Lachie King.   Making a PowerPoint about yourself  Using IT to make your other subjects easier.  Also received info on what to do 5 th of February

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Year 9 IT Blog

Year 9 IT BlogLachie KingMaking a PowerPoint about yourselfUsing IT to make your other subjects easier.Also received info on what to do5th of FebruaryWorking on about me PowerPointMaking a timetable on outlook.8th of FebruaryFind 3 cool print adsDefinition of AndroidAndroid is a version of Sftare for phones12th of February

Finding out names for different computer parts

Continuing on with work.15th of February

Looking at computer partsFinishing phone assignment19th of FebruaryPreparing Computers from KantalombaFinishing off work

22nd of FebruaryRegistering iPod for Wi-Fi Finishing of work26th of February Worked on PowerPoint about my phone

Tuesday the 5th of MarchSave your on to my backup ext. HDDYou need to save many copies This is your responsibility so you dont loose valuable assessmentsSCEANET version- the macbookpro you sit at or the laptop/PC workstation o your H:DriveUSB Version- portable portfolio of all your workHome Version-USB-school-sceanetCyberspace versions on Edmodo, wix, drobox ectEmail the link8th of March Which Browser do you use?I like to use Google chrome because it is safer (has security features ect.) and faster than others.

12th of MarchWhat is a thermal paste?- It is a paste that promotes better heat conduction between surfaces, used in Electronics.How can you find out if your pc has a dormant virus?- Do a thorough scan of your computer with a good anti-virus softwareWhy do you thing that Evernotes icons is an Elephant?- I think that Evernotes logo is an elephant is because it stores all your things you never forget things like an ElephantWho made the first the Australian Computer-Dr Trevor Pearcey, Mr Maston Beard and Mr Geoff Hill built the first Australian Computer in 1949 it was called CSIR Mark 1

15th of MarchDid the It Quiz and Emailed Mr. Lance19th of MarchCopying Files to Hard Drive so they can be marked26th of MarchFinishing off workProblems with computers:2nd of AprilSpot the hazardsCables on the ground-risk of tripping and possible electrocution it also can damage the cables. It is also just messy- to solve the problem simply roll up the cables neatly and store them somewhere if you arent using it.Things lying around- there are allsorts of things lying around

5th of AprilAnatomy of a Laptop

Anatomy of a PC9th of April

Working on Project Wall mounted laptop.12th of AprilWorking on Wall mounted laptop project.16th of AprilWorking on project19th of AprilA computer system consists of: Motherboard, keyboard, display, mouseo/s software is the operating system and it runs the whole computer.Application software is the long term for apps and it holds information and toolsFixing a computer involves troubleshooting Hard drive, Software & u faults & improving them all when necessary 7th of MayWorking on computer project21st of MayTrying to customize laptopTesting internet speedTrying to change what happens on start up24th of MayTesting internet speed: On WiFi Scea didnt work with Hot Spot

28th of May

Wix Website: off Tasks

4th of June Finishing off Work25th of June Putting all of my work on the sharedrive28th of JuneFinishing Work5th of JulyWi-Fi was invented by Australians Cat6 are the latest fast internet cables, they only work to the slowest cable.26th of July

Ongoing Projects:Prac-Building, Repairing, upgradingIT Portfolio 30th of JulyMaking portfolio on Wix2nd of August

Moving timetable onto all devicesPutting work on portfolio on wix5th of August


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