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Quastion 1: Why doesn't Windows 7 attempt to automatically detect a printer connected to the computer? Because printer is not phyiscally connected.

Quastion 2: How can you tell whether the printer has been shared? In the description view pane hover the mouse arrow over the "State" Quastion 3: Which of the problem described earlier will this setting help to prevent and how? This setting will prevent using printer from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Quastion 4: How will modifying the Priority value help to achieve your goals Print jobs that are send to HPLJ5200-2 printer will have a highest priority and will significantly reduce time for a print job to complete. Quastion 5: How do these permission modifications help to achieve your desired goals? This permission modifications will prevent everyone to print their jobs to the printer, and will only allow users that are currently in ACL of printer permissions to print their documents. Lab Challenge 9.1 Creating a Printer Pool Completed.