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ÅLAND POST STAMPS - Åland Stamps · PDF file Christmas (Julpost) / postcard 2016 0.70 357/ 352-4071 Christmas (Världen) / postcard 2016 1.40 358 Roosters, miniature sheet (2 x €2.00)

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Text of ÅLAND POST STAMPS - Åland Stamps · PDF file Christmas (Julpost) / postcard 2016...

  • No. 1 2017

    Å L A N D P O S T

    S TA MP S

    Åland stamp celebrates centenarian

    Special price on provincial coins!

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    INTERNET Nordic stamps: Sepac stamps:

    E-MAIL [email protected]

    VISITING ADDRESS Flygfältsvägen 10, Sviby, Jomala

    EDITORS Anita Häggblom Heidemarie Eriksson Outi Bergman Gunilla Häggblom Monita Löfroth

    TEXT Gunilla Häggblom

    TRANSLATION Kristine Lybeck Sund

    LAYOUT Outi Bergman

    PRODUCTION April Kommunikation Fram


    Anita Häggblom D IREC TO R

    Å L A ND P O S T S TA MP SW e

    re se

    rv e

    th e

    ri gh

    t to

    c ha

    ng e

    th e

    in fo

    rm at

    io n

    in t

    hi s

    pu bl

    ic at

    io n.

    Å L A N D P O S T

    S TA M P S No. 1 2017

    Land ahoy! 3

    Royal hunting lodge 4

    Åland honours centenarian 6

    Maximum cards enhance your collection 8

    Postal lorry rounds off model car series 8

    Order coupon 9

    Sauna bathing is life itself 16

    Collector’s sheets portray sailing ship era 19

    Euro coins in medieval shroud 19

    Three provincial coin sets at special price 20

    Buy your Finnish stamps from Åland Post 21

    Postage tariffs as of 1 January 2017 21

    Customer information 22

    Calendar 23


    Following an exhaustive survey among collectors of Åland model cars in the spring of 2016, we can now inform you that the current model car series, which started in 1998, ends in 2017 with the issue of model no. 35. Henceforth, each series of cars is scheduled to include 4 or 5 models dating from a certain era or adhering to a specific theme. To acquire an even higher quality, we also plan to change supplier. Needless to say, the models will have an Åland connection; they may have been owned by Ålanders, for example, or they may still today be driven on the Åland roads.

  • Å L A N D P O S T F R I M Ä R K E N • 3

    Located on Hamnö, Kökar, in the outer south-eastern archipelago, the St. Anna church may be spotted from far out at sea. Arriving from Sweden to the island of Rödhamn, you will not miss the windmills located on Nyhamn in the south-western corner of the Åland Islands and, when you pass the islet with the old pilot station

    Kobba klintar, you are not far from Marie- hamn. Passing northern Åland by boat, the defence tower of the Bomarsund fortress welcomes you. As always, the postage-paid imprints connect to the motif of each card.

    Land ahoy! Photographer Kjell Söderlund shot 4 distinct landmarks for seaborne visitors to Åland for the postal stationery cards to be issued on 9 May.

    2017 P O STAL STAT I O NERY, S E T 4 C A RD S ED IT I O N: 4 X 5 0 0 0 PR I C E : € 9.20 C O D E : 315 - 6251

  • 4 • Å L A N D P O S T F R I M Ä R K E N

    ROYAL HUNTING LODGE K A S T E L H O L M C A S T L E first ap- peared on the 1997 stamp commemorating the 600th anniversary of the Kalmar Union. The 2017 stamp features the castle on a sparkling winter day. Photographer Niclas Nordlund specializes in photos of Åland nature and scenery.

    T H E K A S T E L H O L M A R E A is one of 27 national landscapes in Finland, and the castle is one of the best known Åland sights. Erected at the end of the 1300s, it was originally a defensive fortress but, because of the central location of Åland, it was both plundered and besieged. During its glory days in the 1500s, the fortress was developed into a castle. Gustav I of Sweden took personal interest in the castle and resided there for several months during

    the hunting season. His son, Duke John, took over the castle and also occupied it a number of times. In the autumn of 1571, John even kept his brother and king Eric XIV captive at the castle. Gustavus Adolphus the Great visited the castle in the 1600s.

    B Y 16 3 4 , Åland lost its status as an administrative centre, and the castle was abandoned. Following a large fire in 1745, the castle was left to fall into ruins for 120 years. Up until the late 1920s, however, the northern wing was used as a granary. The first attempts at restoring the castle were made in 1891, and a more comprehensive restoration was performed 1982-2001. Classified as a well-preserved ancient ruin, the castle is today open to visitors.

    P O STC A RD PR I C E : €1.20 C O D E : 352- 4 074

    The Kastelholm castle is the only castle in Åland, so choosing a motif for our 2017 Europa stamp on a castle theme was easy. The date of issue is 9 May.

  • Å L A N D P O S T F R I M Ä R K E N • 5



    DATE OF ISSUE: 9 May 2017

    PHOTOGRAPHER: Niclas Nordlund

    EDITION: 130 000

    DENOMINATION: Europa ()1.40)

    PRICE FDC: )2.10

    STAMP SIZE: 40 x 30 mm

    SHEET SIZE: 2 x 12 stamps

    PAPER: 110 g/m²

    PERFORATION: 13 per 2 cm

    PRINTING METHOD: 4-colour offset

    PRINTING HOUSE: Cartor Security Printing

    The logo of Kastelholm castle adorns the gutter of the stamp sheet as well as the first day cancel. The logo is the oldest known illustration of the castle, copied from a cadastre from approx. 1650.

  • 6 • Å L A N D P O S T F R I M Ä R K E N

    T H E J U B I L E E Y E A R set off on New Year’s Eve and continues throughout the year with more than 3000 different activities scheduled. Åland takes part in the celebrations with a number of official arrangements; an anniversary concert on 9 June, Åland Autonomy Day, and a series of lectures about the relationship between Åland and Finland in the past, present and future, to mention a few. In addition, Åland will participate in the jubilee celebrations ar- ranged in Stockholm in August. An overview of the entire jubilee programme is available at

    T H E Å L A N D S TA M P is designed by experienced stamp artist Juha Pykäläinen, who was born in Tampere and lives in Åland since 1989. Finding a suitable motif

    was a challenge, Juha confesses: “The theme was difficult simply because

    of its importance. I included nature because nature is such a significant part of Finland. The whooper swan is the national bird of Finland; but, using my right to artistic free- dom, I featured the mute swan because it’s so common in Åland. The shape of its neck allowed me to place the heart in the illustra- tion, symbolising affinity. I’ve also included a small tear of silver to serve as a symbol of the difficult times of Finland’s history.”

    To intensify their tête à tête, the two swans are embossed and the sea is partly covered by silver foil.

    T H E I S S U E takes place in Åland and at the Finlandia exhibition in Tampere with Juha present to sign the issue.

    GU T T ER PA IR ST R IP (5 GU T T ER PA IR S) PR I C E : € 5 0.0 0 C O D E : 3 0 9 - 36 4

    On 24 May, Åland Post joins in the celebrations of the centenary of Finland’s independence by issuing a commemorative stamp. For his stamp art, Juha Pykäläinen took inspiration from the theme of the anniversary year, Together.


  • Å L A N D P O S T F R I M Ä R K E N • 7

    Nature is also in focus on the first day cover, illustrated by Juha by a lovely lake with water lilies. The first day cancel shows the official logo of the jubilee year.


    FINLAND 100 YEARS DATE OF ISSUE: 24 May 2017

    ARTIST: Juha Pykäläinen

    EDITION: 130 000


    PRICE FDC: )5.70

    STAMP SIZE: 35 x 35 mm

    SHEET SIZE: 2 x 15 stamps

    PAPER: 110 g/m²

    PERFORATION: 13 per 2 cm

    PRINTING METHOD: 4-colour offset + silverfoil & embossing

    PRINTING HOUSE: Cartor Security Printing

  • 8 • Å L A N D P O S T F R I M Ä R K E N

    Increasingly popular, maximum cards offer a more nuanced image of the stamp motifs. The official 2017 maximum cards from Åland Post pick up on the stamp issues featuring sailing ships, postal lorry, forest mammals and China dogs.

    Did you know that Åland maximum cards are also postal stationery cards? Since 2004, a postage-paid imprint in line with the motif of the card is printed on the address side. Consequently, you can post the cards to any destination in the world without additional postage.

    SUB S C R IB E TO M A X IMUM C A RD S , PAGE 15 PR I C E : € 2. 3 0 / C A RD C O D E : 145

    Postal lorry rounds off model car series

    Appearing this spring, model car no. 35 rounds off the series of models that set off in 1998. Model no. 35 is an ERF Truck from the 2000s produced by Corgi in scale 1:64.

    Introducing a new concept for our popular model cars in the autumn, we will issue only a limited number of models per series, focusing on models of a specific theme or from a certain era. As a subscriber, you will continue to receive future model cars automatically. Read more on this subject in future editions.

    M O D