get you and your skin back in class with straight as!

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    INSIDE: For starters, drink at least 48 ounces of water a day and cut greasy or fried foods from your diet. Supplement your diet with vitamins A, C, E (vital antioxidants for cell regeneration) and zinc (or just use my Aqua-less Crystalline each day as a supplement). In your diet, be sure to get plenty of Omega-3s and eat foods rich in protein, isoflavones (through soy), and anti-inflammatory foods (through olive oil).

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    2) Camouflage the CulPrits!Covering up a breakout is a true art. To begin, wash your face and

    gently exfoliate. After towel-drying, cool down the affected breakout area by applying an ice pack (or some ice cubes in a sandwich bag) for twothree minutes. This will reduce the size and redness of the affected area. Then moisturize your face with your daily moisturizer, taking caution not to irritate the affected area. Then apply non-comedogenic

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    3) eat your way to flawless skin! These simple snacks can be thrown in your backpack for a skin boost

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    great fat-burning foods that help kick-start the body into losing weight. These appetite suppressants are free-radical scavengers and help flush out the system.

    NIGHT: Try c