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<p>Lee vs. Director of LandsG.R. No. 128195October 3, 2001FACTS: SometimeinMarch1936, theDinglaanol!to"ee "iong #$hinee citi%en&amp; a 'arcel o( lan! it)ate!at thecorner o( Ro*a+,en)ean!-a,iaStreet,Ro*a $it.. /n1993, 0li%abethMan)el1"eean!-acita2)"ee(ile! 3ith the R4$o( Ro*a $it. a 'etition (orrecontit)tiono( titleo( thelot. #+llegingthat thetran(ercerti(icateo( titlei)e!to"ee"iong3alot or !etro.e! !)ring 5orl! 5ar //.&amp; -etitioner0li%abethan!-acitaallege!that the.3ere the 3i!o3 o(the!eceae!"ee6ing7ooan! "ee 6)n 4ing, 3ho 3ere the heir o( "ee"iong, the o3ner o( the lot. 4he R4$a''ro,e! recontit)tion o( the lot or!etro.e! certi(icate o( title in the name o( "ee "iongonthe bai o( ana''ro,e! 'lan an! technical!ecri'tion. SolicitorGeneral(ile!3iththe$o)rto(+''eala 'etition (or ann)lment o( the R4$!eciionallegingthattheR4$ha!no 8)ri!iction o,er thecae. 4he Solicitor General conten!e! that the 'etitioner3erenotthe 'ro'er'artieinthe recontit)tiono(title, incetheir 're!eceor1in1interet "ee"iong!i!not ac9)iretitletothelot beca)ehe3aa$hinee citi%en an! 3a contit)tionall. not 9)ali(ie!to o3n the )b8ect lan!. $+!eclare! the recontit)tion ,oi!. 7ence thi'etition. 0li%abeth an! -acita em'hai%e! that the o3nerhi'o( the lan! ha! been ettle! in t3o 're,io) cae o(the S)'reme $o)rt, 3here the $o)rt r)le! in (a,or o(their 're!eceor1in1interet, "ee "iong. 4he. alo 'ointe! o)t that the. ac9)ire! o3nerhi'o( the lan! thro)gh act)al 'oeion o( the lot an!their conitent 'a.ment o( ta*e o,er the lan! (ormore than i*t. .ear. Onthe other han!, the Solicitor General)bmitte!that the!eciionintherecontit)tioncae 3a ,oi!: other3ie, it 3o)l! amo)nt tocirc)m,enting the contit)tional 'rocri'tion againtalien ac9)iring o3nerhi' o( 'ri,ate or ')blicagric)lt)ral lan!.ISSUES: 1. 5ON "ee "iong ha the 9)ali(ication to o3n lan! inthe -hili''ine. NO 2. 5ON the recontit)tion 3a ,ali!. NO HELD: 1. "ee"iong3anot9)ali(ie!b)ttheo3nerhi'o( the lot 3a alrea!. ac9)ire! b. ;ili'ino citi%en"ee "iong 3a !i9)ali(ie! to ac9)ire the lan! )n!erthe 1935 $ontit)tion. 4he ale o(the lan!in9)etion3acon)mmate!ometimein March1936, !)ring the e((ecti,it. o( the 1935$ontit)tion./( lan! i in,ali!l. tran(erre! to an alien 3ho)be9)entl. become a citi%en or tran(er it to aciti%en, the (la3 in the original tranaction iconi!ere!c)re!an!thetitleo( thetran(ereeiren!ere! ,ali!.?4h), the)be9)ent tran(er o( the'ro'ert.to9)ali(ie! ;ili'ino ma. no longer be im')gne! on thebai o( the in,ali!it. o( the initial tran(er. 4heob8ecti,e o( the contit)tional'ro,iion to =ee' o)rlan! in ;ili'ino han! ha been achie,e!./nci!entall., it m)t be mentione! that recontit)tiono( the original certi(icate o( title m)t be bae! on ano3ner@!)'licate, econ!ar.e,i!encethereo(, orother ,ali! o)rce o( the title to be recontit)te!.2.Recontit)tion 3a ,oi! (or lac= o( (act)al )''ort/nthicae, recontit)tion3abae!onthe'lanan! technical !ecri'tion a''ro,e! b. the "an!Regitration +)thorit.. 4hi ren!er the or!er o(recontit)tion ,oi! (or lac= o( (act)al )''ort. +8)!gment 3ith abol)tel. nothing to )''ort it i ,oi!.+earliermentione!,arecontit)tiono(titleithere1i)anceo(ane3 certi(icate o( title lot or!etro.e! in it original(orm an! con!ition. /t !oenot 'a )'on the o3nerhi' o( the lan! co,ere! b.the lot or !etro.e! title.+n. change in the o3nerhi' o( the 'ro'ert. m)t bethe )b8ect o( a e'arate )it. 4h), altho)gh'etitioner are in 'oeion o( the lan!, a e'arate'rocee!inginecear.tothreh o)tthei)e o(o3nerhi' o( the lan!.4heS$$o)rt R0A0RS0San!S04S+S/D0the!eciion o( the $+.JG Suit v. CAG.R. No. 12B293Can)ar. 31, 2005FACTS: Can)ar. 2D, 199D1 theNational /n,etment an!De,elo'ment $or'oration #N/D$&amp;, a go,ernmentcor'oration, entere! into a Coint Aent)re +greement#CA+&amp; 3ith Ea3aa=i 7ea,. /n!)trie, "t!. o( Eobe,Ca'an#E+5+S+E/&amp; (orthecontr)ction, o'erationan!management o( theS)bicNational Shi'.ar!,/nc. #SNS&amp; 3hich )be9)entl. became the-hili''ine Shi'.ar! an! 0ngineering $or'oration#-7/"S0$O&amp;. </p>