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La mozzarella La mozzarella

La mozzarella

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La mozzarella. Mozzarella is a fresh cheese. Mozzarella. Like the other cheeses it takes 4 ingredients: Milk Acidifying agents Rennet Salt. 1. Milk. Comes from bufalas and it is rich of proteins, fats and calcium. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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La mozzarellaLa mozzarellaLa mozzarellaLa mozzarella

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Mozzarella is a fresh cheese

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Mozzarella• Like the other cheeses it takes 4

ingredients:• Milk• Acidifying agents• Rennet • Salt

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1. Milk•Comes from bufalas and it is rich of proteins, fats and calcium

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2. Milk is added to the rennet at a temperature of 39°C, within 12h

from the milking. The coagulation lasts half an hour

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3. After an acidification of 30 minutes it starts the spinning

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4. Spinning is broken in small pieces, that are put in hot water

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5. The spinning is separated from the hot water (wich is saved) and a resilient dough

is made with the hands and is put in a wodden recipient.

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6.The dough is put again in the water and is “cut” (“mozzare”) by two workers just with two fingers.

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7. The dough (which is maximum 3 kg) is

hand manipulated to do different shapes

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Remember that…• Mozzarella is the most important

ingredient to make pizza

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