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Exercise 12.1 Joining a Workgroup

Quastion 1: In what way(s) did the password you tried to use not meet the password policy requirements? Password did not meet complexity (Complex password must include 3 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters (!, @, #, $, etc.). Also the password was not long enough.

Quastion 2: What tasks can you perform in the JAdams Properties dialog box that you could not perform in the User Accounts control panel? What to do with the Password you used earlier and what happens with thepassword.

Quastion 3: How many built-in local groups are there on the computer? 14

Quastion 4: Of which group(s) is Jay Adams currently a member? Users Exercise 12.5 Joining a Domain

Lab Challenge 12.1 Creating Domain Users and Groups Creating groups using Net.exe command: net group [Group Name] /add /domain For Example: net group Accounting /add /domain Creating user: net user [User Name] [Password] /add /domain For Example: net user PAckerman P@$$w0rd /add /domain To add users to a group use this syntax: net group [Group Name] [User Name] [User Name] [User Name] /add /domain For Example:

net group Accounting JAdams ABarr HSteen TYee /add /domain