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  • Vol. 19 No.2, March/April 2018

    What do Spring Time and the Kooiker Chronicle Have in Common?

    Theyve arrived! Belatedly, but theyre finally here! Read all about KCUSAs debut as an AKC

    Sporting Group club, and see how 54 Kooikerhondjes and 67 of their human admirers spent 4

    days at the Kentuckiana Cluster in Louisville, Kentucky, dazzling onlookers in a blaze of orange

    and white coats and elegant plumy tails. . . .

    Karen L. Dean, Editor


  • 2 Story TitleKooiker Chronicle | Volume 17 No. 4 | July-August 2016

    Kooikerhondje Club of USA


    April 2018

    Dear Members,

    I am humbled and honored to take the reins as President of KCUSA. Jac Knoop has led our club since

    June 2012 when we had just over 100 dogs in the US. Now we just celebrated our full recognition with

    the AKC with nearly 500 dogs. We also feted Jacs work to get us to this milestone with a highly suc-

    cessful event at the Kentuckiana Cluster in Louisville.

    What made that event such a success was the broad diversity of attendees. The Showcase Award Din-

    ner included nearly 70 people who comprised not just conformation show people, but members who

    only show in performance, members who dont show at all, and even members who dont own a dog.

    This is our membership people who are united, not by an activity, but by a common love for a beauti-

    ful orange and white companion dog.

    We are starting an exciting new phase for our club. The goal of AKC recognition is in our rearview

    mirror but our mission continues. We were formed to be advocates for our purebred dog as a family

    companion, to pursue advancements in canine health and well-being, and to promote responsible dog


    Conformation shows are an opportunity to demonstrate responsible breeding to keep to the defined

    standard. Meet the Breed events around the country allow us to show off our wonderful Kooiker-

    hondjes and educate an eager public who wonder how to pronounce the name. And work with the

    Dutch Club and the University in Utrecht furthers research in the health and genetics for our breed.

    I look forward to an exciting year with the board working with members across the country to continue

    to build our club. I encourage all of you as members to reach out and provide feedback, but more im-

    portantly, to get involved in some aspect of our club that interests you. We have a lot of opportunities

    and a lot of talent within the club. And we all love our little Dutch dogs!

    Happy Kooikering!

    Jennifer Methlie

    President KCUSA

  • The Kooiker Chronicle is a

    publication of the Nederlandse

    Kooikerhondje Club of the Unit-

    ed States of America (KCUSA).

    Editor: Karen L. Dean

    Layout: Joyce Y. Maxwell

    Technical Assistance: Linda S.


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    Website: kooikerhondjeusa.org

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    ContentsPresidents Letter

    We Were ThereKooikers Cause Seattle Sensation 4Harvey Helps Promote Kooikers in NYC 7Kooikers Celebrate Their New AKC Status 9

    Coming UpCome to the World Dog Show with KCUSA! 27

    Competing with Your DogConformation Showing Whats With All the Classes?? 29Correcting the Issue of the Missing Papers 31

    Kooiker KudosLatest AKC Titles Awarded 32

    Health and GeneticsPatella Luxation 33Top 10 Plants Poisonous to Pets 35

    Adventurous Kooiker 37

    COVER PHOTO: Bianca (Rosewoods Bianca) dressed up for the Kentucky Kooiker Cluster (photo courtesy of Lesley Vanderpoel).

  • Kooiker Chronicle | Volume 19 No. 2 | March/April 2018

    Kooikers Cause Seattle Sensation

    by Dena Mathias


    CONVERGED on the CenturyLink Field

    Event Center, Seattle, Washington, to

    represent KCUSA at the Seattle Kennel

    Club Dog Show Meet the Breeds, March

    10 and 11, 2018. These canine breed

    ambassadors covered virtually all life-

    stages, from a four-month-old puppy to

    tweenagers to adult dogs; their hu-

    man counterparts ranged from newbie

    owners to longtime owners and veteran


    Kooikers were once again quite

    a sensation, exclaimed Julie V who

    brought Briar, her four-year-old bitch. Every piece of literature we had disap-

    peared before the end of the show! We enunciated Koo ker hon chuh several

    hundred times despite the big, beautiful banner that Karen WP set up, and I

    actually lost my voice by the end of it!

    A brief newscast about Kooikers on local television the night before and a

    two-page spread in the show brochure ensured that the KCUSA booth would be

    popular, and it was. Decorated with traditional and antique Dutch memorabilia

    including wooden clogs, linens, photos, tulips, a fireplace and so forth, the booth

    set the stage for dog lovers to get up close and personal with the Kooikers.

    Weve been as visitors two times before. This was where we found this

    amazing breed. This was our first year working in the booth. It is a wonderful

    part of this show. Great for the public, remarked Cindy, who along with her

    husband, Pete, attended with their nine-month-old puppy, Goose. We just

    really enjoyed all the interest in our wonderful breed. So fun to help educate

    future Kooiker owners.

    Not only was the KCUSA booth a hit, but the Kooiker area Saturday at the

    Meet the Breeds Ring was a crowd favorite, too. People of all ages lined up to

    Above: Julie and Briar

    Below: Bristol

    We Were There

  • Kooikers Cause Seattle Sensation 5

    meet the new little Dutch Dog as

    our Kooikers were frequently called.

    Meet the Breed is an essential

    part of public education, stated Karen

    W-P. We want to ensure that future

    Kooiker owners understand the com-

    plexities of the breed as they can be

    a very soft dog at times, but in an in-

    stant a very bold dog. It takes a gentle

    but firm hand and a commitment to

    training. Karen discovered Kooikers at

    their first Seattle Meet the Breeds ap-

    pearance in 2014 and has participated

    as an owner in every Seattle Meet the

    Breeds since.

    A Huge Thank You to those who

    volunteered and made the KCUSA

    Booth a success: Cindy F, Pete F, and

    Goose; Dana D, Joseph D, and Rosie;

    Dena M and Jac; Ellie C, Jacoby C

    and Bristol; Gretchen W, Braam and

    Casper; Julie V and Briar; Karen WP,

    Meisje and Tijs.

    Top: The kooiker-loving crowd at the Meet the Breed booth.

    Above: Gretchen, with Casper and Jac, meet passersby curious about this beautiful orange and white Dutch breed of dog.

    Left: Jac is all tuckered out from all the fun of being a breed ambassador.

  • 6 Kooikers Cause Seattle Sensation

    Left above: Tijs shows off his super-cool harness.

    Left below: Pete and Goose, ready to meet friendly pass-ersby.

    Below: Karen Watling-Parker and Jac in front of the sign showing the pronunciation of Nederlandse Kooikerhondje.

  • Kooiker Chronicle | Volume 19 No. 2 | March/April 2018


    for NBC Sports, has certainly worked hard to promote our

    breed. In 2017, he highlighted Rod Becksteads kooiker,

    Bandit, in promotional spots for the 2017 National Dog

    Show, in anticipation of our AKC recognition the next year.

    In 2018, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje would be seen

    for the first time in a televised AKC Dog Show, on April 1,

    2018, on the USA cable channel. (By the way, have you

    wondered why there were no Kooikers at Westminster,

    which was televised in February 2018? Only entries with at

    We Were There

    Harvey Helps Promote Kooikers in NYC

    least one major were eligible and there were no Kooikers

    with majors in 2017. Next year, there will be Kooikers at


    In early March, Marlene Valters Kooikerhondje, Harvey,

    had participated in The Beverly Hills Dog Show (BHDS) Pre-

    sented by Purina. The dog show was filmed in March, and

    in publicity for the April 1 broadcast of the show, Mr. Frei

    highlighted the newly recognized AKC breeds on NBCs To-

    day show. Harvey was selected to come to NBC studios in

    New York City on the Friday of Easter weekend to promote

  • 8 Harvey Helps Promote Kooikers in NYC

    the Beverly Hills Dog Show on Today with Jill Martin and

    Hoda. He was joined by a Havanese and the other 2018

    AKC newly recognized breed, the Grand Basset Vandeen


    Harvey loved the energy of Manhattan! Our Chronicle

    editor, Karen Dean, lives in NYC and her Kooiker, Dunkie,

    loves it, too! These little sporting dogs certainly are versa-

    tileenjoying both the country and the hustle and bustle

    of the city.

    Previous page: Marlene Valter and her Nederlandse Kooi-kerhondje, Harvey; Today Show hosts Jill Martin and Hoda Kotb of NBC; David Frei, Dog Show Host Extraordinaire; Clif DeRaita and his Havanese, Baby Grand; and Brielly Cipriotti and her Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, Buzz.

    Right: Harvey sits up for David Frei outside the NBC studio in NYC.

    Harvey sits at the edge of a fountain at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

    Dunkie gazes longingly at the hot dog vendor in Madison Square Park, a bit south of Harveys fountain perch.

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