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An integrated campaign proposal with promotional and product launch strategies for Lady Bird Jane, a start-up bakery. Designed by Hajin Kim. (Download available for better viewing)


  • Dear representatives of Lady Bird Jane,

    Five Star Media would like to thank you for choosing our advertising class to help begin the development of Lady Bird Jane. It was a fantastic opportunity that Five Star Media was thrilled to work on. The experience allowed Five Star Media to have the feeling of developing a relationship with a start-up company and its vision for the brand.

    Lady Bird Jane has tremendous ability to grow and become a memorable brand for consumers. Five Star media focused on Saras concept of creating an experience for her customers. Developing the initial connection to visitors through interactive events and upcoming social media outlets was a focus point for the proposal. Five Star Media hopes to allow buyers the opportunity to become part of the Lady Bird Jane family.

    Thank you for taking your time to allow us to present our work and overall advertising proposal to you. Five Star Media appreciates the opportunity to learn and grow from this experience in more than one fashion. Please enjoy the following proposal for Lady Bird Jane. (Throughout the proposal, Lady Bird Jane may be referred to as LBJ.)


    Samantha Blackmore Kelly Dakesian

    Ha-Jin Kim Jenine Rowe Caroline Zieleniewski


    SITUATION ANALYSIS Company Background SWOT Problem & Opportunity Market Research Summary Report Marketing Objectives

    CREATIVE CAMPAIGN Creative Brief Branding Logo Outdoor Print Online Social Media Events Public Relations In-Store Promotions Media Flight Plan




  • 1CompanyBackground

    Lady Bird Jane is a company in early stages of development. Sara Gutowski, the owner of Lady Bird Jane, started the company with an emotional tie to her grandmother. Her strong familial ties developed one of the main goals of the brand, which is to build an experience for customers that make them want to return to the LBJ family.

    Currently, the company does not operate in a brick-and-mortar store but has a website and active social media in which products and services are offered. Lady Bird Jane is focused on baked goods in which the owner of Lady Bird Jane is currently producing. The products offered are personally made items such as cupcakes or cake pops.

    Another of Lady Bird Janes goals for the year is to choose a location and open in a brick-and-mortar store. Lady Bird Jane has many opportunities to market the company using traditional and non-traditional strategies.

  • 2S.W.O.T.


    Unique products Social media links Emotional appeal tied to her grandmother Reasonably priced goods Connections with local and young artists


    Low awareness No Brick and Mortar Store No defined direction of what products will be available (still deciding on jewelry or bakery)

  • 3Threats

    Difficult economy to start a boutique or bakery Competitions with established boutiques and bakeries


    Gain market share in the suggested locations, especially if prices remain affordable Potential to expand company with different brands Great location choices Gain customer loyalty with quality service Focusing on baked goods could provide the opportunity to service big events and peak wedding season Use of Michigan/locally made goods


    As a start-up company, Lady Bird Janes toughest obstacle is to battle the current small customer base and low awareness.


    With the help of Five Star Media, Lady Bird Jane has the opportunity to embrace ideas that will help raise awareness and gain customer loyalty. LBJ also has the opportunity to open in an up and coming market.




    Five Star Media designed an eight question survey to collect primary data for Lady Bird Jane. The survey reached 160 people with the following results:

    were in the 18-24 age range

    purchase baked goods from a supermarket

    purchase baked goods from a bakery

    like to purchase baked goods when they are craving something sweet

    In addition, our survey takers value the physical presentation of food the most, followed by the value of the goods and cleanliness of the bakery.








    Secondary research showed that from 2006 through 2011, cookies, crack-ers and pretzels sales have been declining due to health concerns and the increase in the availability of alternative healthy foods. Many producers now offer healthier alternative products to capitalize on the health trend. Five star media wants LBJ to capitalize on the health trend and offer healthy alternative options to our potential customers.

    Fresh and frozen bread and rolls constitutes the most important source of industry sales, estimated 53% Fresh and frozen cakes, pies and other pastries segment of the industry has steadily increased Healthy options becoming key in this industry

    Other important secondary research from IBISWorld showed the industry growth and revenue is predicted to continually increase due to its high competition and rapidly maturing nature. IBISWorld claims industry success is inextricably linked with innovation that combines consumer trends of health and convenience. Additionally, it was mentioned that the few key drivers to this industry include changing dietary and lifestyle patterns, household disposable income, and culture, tradition and aspirations.

  • Five Star Media wanted to focus on creating an in-store experience

    for consumers in a growing industry. Based on data collected from

    surveys and the IBISWorld database, Lady Bird Jane should follow the

    route of becoming a bakery shop. Due to the predicted growth of the

    industry and the foundation LBJ has already out, becoming a bakery would

    be a solid position for Lady Bird Jane to make its mark.

    As IBISWorld claimed, the driving aspects to the industry include

    the change in dietary patterns, disposable income and culture. Five Star

    Media would like Lady Bird Jane to introduce a few options aimed at a

    niche market, people with allergies. Providing a gluten free, nut free, and

    dairy free option will allow for a wider target market. Also, as the economy

    is on a rebound, people will have more disposable income to splurge with

    on the experience and treat Lady Bird Jane will provide them.



  • Raise awareness for a new start up business

    Gain strong customer base

    Create an in-store experience for customers




  • CLIENTLady Bird Jane

    GOAL OF ADVERTISINGRaise awareness that a new baked goods company will be on the market and reach a broad target market

    TARGET AUDIENCE Primary target of women aged 18-45 Secondary target of all adults aged 18+ Special events will have different target markets (ex. Moms night in the store)

    PROBLEMS No brick-and-mortar store, low awareness of new brand Hard to cut through clutter of so many baked goods shops

    SOLUTIONS Introduce Lady Bird Jane as a trendy baked goods store that offers a great in-store experience for customers as well as branding the company in a memorable way The advertising will also reach the target market in creative and digital ways Suggest healthy alternatives to reach consumers that have health concerns or allergies

    TONEFun, fresh, sweet, inviting, 50s feel



  • Website re-do: 50s bakery feel

    Logo: replace feather with cupcake and add tagline

    Tagline: The Sweet Life

    Store ambiance: 50s feel, happy music, great cupcake

    displays, cupcake and cookies decorating station; Gluten-

    free/dairy free/nut free option

    Color palette: pink, teal, brown



    Locations: Ferndale, Royal Oak, Ann Arbor

    Five Star Media would like to suggest Ferndale, Royal Oak and Ann Arbor as potential brick and mortar locations. Five Star Media picked these locations based on the market segmentation in these areas and the potential to expand.

  • Logos are crucial to companies for the purposes of branding and recog-nition. Imagery, choice of colors, and typography come together to portray an image of the company that customers will remember. Five-Star Media suggested re-designing Lady Bird Janes logo to represent the essence of the bakery. Because it is a start-up company, many people will not be aware of Lady Bird Janes type of business just from looking at the logo. We suggest a design that clearly depicts the nature of the business with a combination of playful and welcoming imagery, colors, typography.




    the sweet life

    the sweet life

  • 12


    Outdoor advertising will be used to increase awareness of Lady Bird Jane. If people are not aware of its existence, these ads like the one shown below will

    arouse curiosity and interest in passersby.

    As seen below, we are revolving our creative campaign around a vintage style.Lady Bird Janes logo is a crucial element of these ads for recognition and awareness. There should also be indication of social media outlets where

    more information is available.


    Now Open!

    Exit 324the sweet life

  • 13


    As a new company, Lady Bird Jane needs to grow their client base and venturing into the wedding venue would be a great option. Placing ads in several Michigan bridal magazines would help Lady Bird Jane becoming known in the state. Five Star Media suggest placing ads in the following magazines:

    Metro Detroit Bride Lansing Bride Magazine

    Grand Rapids Bride Magazine Kalamazoo Bride Magazine.

  • 14

    the sweet life

    Address HERe

    APRIL 17, 201212:00 P.M.

  • As a start-up company, Lady Bird Jane should explore the option of partnering with a company such as Groupon. Providing coupons through either nationwide or locally focused partnership will quickly expose Lady Bird Janes name. This will help initially get consumers into the store where they can begin to experience what Lady Bird Jane is all about, then eventu-ally will lead to loyal customers.

    Lady Bird Jane should also use online newsletters sent out via e-mail to update customers and notify them of promotions and products. This is a cheap and easy way to keep Lady Bird Jane in the minds of consumers while providing them with useful information about the company. E-mail newsletters can be used to give out coupons and notify subscribers about sales and promos to induce purchase.



    the sweet life


    E-mail newsletter banner

  • Social media is a valuable tool for a start-up company like Lady Bird Jane. It can help to create a large following from person-to-person sharing and gives customers a taste of what Lady Bird Jane has to offer before ever really experiencing it first-hand. It provides an easy way to communicate with potential customers and get the word out about the uniqueness that is Lady Bird Jane.

    FACEBOOKFacebook is a great way for Lady Bird Jane to connect with her customers on a more personal level. By friending customers on Facebook, viewers can be have access to photos of new products, updates of how the store or website is progressing, or coupons, sales and events.

    TWITTERTwitter is also an important element of social media. Twitter should be used for short updates about events, new products, and company progress or reminders to come in for an event, sign up for a contest, visit the website, etc. Another use of Twitter is to retweet interesting data related to the industry if it can be related to the product.

    PINTERESTNew to the social media scene is Pinterest, a social media site that allows you to create boards based on your interests through photographs linked to company or blog websites. Pinterest is going to be very beneficial for Lady Bird Jane because of her product. Every post will link back to the website in hopes people will order the products, visit the location, or schedule an event. Posts will consist of photos of Lady Bird Jane baked goods with either a recipe or baking tips. Contests through users can also be held through Pinterest in a variety of different ways.



  • Lady Bird Jane will revolve around the consumers experience. In essence, customers will become family members of LBJ and the store will become a second home.

    One way to introduce this bond will be through in-store events. We suggest having weekly baking classes hosted by a Lady Bird Jane baker. Groups of men and women can come learn secrets of the bakery and put in requests of recipes to make in class.

    Another event that could be hosted by Lady Bird Jane would be focused on hard working mothers. Presenting a Moms Night Out event would expand the target market. Mothers would be able to come to the store to take part in a bakery or a decorating class and be permitted to bring one bottle of champagne. It will be a social event where moms can come together to relax and meet new people in the local area.

    We also suggest cake or cupcake decorating sessions for holidays, which would be great for people of all ages, especially children.



  • Contact: Five Star Media FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

    NEW BAKERY TO OPEN IN THE AREALady Bird Jane will open this week and feature unique and delicious goods

    Lady Bird Jane is a specialty bakery that will open next Monday, April 23 and will

    feature handmade goods of all kinds. The store will feature cupcakes, cake pops, cakes,

    and other baked goods and will also be available for event catering such as weddings or


    The company began as an online store, selling products through the website as

    well as social media. The brick-and-mortar store is a big step for owner Sara Gutowski

    who was inspired by her grandmother to start Lady Bird Jane.

    Possibilities of baked goods at Lady Bird Jane are nearly endless as there are

    numerous combinations of goods such as vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, banana

    split cupcakes, and honey cinnamon banana cupcakes. Other goods available are cake

    pops and cakes but the owner said she would be willing to discuss other options for

    special events.

    For more information about Lady Bird Jane, or to order baked goods for a special

    event, please visit or email


    Contact: Five Star Media (517-555-7827)



  • Branding and promotions should occur both outside and inside of the store. Some in-store promotion ideas include:

    Receive a free keychain (or other memorabilia) when purchasing over a certain dollar amount.

    Make gift cards available for purchase.

    Use Quick Response (QR) codes.With this increasingly technology-based society, it is important to adapt to marketing trends that aim to keep up with modern devices. QR codes are a quick and easy way for customers to learn more about your company.



    the sweet life

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  • Thank you for your time and attention!



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