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<ul><li><p> KP Ezine November 2015 1 </p><p>Volume 9, Issue 10, November 2015 </p></li><li><p> KP Ezine November 2015 2 </p><p>Sl.No Par culars Author Page </p><p>1 FIFA President's Resignation Tin Win 4 </p><p>2 Will pigeon be saved from kite thread? Kanakkumar B. Bosmia 7 </p><p>3 Medical Astrology - Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis- And K.P. System </p><p>Gunti Nagaraju 10 </p><p>4 Is the cause of the death of Bobby addiction? Sumanadasa Namarathna 16 </p><p>6 Analysis of Infertility through K.P and Vedic perspective for prediction of child birth or successful I.V.F. </p><p>Dr. Abha Jain 25 </p><p>7 British Nurse suffering from Ebola Prognosis for longevity </p><p>Arvind Gupta 31 </p><p>8 When will I get bank loan for home? Kanakkumar B. Bosmia 39 </p><p>10 Breast Cancer A case study Sriyani Ranathunga 44 </p><p>11 Bank Employees and KP VSN. Murthy 47 </p><p>12 Question &amp; Answer Tin Win 84 </p><p>13 Book Review- Revelations of Medical Astrology Tin Win 86 </p><p>14 Planetary Position for November2015 Generated from KPAstro 4.1TM </p><p>83 </p><p>5 Is India going to become a world master during Moon dasa? </p><p>Kanakkumar B. Bosmia 20 </p><p>9 When I will get a Married? V.K Sharma 41 </p><p>CONTENTS </p><p>Volume 9, Issue 10, November 2015 </p></li><li><p> KP Ezine November 2015 3 </p><p>Published by: Kanakkumar B. </p><p>Bosmia </p><p>Sahakar- 2, Flat # 28, Jagabhai Park, </p><p>Ram Baug, Maninagar, AHMEDABAD - 380 008, </p><p>Gujarat State, India </p><p>Phone: +91 79 25431165 Mobile: +91 9825131165 </p><p>To Inquire by Email: </p><p> </p><p>TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject ar cles. 2. Authors have to use only KP aynamsha (such as KPNA. Old, Straightline etc.) 3. No remunera on will be paid if ar cle is published , but complimentary copy of magazine will be sent to author. 4. Once an ar cle is published in kpezine it will be the property of publisher and will be governed by the Copyright act 5. Decision of publisher is nal and not challengeable. 6. All ar cles should be sent to Publisher by email with full birth/ horary details to: 7. One can feel to write on any method of KP such as KP, Kar's theory, Cuspal Interlinks (K.B. System), etc. 8. Publisher reserves right to edit ar cles. 9. While sending the ar cles, authors are requested to send their photographs with full address, contact phone numbers and email address. </p><p>NOTICE All rights are reserved. No part of this magazine will be reproduced or transmi ed in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photo copy, duplicate copy or recording or by any informa on storage and retrieval system, with-out the prior wri en permission of the publisher. Requests/inquiries can be mailed to: The publisher has no responsibility for products or services adver sed by others. No free inser on of any adver sement alleging typographical or other mistake will be given. </p><p>Send blank email to </p><p> </p><p>with subject UNSUBSCRIBE </p><p>TO UNSUBSCRIBE </p><p>Volume 9, Issue 10, November 2015 </p><p>4000+ </p></li><li><p> KP Ezine November 2015 4</p><p>FIFA President's Resigna on By: Tin Win </p><p>Email: </p><p>Note This short article was posted on my Face book on 2 June 2015, predicting to be hard for Sepp Blatter to survive period from 13 February 2015 to 14 Sept 2015 as FIFA President. In fact criminal proceedings were announced against Blatter by the Swiss Attorney General's office on 25 September 2015, and on 8 October 2015, Blatter and other top FIFA officials were suspended from FIFA for 90 days while investigations into payments made to UEFA president Michel Platini were conducted. </p><p>Background FIFA (Fdration Internationale de Football Association) President Sepp Blatter, who was re-elected to a fifth term on last Friday, says during a press conference today Tuesday, June 2, 2015, he will resign from his position amid corruption scandal and is promising to call for fresh elections to choose a successor between December and March. </p><p>Chart details Sepp Blatter, 10 March 1936, 16:10 PM, hr 1 east, Visp, Switzerland, 46n18, 7e53, KP New Ayanamsa 22:52:34, Asc. Leo 2:25:15, Dasa Bal. Moon 0Y, 0M, 4D, calculated by KPAstro 4.1. </p><p>Planetary Positions to be the FIFA President for 17 years 1) 5th (sports) cuspal sub lord (CSL) Ketu is in house 11, aspected by Mars in house 9, lord</p><p>of 10, in Gemini sign representing Mercury in 7, lord of houses 3,10. Ketu is in the starof Rahu in house 5, in Sagittarius sign representing Jupiter in house 4, lord of houses</p></li><li><p>Sepp BlatterSun Rise: 06:51:45 AM Sun Set: 06:26:48 PM Dasa Days: 365.25 DNithya Yoga: Vridhi Hora: Venus Karana: Vanij</p><p> Ma 20:26:57 IX 19:52:38</p><p> X 23:05:15 XI 00:09:08 Ke 16:21:38</p><p> Su 27:00:36 VIII 23:20:02 Sa 20:48:23 Me 03:17:21 VII 02:25:45</p><p> XII 04:09:04</p><p> Ve 28:32:15 VI 04:09:04</p><p> I 02:25:45 II 23:20:02</p><p> Ra 16:21:38 V 00:09:08 Ju 00:05:15 IV 23:05:15</p><p> III 19:52:38 Mo 23:19:39</p><p>Name: Sepp BlatterGender: MaleDate: Tuesday, 10/Mar/1936Time: 04:10:00 PM SID: 02:53:59Lat: 46:18:00 N Lon: 07:53:00 EPlace: Visp, Valais, Switzerland</p><p>Ayanamsa: 22 52' 34"[KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus</p><p>Star: Hasta, Pada 4Star Lord: MoonRasi: Virgo Rasi Lord: MercuryLagna: Leo Lagna Lord: SunTithi: Krishna Paksha, TritiyaBal. Dasa: Moon 0 Y, 0 M, 1 D</p><p>I 02:25:45III 19:52:38</p><p>Mo 23:19:39</p><p>II 23:20:02</p><p>Ju 00:05:15IV 23:05:15</p><p>V 00:09:08Ra 16:21:38</p><p>VI 04:09:04Ve 28:32:15</p><p>Sa 20:48:23Me 03:17:21VII 02:25:45</p><p>Su 27:00:36VIII 23:20:02</p><p>Ma 20:26:57IX 19:52:38</p><p>X 23:05:15</p><p>Ke 16:21:38XI 00:09:08</p><p>XII 04:09:04</p><p>5</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>7</p><p>910</p><p>11</p><p>1112</p><p>1</p><p>34</p><p>Nirayana Bhava Chalit</p><p>Dasa Summary</p><p>Man Machine Systems, Mobile: +91-8939361507 URL:</p><p>Planetary PositionsPlanet Star(Pada) Sgl Stl Sbl Ssl SsslSu P.Bhadra(3) Sa Ju Ve Su MeMo Hasta(4) Me Mo Su Ve KeMa Revati(2) Ju Me Ve Ra MaMe Dhanishta(3) Sa Ma Ve Mo KeJu Moola(1) Ju Ke Ke Ve MaVe Dhanishta(2) Sa Ma Sa Ke VeSa P.Bhadra(1) Sa Ju Ju Ke MoRa P.Ashada(1) Ju Ve Mo Ma VeKe Aridra(3) Me Ra Ve Ju Ju</p><p>Cuspal PositionsCusp Star(Pada) Sgl Stl Sbl Ssl Sssl1 Magha(1) Su Ke Ve Sa Mo2 P.Phalguni(4) Su Ve Sa Ma Sa3 Hasta(3) Me Mo Ke Su Ve4 Visakha(1) Ve Ju Sa Mo Sa5 Moola(1) Ju Ke Ke Ve Me6 U.Ashada(3) Sa Su Sa Su Ju7 Dhanishta(3) Sa Ma Ke Ju Ra8 P.Bhadra(2) Sa Ju Sa Ra Ra9 Revati(1) Ju Me Ve Mo Ju10 Bharani(3) Ma Ve Sa Su Ve11 Mrigasira(3) Me Ma Me Me Ra12 Pushyami(1) Mo Sa Sa Ve Su</p><p>Significators - Planets ViewPlanet (A) (B) (C) (D)Su+ 4 8 5, 9 1, 2Mo 3 3 12 12Ma 7 9 3, 11 10Me 9 7 10 3, 11Ju 11 4 5, 9Ve 9 6 10 4Sa+ 4 7 5, 9 6, 7, 8Ra 6 5 4Ke 5 11</p><p>Bhukti FromMoon Dasa12-Mar-1926 - 12-Mar-1936Moon 12-Mar-1926Mars 10-Jan-1927Rahu 11-Aug-1927Jupiter 10-Feb-1929Saturn 12-Jun-1930Mercury 11-Jan-1932Ketu 12-Jun-1933Venus 11-Jan-1934Sun 11-Sep-1935</p><p>Bhukti FromMars Dasa12-Mar-1936 - 12-Mar-1943Mars 12-Mar-1936Rahu 08-Aug-1936Jupiter 26-Aug-1937Saturn 02-Aug-1938Mercury 11-Sep-1939Ketu 07-Sep-1940Venus 03-Feb-1941Sun 05-Apr-1942Moon 11-Aug-1942</p><p>Bhukti FromRahu Dasa12-Mar-1943 - 12-Mar-1961Rahu 12-Mar-1943Jupiter 22-Nov-1945Saturn 16-Apr-1948Mercury 21-Feb-1951Ketu 10-Sep-1953Venus 28-Sep-1954Sun 28-Sep-1957Moon 23-Aug-1958Mars 22-Feb-1960</p><p>Jupiter Dasa12-Mar-1961 - 12-Mar-1977Jupiter 12-Mar-1961Saturn 29-Apr-1963Mercury 10-Nov-1965Ketu 16-Feb-1968Venus 22-Jan-1969Sun 22-Sep-1971Moon 10-Jul-1972Mars 09-Nov-1973Rahu 16-Oct-1974</p><p>Saturn Dasa12-Mar-1977 - 12-Mar-1996Saturn 12-Mar-1977Mercury 15-Mar-1980Ketu 22-Nov-1982Venus 01-Jan-1984Sun 03-Mar-1987Moon 13-Feb-1988Mars 14-Sep-1989Rahu 24-Oct-1990Jupiter 30-Aug-1993</p><p>Mercury Dasa12-Mar-1996 - 12-Mar-2013Mercury 12-Mar-1996Ketu 08-Aug-1998Venus 05-Aug-1999Sun 05-Jun-2002Moon 12-Apr-2003Mars 11-Sep-2004Rahu 08-Sep-2005Jupiter 27-Mar-2008Saturn 03-Jul-2010</p><p>Ketu Dasa12-Mar-2013 - 12-Mar-2020Ketu 12-Mar-2013Venus 08-Aug-2013Sun 08-Oct-2014Moon 13-Feb-2015Mars 14-Sep-2015Rahu 10-Feb-2016Jupiter 28-Feb-2017Saturn 04-Feb-2018Mercury 16-Mar-2019</p><p>Venus Dasa12-Mar-2020 - 12-Mar-2040Venus 12-Mar-2020Sun 11-Jul-2023Moon 11-Jul-2024Mars 12-Mar-2026Rahu 12-May-2027Jupiter 12-May-2030Saturn 10-Jan-2033Mercury 11-Mar-2036Ketu 10-Jan-2039</p><p>Sun Dasa12-Mar-2040 - 12-Mar-2046Sun 12-Mar-2040Moon 29-Jun-2040Mars 29-Dec-2040Rahu 06-May-2041Jupiter 30-Mar-2042Saturn 17-Jan-2043Mercury 30-Dec-2043Ketu 04-Nov-2044Venus 12-Mar-2045</p><p>Ruling Planets - 08/Nov/2015 11:18:49 PMMaryland, USAPlanet Sgl Stl Sbl Ssl SsslLagna Mo Me Mo Ra VeMoon Me Ma Ra Ra Sa</p><p>Day Lord: Sun</p><p>Rahu acts as agent for: Ju.Ketu acts as agent for: Ma, Me, Ju.</p><p>(A) - Planets in Occupant's stars(B) - Occupant of house(C) - Planets in Owner's stars(D) - House Owner</p><p>KP Ezine November 2015 6</p><p> KP Ezine November 2015 5</p></li><li><p> KP Ezine November 2015 6</p><p>5,9, and in sub of Venus in house 6, lord of house 4, signifying beneficial 6,10,11 houses; </p><p>2) 10th CSL Saturn+ is the CSL of 2,4,6,8,10,12 having no planet in its stars. Saturn is in7, very close to 8th cusp, lord of 6,7,8, in the star and sub of Jupiter in house 4, lord of houses 5,9, signifying beneficial 2,6,10 houses, along with 5,8,12 for scandals; </p><p>3) Conjunction of Lagna lord Sun, 3rd &amp; 11th lord Mercury and 6th, 7th &amp; 8th lord Saturnopposed to Neptune in Lagna also supports the above cuspal significations, signifying favorable 6,11 houses, along with 8 for scandals. </p><p>Dasa Analysis Current running Dasa lord Ketu (12 March 2013 to 12 March 2020), as discussed above, signifies beneficial 6,10,11 houses, along with unfavorable 3,5,9 houses indicating end of carrier. Current running Bhukti lord Moon (13 February 2015 to 14 Sept 2015) is in 3, lord of 12, in the star of own Moon, and in sub of Sun in 8, lord of 1,2, indicating 2,3,8,12 houses for jail. So astrologically it would be hard for him to survive this period as FIFA President. </p><p>Good luck! </p><p>Actual Development Criminal proceedings were announced against Blatter by the Swiss Attorney General's office on 25 September 2015, regarding "criminal mismanagement... and misappropriation" in relation to a 1.3m payment made to UEFA president Michel Platini. </p><p>While Blatter and Platini denied any impropriety around the payments, major FIFA sponsors Coca-Cola, Visa, McDonalds and Budweiser issued public statements requesting that he resign for the good of FIFA. </p><p>On 8 October 2015, Blatter and other top FIFA officials were suspended from FIFA for 90 days while investigations into payments made to Michel Platini were conducted. FIFAs president since 1998, he has appealed the suspension but has been prohibited from all activities related to soccer including visits to his office at FIFA headquarters until he is cleared. </p></li><li><p> KP Ezine November 2015 7</p><p>Will pigeon be saved from kite thread? By: Kanakkumar B. Bosmia </p><p> Sahakar-2, Flat No: 28 Jagabhai Park, Ram Baug </p><p>Maninagar, Ahmedabad380008 Mobile : +91-98 2531165. </p><p>Email : </p><p>Question: Will pigeon be saved from kite thread? Number: 34 (out of 249) Date of Judgment: 14-01-2014, Tuesday, Time of Judgment: 09:51:34 PM IST Place of Judgment: Kankariya-Ahmedabad Long/lat: 23 N 00, 72 E 36' Aynamsha: 230.57'.46" </p><p>Note: 14th January is Utrayan festival (kite festival), most famous in Ahmedabad. One pigeon was injured by kite thread, my daughter calls to bird saving organizations and we are waiting for help. During this time we have try to remove threads from pigeon. At that time question comes in my mind. </p><p>Hints Rule 1: If the cuspal sub lord of the Asc. be the significator of the house 6 or 8 or 12, the life is short (about 33 years). If the cuspal sub lord of the Asc. be the significator of the house 1 or 5 or 9 or 10 the life is long (about more than 66 years). If the cuspal sub lord of the Asc. be the significator of the house 6 or 8 or 12 and 1 or 5 or 9 or 10, the life is medium (about 66 years). But if the cuspal sub lord of the Asc. be the significator of the Badhaka and Maraka houses with the above mentioned houses, it is not good for the life. If the cuspal joint rulers (the sign lord, star lord and sub lord) of the Asc. or the 8th cusp be the significator of the Badhaka and Maraka houses, their joint period is very critical for life. In the short life case within 33 years, in the medium life case within 66 years and in the long life case above 66 years, also check the 3rd and 8th cusps too. Badhaka bhava is more danger than Maraka bhava. So when we are checking about longevity first check the Badhaka bhava and then Maraka bhava. </p><p>Rule 2: If the cuspal sub lord of the Asc. be the significator of the Badhaka and Maraka houses, the life is short. If the cuspal joint rulers (the sign lord, star lord and sub lord) of the Asc. or the 8th cusp be the significator of the Badhaka and Maraka houses, their joint period is very critical for life. </p><p>Cuspal Sub lord Asc Cusp. (Taurus 170.46.40) : The sub lord of the Ascendant is Mercury. Mercury is in the star and sub of Moon. Mercury is occupant of 9, owner of 2-5. No planet is in the star of Mercury and Mercury is CSL of 1-2-3-5-6-7-8. Star and sub lord Moon is occupant of 2, owner of 3. Hence Ascendant sub lord Mercury signifies 2-3 and is connected with 9-2-5-1-3-6-7-8. Ascendant sub lord indicates 2 (maraka), 9 (Badhaka) with 1-5-3-8. Thus medium life is indicated. </p><p>Joint period: Running dasa at the time of judgment is Rahu till 19-03-2022. Jointer period of Rahu-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn is up to 25-01-2014. </p><p>Dasa lord Rahu is in the star of own and sub of Jupiter. Rahu is occupant of 6. Rahu is conjoined with Saturn. Saturn is occupant of 6, owner of 9-10. Sub lord Jupiter is occupant of 2, owner of 8-11. Thus dasa lord signifies 6-9-10 and is connected with 2-8-11. </p></li><li><p>Horary No. 34/249Sun Rise: 07:22:53 AM Sun Set: 06:14:25 PM Dasa Days: 365.25 DNithya Yoga: Indra Hora: Mars Karana: VanijHorary No.: 34Question : Will pigeon be save from kit thread?</p><p> XI 06:19:38</p><p> Ke 09:34:52 XII 12:34:22</p><p> I 17:46:40 II 12:42:17 Mo 13:56:31 Ju[R] 20:19:04</p><p> X 04:07:00</p><p> III 07:01:11</p><p> Me 10:41:44 IX 07:01:11 Su 00:27:37</p><p> IV 04:07:00</p><p> Ve[R] 25:18:54 VIII 12:42:17 VII 17:46:40</p><p> Sa 27:31:38 VI 12:34:22 Ra 09:34:52</p><p> V 06:19:38 Ma 23:22:12</p><p>Name: Pigeon Gender: MaleDate: Tuesday, 14/Jan/2014Time: 09:51:34 PM SID: 04:48:12Lat: 23:00:00 N Lon: 72:36:00 EPlace: AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, India</p><p>Ayanamsa: 23 57' 46"[KP Ayanamsa] - Placidus</p><p>Star: Aridra, Pada 3Star Lord: RahuRasi: Gemini Rasi Lord: MercuryLagna: Taurus Lagna Lord: VenusTithi: Shukla Paksha, ChaturdasiBal. Dasa: Rahu 8 Y, 2 M, 4 D</p><p>I 01:17:46:40III 03:07:01:11</p><p>II 02:12:42:17Mo 02:13:56:31</p><p>Ju[R] 02:20:...</p></li></ul>